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Torchlight 2 vs. Diablo 3

So I have been playing a lot of TL 2 lately, and it is really a fantastic game, I truly look forward to all the mods and end game that it has to offer.

I really like Diablo 3, I have gotten a lot of play time out of the game, but at the moment, it just feels so bland. I know itemization is coming and a paragon change with the possibility of allowing us to pick where our stat points goes. These changes feel a little to late... there was a 10 year gap between D2X and D3, why didn't any of the nostalgic mechanics make into D3 in the first place?

TL2 feels like all the mechanics D3 should have: stat points, skill tree, hot keys (ie not limting builds because there is only 6 buttons), comprehensive itemization, ability to socket / enchant, gambling. The only thing it's missing is rune words, but their enchant and upgradable uniques/epic's seem to keep it fresh. I feel like the only thing missing from TL2 is the barbarian class. There is even a mod that is widely played that adds a necromancer class to the game...
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08/04/2013 11:13 PMPosted by FortySixAnd2
TL2 feels like all the mechanics D3 should have

Torchlight and Torchlight 2 development teams included former members of Blizzard North.
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A lot of pure haters.... but TL2 is an amazing game for the $4.99 I paid for it.

The mods and community are what really make it special though.
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The mods are pretty excellent, some involve new classes or trees to mess around with, very good application of extra content, others change itemization a bit, or add to it, others also provide skill differences or synergies, bassically anyone who's had d2 nostalgia should actually check out the mods list. There's lots.
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08/05/2013 08:38 PMPosted by KradisZ
bassically anyone who's had d2 nostalgia should actually check out the mods list. There's lots.

yup, there is a mod that adds necromancer class to the game.

08/05/2013 02:29 AMPosted by Unwell
Torchlight and Torchlight 2 development teams included former members of Blizzard North.

makes sense

08/05/2013 02:44 AMPosted by Skillol
I rather play d2 for the next 10 years than play another 2 minutes of tl2. That game is garbage.

lol, I played d2 yesterday for about 10 minutes. The graphics are so incredibly bad, it doesn't run well on windows 7. The game lags even though I have a 80Mbps connection and a beefy computer. Bot spam is everywhere and public games don't exist, mostly because of bot spam, but nobody plays anymore.
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theres no reason to have Torchlight and path of exile installed

poe is free
torchlight games are VERY cheap
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Please don't compare Path of Exile and Diablo 3.Both games have their Pros and Cons.No game is perfect.Plus,Blizzard Company doesn't even know that GGG is going to create a game like POE and Blizzard Company also doesn't even know how POE is going to work.You guys said that POE or Torchligh 2 is better? Want to know why? That's because since the released of Diablo 1,Diablo 2,and Diablo 3,I believed that other game developers have tried the game.And I also believe they beat the game many times.For what? To find what Diablo game lacks or its imperfection part.They study the Diablo games carefully.Once they found what Diablo lacks,they create a solution.And that's where a game like Torchlight and POE was created.A game like Diablo but with more better mechanism,better gameplay or simply put,an IMPROVISATION.
Diablo is original(correct me if i am wrong).Blizzard create Diablo without copying from any other game but their original idea.(correct me if i am wrong).Believe me guys,if there's going to be Diablo 4,it will be better than POE,Torchlight and prevoius Diablo game itselves and you will remember it 4 ever.
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