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Best items for passive spirit regeneration

I hate running out of spirit and having to try to find something to beat on just to get enough back to cast my mantra or cyclone strike. So I currently am running with Chant of Resonance on my HC p20 monk. The problem is, unless I can seriously upgrade my armor I'm stuck on mp1. So my choices are play for 100 hours to get enough gold/DE/tomes to craft some better pieces or use STI to up my armor and thus my eHP.

But I can't give up NDE or OWE that means Chant has to go. And thus my problem -- I've got no other passive source for spirit regen. I'm looking to get an Inna's Radiance helm with 1.8 - 2.0 spirit regen but anything decent is way outside of my budget (I've got about 3.5m gold) So I'm wondering, is there any other gear I could/should try to swap out to get the spirit or is the helm the best bang for my buck?
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exalted > chant

inna set can help with sw cost and provides some sr.

inna helm is best sr item to look at first imo. get higher than 2 sr if you can.

may want to look into soj.

2h would allow guardian path passive.
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I use this build a lot on my HC monk with spear+shield set up. TR is not going to work for s&b monk. Use Dashing Strike.

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I have all kinds of SR gear in SC that I sometimes play around with, but you don't necessarily need it.

Increasing your attack speed works wonders for spirit generation. Getting to the point where you can DW helps, as does getting a mempo and WH.

For me in HC, i'm still deciding if I can give up the board for a second weap yet or not, but it took me some time to get to where I am. Until you can afford better gear, get used to using FoT to DPS. I spent like a month running around in MP0 just using FoT for DPS so I could keep enough spirit up for stay alive skills.

Short-term, if you really feel the spirit regen will help, you can find rare helms with regen for pretty cheap.
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I use this build a lot on my HC monk with spear+shield set up. TR is not going to work for s&b monk. Use Dashing Strike.

I use TR to get the heck out of Dodge, not to attack. It's been very effective for me. On rare occasions I use it sustained to catch up to my group but if I'm below half full on spirit I just hoof it normally or portal back to grab their banner.
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