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Nyan's FREE rapid fire gearing service (>^^)>

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@teiva <(^^<)

1. One example of a setup I use


Archery/cull the weak can be interchanged


Getting rid of the attack speed on ur amulet would net you 49 ias, and you have 11 ias manticore

1.1 (crossbow base) * 1.11 (11 ias on roll) = 1.221 attack speed on manticore
1.221 (weapon aps) * 1.49 (ias on gear) = 1.81829 aps

You are still above the 1.81818 breakpoint. I hope this made some sense!

3. You could try prep and replace night stalker with something else.

Don't copy me! My build is for gear swapping...

In general, its hard to get resistances/armor with a DH while keeping our dps items. Most people get 400 resist/4k armor and stack health from here since our life steal on shadow power is very very strong! You could also try to get an armor roll on ur witching hour but must be 9 ias

Your build overall seems fine tbh. As long as you can play with ur party, your good. I noticed you use some vit gems. If this is the case, consider looking at some of ur gear prices and think if you can replace a high dex roll with moderate dex/good vit roll (like ur witching hour)
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Hi Nyan!
Here is your hug! (>^^)>

I've got a 500m budget and I'd love to know what I can do to improve my DH. I came back about a month ago and have mainly played Barb and Monk, though DH was my first character.

I mainly solo farm but will start mostly group only once I clear inferno on my DH

Here's my profile.

Thanks for your time/help/assistance.
Please help me out, my budget is 100M.. /HUG
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@Diablerle <(^^<)

Your DH overall needs more crit damage/tankiness/discipline somewhere

1. Get a marquise ruby for your manticore.
2. Get a 100+ dex/200+ vit natalya's embrace
3. Get a 20 ias deadman's legacy with high crit chance to rapid fire and 230+ dex and/or vit
4. Get strongarm's similar to yours but with vitality. Crafting BoA bracers is another alternative.
5. Get a litany of the undaunted with crit damage in place of your right ring.
6. Get vile wards similar to yours, but with pick up radius.
7. Get gloves similar to yours but prefer a bit higher crit chance/dex and possibly all resist.
8. Get a 9 ias natalya's reflection with crit damage/average damage/useful prop. You can spend some time looking through various natalya's reflection.
9. Get natayla's bloody footprints with 201+ dex/vit.
10. Get natayla's sight with all resist/crit chance. Full natalya's set can be a bit squishy, so we need some all resist.
11. An amulet with ~150 dex/7.5+ cc/85+ cd/extra stuff. Spend some time looking through various amulets to see what's best for you. Keep in mind that it should have high crit damage.

You build seems fine. You might be able to replace night stalker with steady aim because you may have enough discipline from prep, vengence and full natalya's set.

@Chooey <(^^<)

The amount of attack speed you have is not needed. As well you are too squishy. I'm not sure if you really benefit a lot from custom engineering with your build.

1. Get strongarm bracers with 220+ dex/vit or BoA crafted bracers.
2. Inna's temperance with 9 ias and 120+ vitality.
3. Natayla's embrace with 100+ dex/200+ vit.
4. 9 ias Natalya's reflection with crit damage/average damage
5. Gloves with similar stats to yours but high crit damage. Make sure you have at least 6 ias on this slot.
6. 170+ dex zuni's trail (optional for more dps)
7. 11 ias calamity. It maybe hard sometimes to choose a calamity, but spend some time looking through the AH. Crit damage keep in mind is very strong w/ calamity. Put a radient star ruby in this slot.
8. Amulet make sure you get 85+ crit damage. Lose the attack speed on this slot.

Make sure with 11 ias calamity, you have 61 ias. After all this :

19 ias deadman's legacy
9 ias natalya's reflection
9 ias witching hour
9 ias mempo
6 ias gloves
9 ias inna's temperance

This totals up to 61 ias.
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First of all, (>^^)>

I'm a returning player, and I don't have much gold (only 2m, sadly.)
Am asking for help if it is even possible to gear my DH with that amount? It is very badly geared anyways..

Have added you ingame, hopefully you are willing to help a poor soul.
Hi Nyan.

Just came back after a year off to pickup my DH again. Would like to get your pointers. Having a bit of difficulty figuring out the breakpoint info and whatnot and whether I need more. Can pickup a Lacuni's if necessary.

