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Kingdom of SOLO - Videos

* I'm kind of a video editing noob, so I just uploaded these videos to youtube in the raw fraps format and thus are taking forever to upload.


Belial Video: 3:05


working on getting a better version uploaded so you can see the gears. Just for times now since file size was small


Final time: 6:20, 6:22

Satisfaction level: poor at best

We ended up running this for about 7 hours last night and, in the end, allowed the cruel mistress that is RNG to take the final win on the day.

Both of these runs include a few DH deaths, but overall had the lowest level of crap RNG which made the times better. I have got to say that I believe I underestimated the amount of crap RNG that can and does happen on stacking up and an uber run.

Basically any of these things resulted in a reset, a rescan of gear, and a new video to be made. Which, to say the least, was tedious.

1. WR or CoTA was too far away from the portal
2. Elite was in a poor location in either
3. Elite had bad affix combination
4. party member died due to lag/whatever
5. DC
6. extended Lag
7. inability to port out and setup portals after CoTA
8. Rak charging to the group instead of casting in place (I have done probably 1000+ uber runs in HC and SC, you see this condition maybe 1 in 10, last night we saw it 50% of the time which was annoying as all hell when the run way going well and this pair was last)
9. Magda and SK just generally giving bad RNG on their original positions
10. SB and ZC also poor RNG positions

Now, you guys know this game and know how much we count on RNG. To get each of those 10 conditions to go right in a game for 4 people is HARD. If we had 100+ hours to put into filming the damn videos, we probably could have timed around 5min or a little under videos. Alas, that kind of time appeared to be somewhat fruitless and we were getting a little frustrated towards the end.

On a side note, I think I ended up focusing the gearing a little too much towards burning Belial down before the meteors phase, which we accomplished. However, we gave up a little too much ehp in the process and made the RNG just a little worse in our favor which you can see from the deaths in the video. I'm not sure how much difference a bit more EHP would have made, but it would have allowed us to be a little more lenient with some of the RNG aspects.

Fire away
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Go http://i.imgur.com/bm5zGTZ.jpg Go
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zzzzzz we will make up the 40 seconds on the other challenges :p
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Haha. I'm interested in the snapshot vid's too! Hopefully Nyan stops hugging people and actually slays some demons :) I posted it before but DH was my first love, before I found the zen ways of Monkdom.

So funny you mentioned LAG! I actually lagged out a run about 20s before the final boss fell, but managed not to die! Servers have not been nice of late.
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A big thanks to you and your team. :)

Edit: Just for context, the monks took this round with an average time of 5:45.
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Yeah, as Tranquility mentioned, the servers seem to be a bit off kilter lately.
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Keep going. . We are behind you all the way. Truly appreciate the hard work the DH team is putting forward..
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Only monk and DH posted.

So I guess, GG -

Give all gear to monks since barb/wiz/wd didnt post videos and forfeit?

Cant say I'm really surprised. In other contest in the barb forums, only 1 team finished while other team QQed and forfeited.

GG whiners.
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08/06/2013 07:50 PMPosted by Tranquility
I'm interested in the snapshot vid's too!

I actually should have said I'm interested in seeing any vid's. You guys got some links for those DH runs yet?
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08/06/2013 09:47 PMPosted by SteelPhantom
wow beerleague u are huge dou$ebag arent u

lol... confirmed!!!
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nice runs, bloody shifty abt the other teams. totally behind our guys
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I'm interested in the snapshot vid's too!

I actually should have said I'm interested in seeing any vid's. You guys got some links for those DH runs yet?

Indeed, already taunted the Barbs for only getting 1 run in, but so far I see 0 DH runs?? Am I blind or??
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wow beerleague u are huge dou$ebag arent u

team wizard's recordings,
id like an amendment to midnite est due dates, seems impractical as midnite pst would make more sense imo for future act recordings

wizards been done

perhaps the dhs should be represented by dioxide again or someone else who can post with a bit of class

That with the correct gear?

Last I heard you noobs had to run again for failing to provide SS?
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Side note: Just about to link the videos, but have a problem if anyone can assist.

The frags program records huge files. I tried to upload the raw format to youtube. Took way too long. Let it load for like 12 hours and still wasnt half finished. Made the videos really small, cant see the gear....

what file size should I use?
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Use the Normal or iPad(720p) preset, tick 'Web Optimised'.
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Cool, thx man. Will check it out.

For now, low res versions available
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@Tranquility 2 WD on the team and you call it team Monk?

Way to represent!
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Hai Nyan here (>^^)>

Ya I don't have a team lol. As for the videos, I render mine at 6Mbps and they come out clear
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