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Nyan's FREE rapid fire gearing service (>^^)>

Hi Nyan,

Thanks so much for the help. I've followed all your recommendations; crafting is still ongoing. Again, very much appreciate your help!!!!

Thanks! - Axxe
I recommend :- Changing nat's embrace to 180+ vit/random affix (such as pick up radius, hatred regen, more dex, extra vit, etc). This opens up options for crafting dex amulets.- Replace gloves with decent dex/high crit chance/high crit damage gloves. No need for attack speed here. You may get lucky via crafting BoA dex gloves.- Craft BoA dex bracers. Any crit chance roll is up upgrade for you, and possibly might get lucky with a nice eHP roll- Get a nat's sight with crit chance and anothet useful affix (vit, crit chance, more dex, picknup radius etc.From what I see, this may benefit you alot.- Get 180 dex nat's bloody footprints with vit. This completes the full nat's set and lets you get an extra 20 discipline.You should try to upgrade that inna's favor ^.^Manticore never get vit because it loses the chance for high damage. Generally you wanna get as much damage as you can on your weapon. Your future manticores have to be 11 ias unless you get 9 ias inna's temperence.Quiver you must keep 20 attack speed to keep the 1.67 breakpoint.

So I have added some stuff and moved some things around. I am still above 1.67 break point by a lot. Stuff bought just so happened to have IAS. Can't pass up a good deal.

I think my weakest point by far is my weapon. I can't afford much and never seem to sell anything worth wild or I really suck at pricing things. LOL..

I picked up the amulet and it seems pretty good but it lacks any Dex. Would it be worth wild to try to craft an amulet? Anyone getting lucky? I would have to purchase materials to craft.

I crafted my bracers and I think they turned out pretty good for less than 10 tries.

I seem to be able to handle MP8 with only dying once in a while. My problem is the time it takes to get to Elites and kill them. I tend to lose my stack between Elite kills.

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Hi ! I just started back to play my DH now that RF is a good option (always liked this skill a lot). I have some questions on my gearing. I don't want to put too much gold in it, most of it was leftover pieces from my monk, and around 10m invested. I can probably invest around 25-30m more in it, if needed.

What do you think of my gearing/build ? Right now I have 1.83 APS. I really want to keep an Inna's chest, mainly for looks, I'm that kind of guy :)

I had some more specific questions too :

1) Should I lose or keep the SOJ ? I could replace it for a Litany with CD that I have, or a..

2) 9AS/6CC/Dex/Armor ring that I got. Paired with a 20AS DML (which I have too) and 9AS pants, would put me at the 2.01APS breakpoint.

Thanks !
Nyan : How am i lookin now?


Am still looking for a 300/300 20/10 7%RF quiver. I will find 1 eventually. I know you said i can go slower, but, i am a naz| for stats and a min-maxer :) If i can get the stats on it, i want it :)
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Sry guys gimme more timr :P

Was too tired yesterday lol school sucks


I tell you right now that u would gain so much more eDPS by switching gloves to 9 ias and bracers to BoA dex bracers. The amount of dex you gain from the BoA bracers is a lot more than lacuni's. If you meed to, you can aim for a lower dex trifecta w/ high cd and 9 ias. Its really that important! If you get a 9 ias mempo, you can get 8 ias gloves instead.

Finding gloves w/ the amount of vit you have on urs is gonna be hard!


What kind of things are you seeking for your DH? Sounds like a silly questiom but I don't wanna try to gear you w/o anything about ur DH. Keep in mind that the breakpoints apply are for rapid fire (although also apply for other skills, but the ranges are much smaller).

Budget is small so I don't expect you to farm mp10 efficently

@Esanthus gimme time <(^^<)


If your current gloves give u more eHP, jist use the suggestions I gave you with ur non-ias gloves.

If you want 2.0001 aps, you need an 11 ias manticore and at least 64 ias on ur gear!