1. Budget is about 1B.
2. ** HuGs ** ^^ :P
3. Profile geared with what my current setup. Trying to pickup a Calamity to replace Revenge.
4. I've been a dual wielder forever. If you suggest my getting a Manticore instead, will probably do so and scrap the Calamity idea.
5. I just got my build from a recommendation from someone on the forums. I know you stated you don't get into builds, but if you don't mind... Looking for a build w/ rapidfire(bombardment) and one that includes gloom cuz of my legacy nats. Just looking for a max dps build.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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@Bert <(^^<)

ill see what I can do! Ill be online in 4 hours from now!

@EmE <(^^<)

From my understanding of DW, you gear similarly to a monk w/o OWE. Its hard to duel wield while being relatively tanky. It might be easier to gear a 1h + quiver rather than 2 x 1h due to the perks of the DML (vitality, high aps, skill bonus, crit chance).

Also it makes breakpoints consistent. You want me to gear you for 1h + quiver? I have experience with legacy nat set and can help you with some interesting builds. One common misconception about legacy nats is that its used do that you can drop night stalker. Don't let that fool you! ^.^
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Hi Nyan!
I have a 400m budget, and would like to build a rapid fire DH.
Here is your hug! (>^^)>
As well, here is a link to my nooby DH.

I'm open to Rune selection and build. I like to solo mostly and I prefer to use Windforce (I just like the look of it)


See my dh,

Any build suggestion for her?
I am wondering if sharpshooter is better instead of archery....

current gold remaining: 10mil (...sigh)
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Yeah Nyan. Whats my next upgrade? :>
Hey Nyan, I have about 500mil budget and am looking to upgrade for RF build, any help would be great! thanks!
Hi Nyan!
I have a 1 bil budget, and would like to upgrade my rapid fire DH.
Here are your hugs! <(^^<) <(^^)> (>^^)>
As well, here is a link to my scrubby DH:
I wish to use bombardment!

Thanks in advance!
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@Cheshirecat <(^^<)

If your going to use a windforce, solo seems to make sense for sure. You can always keep a back-up calamity for groups. I think I like 2.50001 as a breakpoint for windforce (first time gearing one lolz). This is going to require 63 ias on gear (61 ias if your using 11 ias windforce). If you do buy a calamity along w/ windforce, make sure the ias on the weapon is the same. Ironically they have the same ias on gear for different breakpoints :P WELL LETS GET TO THE MEAT!

1. Windforce with a socket. Windforce is cheap in comparison to the calamity and manticore so reserve only a 50-100m budget for this. Put a radiant star emerald in it

2. Vile wards with 201+ dex/vitality and pick up radius.

3. Natalya's embrace with 200+ vitality/120+ dex. You can also try a natalya's embrace with 180+ vitality/max discipline.

4. Zuni's trail with 180+ dex/all resist. This works best with high dex. Natalya's bloody footprints is more tanky however and is another option.

5. Inna's temperance with 130+ vitality and 9 ias. You need to get that 9 ias.

6. Inna's favor with 130+ dex/vitality.

7. Strongarm bracers with 220+ dex/vitality or BoA bracers. You don't have any BoA items....you should collect some DE's!

8. Natalya's reflection get average damage/high crit damage

9. Get gloves similar to yours but with higher crit damage if possible. 7 ias is minimum for 10 ias windforce. 5 ias can be done if you have a 11 ias windforce.

10. Amulet try to get something similar to yours but with high crit damage. Average damage for lower dex maybe an option too or lower crit chance for higher crit damage.

20 ias quiver
9 ias mempo
9 ias inna's temperance
9 ias nat's reflect
9 ias rare ring
7 ias gloves

63 ias on gear in total. 10 ias windorce : breakpoint checked
61 ias on gear is fine if you have 11 ias windforce.

Updated the first post with calamity examples and I will work on everyone else :D
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Wanna take a looksie @ my MALE DH Nyan? :)

I can even give you a fish :)


ok a very sad fish but a fish.

budget is near unlimited :) (would like to keep the Manti and rare ring tho as found them both!)
Hi Nyan!!
Heres a hug :)
I have a 300m budget (maybe a little bit more)
I would like to just get all the help I can with building a farming DH, MP5 +, any tips would be appreciated, ready to use rapid fire, thanks so much!

