I've never been big on trying to record my D3 gameplay, even with just one client running it made my game experience laggy. Multiboxing also made me a tad bit laggy, and being a HC player these days I did not want to risk a lag death. I had always assumed that my graphics card was the culprit, but as it turns out that was not the case. The problem was how D3 is constantly accessing the MPQs. I run from an 8 disk RAID 0+1 array that gets 750-850 Mb/sec transfer rate- that's in the range of a good SSD...WTH? The problem was with response time accessing small bits of data. DOH! I found the solution was to run D3 from a flash drive.


Note to multiboxers: You will need 8Gb of space PER CLIENT. You will have a cache folder for each client, plus the original folder. 32Gb USB drive for 2 clients, 64Gb drive for 3-4 clients.

So here they are, my first videos. Enjoy.
Keeps 2 MP4
Rakkis MP4