The reason why I don't suggest attack speed and stick to 1.67 is because it becomes wasted on RF. In other words you can get rid of the attack speed on ur natalya's reflection, mempo of twlight and still be attack at the exact same speed as you were before on rapid fire because the amount of ias you have isn't enough to hit the next breakpoint which is 2.0001 aps. I hope this makes sense

You want to make sure you can get a decent weapon yeah

@mTeasdale gimme time
By the way, I tried the 2.01 APS Breakpoint (or is it 2.00 ? ) with scrap gear, and I really liked it, sor for now I decided to gear like that. Let me know what do you think, and forget about the other post.

The SOJ I have is 6 Fire/9 Disc/24% Elite/7% RF, if you think I should equip it let me know !

Edit : I had forgot the hug, here it is ;)

Edit 2 : considering that I won't use Nat's 4 pieces, and maybe not SOJ, wouldn't a +Max Disc quiver be a good idea ? They seems pretty cheap, and anyway, I can't afford a good one with 201+ dex right now.
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I'd LOVE it if you could help me out with itemization and skilling for Rapid Fire build *Hugs <(^^<)* I really want to get into the demon hunter again but i'm just so....LOST. For the record i'd like to use a 1h Bow. I'm a sucker for speed. Unless you believe manticore is better then i'm all for suggestions

I'm from the EU btw! :3
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So u want help on ur eu or us DH? Link to ur profile avoids confusion
Sir Nyan.

Thank you for the advice you've provided, both directly and indirectly (I've been reading through this thread, and it's been really helpful).


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Ill reply later on today guys.

School projects suck
Looking for some help Nyan. I was looking to try the 3.34 break point for rapid fire build that D3MON posted.
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Imo for the 3.34 aps breakpoint to be effective, you need a lot of money! Or else you will heavily lack in other important stats

I have something on the bottom of my first post regarding that but no d3up link yet.
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Sorry, I have about 1 billion at the moment.
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Okay later on today ill reply!
Hugs <(^^<)

Hey Nyan, just looking to optimize my hunter more. Not sure where to change things. Got around a 200m budget, but obviously can sell some of the stuff I have on if I'm replacing anything not BoA.

Thanks for doing this :)
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@Esanthus <(^^<)

Finally school set me free on the weekends....

First thing to do is get a calamity with 80+ crit damage, and open socket. Try to reserve 50m or so for this. Then put a radiant star ruby. Make sure you get 11 ias on this weapon.

Craft bracers! Should be first on your crafting list!

Get natalya's reflection with average damage/crit damage.

Witching hour you should get some stats on it...like dex, vit or something :P Try to keep that high crit damage and 9 ias!

Get a 170+ dex mempo of twilight with 9 ias and a useful property. I only recommend this because it helps your health so much.. Really worth it imo.

Get a 18+ ias deadman's legacy with rapid fire crit chance. It might be useful to get more vitality on the quiver and higher bonus instead of the higher dex.

Get a amulet with good average damage, 80+ crit damage, 7+ crit chance, 100+ dex. Overall try to get more vitality on your gear!

You don't need hatred regen cloak with calamity trust me. Go for all our vit on this slot.

You currently have 61 ias on your gear. Try to keep this ias as this is the breakpoint for bombardement

@mTeasdale <(^^<)

I recommend dropping your ias to the 1.82 breakpoint (bombardment). I recommend this because getting high aps is expensive w/o dropping other important stats such as dex, crit damage, resist, vit, etc....

- Keep the stone of jordan in your left ring slot. I think you really need that max discipline tbh. Litany of the undaunted I guess you could use instead but the max discipline is really nice to have...so its up to you on this one.

- Get a 13+ ias quiver with good rapid fire crit chance/high stats (particularly vit). If you want to feel safe you can get the 15+ ias quiver instead incase you change your manticore to 10 ias or other slots to 8 ias.

Keep in mind that for 1.82 aps breakpoint, you need:

49 ias on gear on 11 ias manticore
51 ias on gear for 10 ias manticore

If you want to get the 2.001 aps breakpoint. I suggest you save up some money first.


@Mcbreave <(^^<)

3.3334 aps breakpoint jeez your crazy. This is very hard to do in general w/o giving up other stats. But lets go for it cause we awesome.

I highly recommend 11 ias calamity. This would make gearing much easier to do (seriously way easier).