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I dunno how to gear for hardcore since my experience with hardcore -> 4 hours. You may wanna talk to someone thats experienced in hardcore like DiEoxidE (FaPoxidE) ^.^


Craft dex amulets/gloves damn it lol. Make sure you have least 37 ias on ur gear. You may want to consider pick up radius on ur shoulders :D

Put a ruby in ur weapon once you get 40+ crit damage gloves


Nashberg, driphter, skitzflik, backwoods coming soon lol

just a double check, am I still doing good?

anything else I should change?
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Okay I got nashberg, driphter, skitzflik, backwoods, lyonnn done. Gonna type it when I come home (not gonna type all that on my phone lol)
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@NashBag <(^^<)

To get 2.01 aps breakpoint, first thing to do is to get an 11 ias manticore. You really need this or else you need to do something odd to gear which would end up gimping you. This only applies to this breakpoint

- 9 ias inna's temperance with 140+ vitality. Yes there is a reason why I'm asking you to get more vitality! To get rid of the vitality on your amulet/gloves
- Trifecta gloves with 8+ ias, 40+ crit damage, 7.5+ crit chance, ~150 dex. You can try crafting...and try to get super lucky :D This slot MUST have at least 8 ias.
- Vile wards with 220+ dex/vitality and pick up radius. This is by far the easiest slot to get pick up radius which is required on a high aps bombardment build. You could also try pick up radius on your boots or mempo of twilight. Otherwise get 220+ dex/vit on the mempo of twilight and natayla's bloody footprints.
- Amulet with 150+ dex/7+ cc/85+ crit damage. Try to get another useful property on the amulet too.
- Witching hour with 9 ias, high crit damage, dex and all resist or armor.
- Natayla's reflection with 9 ias, crit damage, and useful random properties. (average damage, all resist, armor, vit, life%, socket are examples) It can be hard sometimes to get the exact properties you want with the right amount.
- Stone of jordan with high rapid fire crit chance. I highly recommend this instead of your rare ring due to the max discipline, bonus vs elites, and skill bonus since rapid fire will be your main source of damage.
- 20 ias deadman's legacy with high rapid fire bonus and 220+ dex and/or vit. Higher vit rolls are far chaper than higher dex rolls. Life% rolls can also be found too I guess

9 ias inna's temperance
8 ias gloves
9 ias mempo
9 witching hour
9 ias natayla's reflection
20 ias quiver

adds up to 64 ias. With 11 ias manticore this results over the 2.00001 breakpoint.

If you feel tanky enough, you can try to replace perfectionist with archery, steady aim, or tactical advantage.
You can also try replacing night stalker with steady aim/archery and use preparation in place of chakram.

@Driphter <(^^<)

You have a good start overall. With a 1b budget, you can probably get a better calamity. The one on my p100 demon hunter I bought for 200-300m if I recall.


11 ias calamity -> at least 61 ias on gear
10 ias calamity -> at least 63 ias on gear

You currently have 62 ias.

- Get either strongarm bracers with 220+ dex/vit or BoA bracers
- Natayla's reflection with good average damage/crit damage, and 9 ias. Try to get a useful third property like vit, life%, extra dex, socket, all resist, armor, etc.) lol
- Vile wards with 220+ dex/vit and pick up radius. Optional but it helps a lot if you use vengeance.
- Stone of jordan with rapid fire crit chance! Helps so much. I highly recommend when you use prep -> punishment to get a max discipline item. This is probably the best option.
- Amulet try to get average damage on it. But I guess I can't get too greedy :D
- Get trifecta gloves with ~150 dex/40+ crit damage/7+ crit chance and 8+ ias. If you use 11 ias calamity, this can be 6+ ias.
- Try to get more vit out of your chest...well yea if you get some money left over at least.
- Get some vitality on your boots

6 ias gloves
9 ias inna's temperance
9 ias mempo
9 ias witching hour
9 ias natayla's reflection
19 ias quiver

Totals to 61 ias on gear. Meets breakpoint on 11 ias calamity. For 10 ias calamity, need to add 2 more ias on gear.

In terms of skills, you can try bat companion instead of chakram. This can save you 4-8 discipline per prep used.

@Skitzflik <(^^<)

Overall your DH is awesome. I am impressed how well you did overall. But of course....we are here to optimize :D Keep in mind that for rapid fire, crit damage is very very important. More important in comparison to most skills because we can get a lot of crit chance to rapid fire through our quiver, SoJ and possibly bait the trap (if you into that).

Also you need to get to the 2.00001 aps breakpoint.

And I recommend a Stone of Jordan with your dps and replace the litany of the undaunted. Max discipline, bonus vs elites, RF bonus. SoJ really shines on the pure RF builds. Although your litany is also really nice too for tanking. The bonus on the SoJ I guess could be bola....

Currently you have : 60 ias
You need at least : 64 ias

Here is what I recommend :

Either :

a) 20 ias deadman's legacy with 8+ ias trifecta gloves
b) 19+ ias deadman's legacy with 9 ias trifecta gloves

You may need to search AH and decide what are the best deals for this. Keep in mind that your gloves should have high crit damage and quiver should have rapid fire crit chance bonus (or bola could work with your build).

