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How do WD deal with Fallen Maniacs (MP9+)?

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Video uploading, check back in 2 or 3 hours.

This only works if you have over 200k++ DPS.

As for OP, I'd consider the suggestions of those posted above : Run, Horrify or Gear up :)

Mugel might be right for skorn users since in general their Crit chance is lower compared to a 1hander so they might need in the region of 200K DPS to do what Paul did. that is killing them before they explode.

For 1Handers though, for myself at least, at 150K+ DPS, I can also kill them before they explode.
But I don't suggest doing it unless you can
1) tank at least one explosion and
2) have at least 50% CC.

For 1Handers with low DPS like mine, the crit rate determines whether the FM dies alone or brings a soul with it =D
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well, it's a combination of factors, tanking, stealing life from mobs around, APS, CHC, and some DPS (maybe 120k or higher), those maniacs aren't tanky, usually 1 crit does the job.

SW, FA, JF, SV, running away all help too. There are really many ways to deal with them. Just need to find your favourite way and make it into a habit.
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08/02/2013 03:33 AMPosted by PaulNg
usually 1 crit does the job.

hmm I'll trust you on that because I see that in your video =)

but I guess one thing is you got very high crit chance for a skorn user. I think you even trump me if you use a scoundrel. so this method of would work very well for you against FM.

but OP doesn't have such high CC. so he prob isn't suited for holding channel. he is probably suited for rotating spirit walk and horrify =D

even I am not suited for holding channel tbh. my CC isn't above 50% sadly. and sometimes when the crits don't tick, the FM won't die a lone =(
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Not trying to be an !@#, but I don't remember the last time I ran a3 with my WDs. a1 is much better. But if you must run keeps.. I SW when they're about to explode. Mostly, just learn the timing.
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Wow, you guys are very helpful!!!!!

I do consider upgrading my skorn so i can kill those nasty FM b4 they explode
but it involves serious gold accumulation and hence hardship for non-pay-to-win-player like me
so before that I decide I should flee although I hate fleeing

a) its a bit embarassing to be in the 17XK dps regions (4.2K armor & 750 resist'c). I tried Manajuma knife + frog (hence higher life, and cc hence DPS) but LS drop from 5.9 ----> 2.8
safety feeling is really low
b) Guys I am NO Leecher, have never been and never will be
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a) its a bit embarassing to be in the 17XK dps regions (4.2K armor & 750 resist'c). I tried Manajuma knife + frog (hence higher life, and cc hence DPS) but LS drop from 5.9 ---->

Just 1-2 weeks ago, I helped another player snipe a Skorn for 2.15M
1280.8 DPS
334 Intel
167% CHD
5.2% LS

I don't think your DPS will suffer that much. If you can afford 20M, you may be able to snipe an upgrade even. I see you have a Skorn in your profile now, so that settles the weapon.

You really want to have another 100 Vit on your chest, and another 200 Vit on your pants (better yet, +12% Life on pants with Blackthorne's). Your Intel-DPS will suffer but that type of upgrading is a very long journey. Survival and getting to MP10 Act 1 and Act 2 should come first, so that you can get the bonus exp in paragon levelling and join groups for the synergy to handle MP10 with ease.

After you got the survival, the next step is not yet your Skorn, it should be other important slots such as better Zuni 4 pc. Get your CHC higher. Each CHC point can probably give you 1500 to 2000 DPS.
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