With 11 ias calamity -> 88 ias on gear
With 10 ias calamity -> 90 ias on gear

We can try something like this:

8 ias mempo
9 ias inna's
8 ias witching hour
9 ias nat ring
20 ias deadman's legacy
8 ias ring
9 ias gloves
8 ias amulet
9 ias lacuni prowlers

Get trifecta gloves with 9 ias. Keep in mind that crit damage with rapid fire is very important to try to get above 40 crit damage, 7+ crit chance, 100+ dex. eHP probably is gonna be way too expensive to even be considered in this slot.

Get 9 ias lacuni prowlers with 70+ dex, 4+ cc, random property. You can choose to get all resist, extra dex/vit or w/e. I usually don't buy lacuni's but...I guess I'll have to make this an exception. I highly recommend to get some eHP in this slot (due to the lack of eHP in other slots).

Get 20 ias deadman's legacy with rapid fire crit chance and 201+ dex/vit. Try to aim for higher crit chance/vit.

Get a 8+ ias quadfecta ring (search with and w/o dex). Keep in mind of the crit damage/average damage again. Crit chance can low ball a bit.

Get a 8+ ias quadfecta amulet (can low-ball dex I guess...) This is gonna be probably the hardest slot to buy out of any other slots. Take your time searching the AH finding the amulet best suited for you. eHP of course can be ignored for this slot. Try to aim for 80+ crit damage, 7+ crit chance. But of course the world isn't perfect....

Now you have the breakpoints, here are some minor touch ups.

Get vile wards with 230+ dex/vitality and either life%, pick up radius, or more vit. Pick ujp radius is actually my recommendation.

Get 9 ias inna's temperance with 150+ vitality. You really will need the extra hp.

Get a max discipline natalya's embrace. Using preparation punishment requires max discipline imo.

Try to milk out as much vit as you can out of all your gear. You won't have very much to get.

Try to get all resist on either the lacuni's, gloves, witching hour (lol good luck) or zuni's trail.

@Darkruler <(^^<)

Overall you have a great start on your DH

Tbh almost nothing you have looks like its worth replacing with your budget.. All the gear that you have is really good at the point of which...you should upgrade your gems. on your chest to perfect stars (which isn't very much tbh).

You can try to find a high crit damage nat ring w/ average damage (optional)

You can upgrade that emerald in your weapon (optional)

I highly recommend however to replace your hellfire ring to a rapid fire stone of jordan. You would notice a huge difference in gameplay with that max discipline and bonus vs elites.

You can try shadow glide instead of gloom for your shadow power rune, and steady aim instead of perfectionist. I personally like this for mobility.
Hey Nyan,

You helped me gear out a while back and I was hoping I could get an update from you. What changes would you make to my character, my budget is currently around 725M.

I wanted to get a dex manticore, but there's nothing worth it in the price range. Thanks.
Thanks Nyan !

I picked up a nice 270 Dex/232 vit/10 cc/15 as/6 RF DML for 2m. I know you suggested 13 or 14 AS, put this one was too much of a deal IMO to pass up.

Talking about SOJ, perfect one are pretty much out of my budget, but if you had to choose, would you prefer a 25 elite/7 RF one or 30 elite/4 RF ?
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@ mTeasdale

High RF bonus on SoJ is preferred since you will be also killing normal trash too. That's a very good deal on the DML. I suggested ias is the minimum ias needed. More ias can let you drop a bit of ias on other gear slots (9 ias vs 8 ias inna's temperance for example). Make sure you follow the breakpoints as suggested.

at least 49 ias on gear for 11 ias manticore
at least 51 ias on gear for 10 ias manticore


We can definitely upgrade you with that budget. This is what I got with something similar to your budget.


You can take a look at it as an example (I'm actually giving this away), but I'll ask you exactly what kind of DH are you looking for? Just a all round RF DH that's comfortable to farm with? Or something more specific you want?

Give a reply and I'll help ya gear!
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Hi Nyan!
I have a 800m budget, and would like to build a rapid fire DH.
Here is your hug! (>^^)>
As well, here is a link to my silly DH.

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