Next you need to get pick up radius. Why am I suggesting pick up radius? Cause your going to replace perfectionist with vengence! Vengeance with high aps manticore RF builds is really important! Here are some options.

Shoulders imo are the easiest slot to get pick up radius. Vile wards with 260+ dex/vit and pick up radius are the easiest buy-able slot for this.

Bracers might get lucky on a craft (ya really lucky).

Witching hour with all resist/vit/dex/pick up radius might work. However it might be 9 ias!

Gloves could work...but might be hard since your already looking for a trifecta with good stats/dex.

In any case, get pick up radius somewhere! AIGHT!? Kk good. ^.^

You can try replacing your inna's vast expanse with natayla's embrace with similar stats to yours but with spike trap skill bonus. I warn you that high dex rolls on these are very very expensive in comparison to the inna's.

You can also try replacing gloom with shadow glide on shadow power. Having some mobility really helps for farming in general. You can also instead try tactical advantage instead of archery.

@Backwoods <(^^<)

Get an 2 socket manticore with 40+ weapon damage, and good crit damage. Don't bother to go for dex, just get as much damage as you can out of the weapon with your budget. Here are some hints about buying a manticore.

11 ias vs 10 ias?
Manticore A has 10 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Manticore B has 11 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Then choose Manticore A instead because it has more damage.

This is just a general statement, but of course there are many other factors/cases when choosing a weapon, such as weapon damage%, crit damage, the price. Don't look down on weapon damage!

Eg. My manticore has 1350 dps, 40% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1623 dps
Duped manticore has 1344 dps, 50% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1637 dps

Keep in mind that crit damage is also very important when purchasing a manticore. The ideal manticore has high weapon damage and crit damage. Of course these generally cost more unless you find a good deal. Set about a 100-130m budget on this

Now you purchased a badass weapon, sell all the gems on your DH. Get a marquise ruby and radient star emerald.

In terms of overall gearing...I feel like going for full natalya's :D This requires you to select more tanky pieces however.

- Inna's temperance with 130+ vitality and 9 ias. This inna's must have 9 ias.
- Inna's favor with 130+ dex/vitality
- Natayla's bloody footprints similar to yours but with vit.
- Natalya's embrace with 120+ dex/230+ vitality.
- Natalya's reflection with crit damage/useful stuff. It's up to you on what you want on this slot. All resist, armor, vit, life%, socket, average damage, or extra dex are all good options. This ring must have 9 ias.
- Natalya's sight with all resist and crit chance. I highly recommend all resist in this slot!
- Vile wards with 220+ dex/vitality and pick up radius.
- Strongarm bracers with 220+ dex/vit or BoA bracers.
- Dex litany of the undaunted with crit damage. Simply...a nice tank ring with good dps.
- Deadman's legacy with 20 ias, crit chance to rapid fire, and 220+ dex and/or vit. Life% is another alternative to vit.
- Gloves with 180+ dex/8+ crit chance/43+ crit damage. You can try to aim for higher stats or look for vit/armor/all resist as options along with this. No need to get attack speed on gloves.
- Amulet with 7,5+ crit chance/85+ crit damage/130 dex. You can try to aim for higher stats or look for vit/armor/all resist/average damage/life% as options along with this. No need to get attack speed on amulet.

If you use an 11 ias manticore, you can lose exactly 1 attack speed on either the inna's temperance, natalya's reflection or deadman's legacy.

I have some builds in the OP I slapped on together. Tbh do what you wanna do. I personally like this one (or variations of it).


You should be able to farm mp8 comfortable at this point. Possibly mp9/10 with some difficulty.

@Lyonnn <(^^<)

It might be better in terms of dps to do this for pick up radius :

Vile wards with 220+ dex/vitality and pick up radius
Natalya's bloody footprints with 220+ dex/vit

This way you get more dex out of this, with the same potential of vit and keeping the pick up radius.

You lack crit damage overall (and dex). Get natalya's reflection with high crit damage. You can decide on the random props :D

Try to get all resist on your witching hour!

Keep crafting bracers! Try to get that all resist! What's your budget?

In terms of skills, try using preperation in place of mark for death, and then use steady aim instead of night stalker. Try it out :D You can also try shadow glide for more mobility. You may need more resistances though.

Sorry for the wait guys! If you have questions, feel free to ask (>^^)>
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