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Nyan's FREE rapid fire gearing service (>^^)>

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Some builds I used in my l4n

Spamming spike traps using prep punishment


Spamming jagged spikes and EB w/ CoT


I feel like spamming tort ground today for perma locking


Because its legacy nat set, u can pull builda outta ur butt and it will work xD

Ill be only 5:30pm, you know where I live ^.^

As well, CoT can proc cold. Dat SoJ may come in handy :O
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Hey nyan, any advice I could get from u? Thanks in advance.
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Wheres my hug?

For your gear, you can lose exactly 1 ias to keep ur breakpoint on RF (just something to keep in mind)

You did a good job overall but there is one thing I didn't like is that you couldn't put on a stone of jordan and still be above breakpoint. You need 9 ias gloves, mempo, nat reflect, 20 ias quiver to do that with ir gear. I like SoJ because ur dps is high so bonus vs elites is huge, max discipline is nice to have, bonus to rapid fire makes up a lot of the dps 'lost'. You could try lacuni's prowlers w/ SoJ and replace the ring rare to see if you like it. Lacuni's don't need 9 ias. If you like it, you may want to try this to optimize ur build :

11 ias manticore -> 65 ias required on gear

9 ias witching hour
9 ias mempo
9 ias gloves
9 ias inna's temperance
9 ias ring
20 ias quiver

If you have ias on amulet, then these items don't need to be as perfect.

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Bought some new gears just for RF, but I kept that 560k paper DPS gear in the stash just in case. Is it good enough? Enlighten my brain.


@ nyan

Thanks and a BIG hug
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You can drop 9 ias on your gear and still be above breakpoint, or you can gain 4 ias and be above breakpoint.

Some options are :

1. Replace inna's favor w/ witching hour (not a bad option since ur using SoJ which drops some crit damage, and ur nat ring/ammy aren't high CD rolls). This can also let you drop 2-3 ias on your quiver if you choose to go for higher crit chance roll on RF. This is only for bombardment.

2. Replace nat's ring with a ring something similar to a crit damage unity (or litany of the undaunted w/ crit damage if you want to go tanky route). This is for all RF runes.

3. Drop mempo (lolwut) for a high dex nat's sight w/ crit chance. However this route would result in much lower resist.
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Hi Nyan!

hug! (>^^)>

I have replaced my items according to your advice, am trying out the rare ring in lieu of soj as I still feel the low ehp from swapping to DH. Let me know if there's any changes I need to make?


By the way, there's some additonal questions that I need clarification as a noob dh.

1. Is +discipline necessary and where should I get it ? There's alot of arguments happening in
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9662346444 that I dont understand.

I only pop gloom at the start of RF and again only when I'm standing on nasty stuff, with bait the trap used every 6 sec. Is that the correct way to play?

2. Should I replace SS with a primary attack for hatred generation & herding? I'm considering Evasive Fire - Hardened for the extra surviviability when I have no hatred for RH. It also generates 4 hatred instead of the usual 3 and the attack doesn't come with a delay. (Still can't cope with the delayed dps coming from DH. especially with popular skills like bombardment & cluster grenades)

3. Do the skill in Nats armor matter, if I'm not going for Spike traps?
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You have 520+ resist all, 73k hp. If your saying you still feel low on eHP, theres something wrong here lol.

+discipline imo is very useful and recommended to have at least one just cause, it makes it easier. Literally that's all lol. Furthermore bonus vs elites is very good.

Yea veng + cull the weak + archery is good combo imo if ur doing that.

You don't need hatred generator imo if you have bat companion + vengence

Inna's vast expanse is cheaper than nat's + has melee reduction (assuming you use double vit roll)

That thread is kinda stupid tbh lol. My arguement is that if your not using 13 gear piece swapping while channelling rapid fire on legacy nat set, your not being efficient. Well I'm sure some people would disagree right?
Hi Nyan,

/hug =D

Do you have any advice for me on how i can improve my gear?

Thanks a ton! I really do appreciate it!

Ty Nyan,

I took your advice and increased my hit point in both of my dh with items I had around my stash. Both feel pretty good when playing MP6 but I must say that the CoT DH is doing better. I tried to go as weird as possible with the build and it is working far better than expected for AOE dmg; however, I cannot kill goblins (unless I lock them to a corner) because all my attacks require good positioning.

Thanks for your help. More suggestion are welcome :)

Another hug for you!
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Nyan tip for killing goblins :

Have at least 1 piece of max discipline gear, and use caltrops -> tort ground.
Nice and funny guy, never really played with him that long when he joins my game because he is always leaving games to help other players.

Keep it up nyan, i guess this "gear check thread" was long time coming.
And when the devs do smth about snapshotting, will all the hugs turn into hate? =P
08/17/2013 05:01 AMPosted by SwSw
And when the devs do smth about snapshotting, will all the hugs turn into hate? =P

nah, i don't think so. ~nyan is know to be a charismatic and lovable guy across the class forums, he will overcome it.
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Altho I have been spoiled by snapshotting for a long time now


Do you want use bombardment only or all rapid fire runes?
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Altho I have been spoiled by snapshotting for a long time now


Do you want use bombardment only or all rapid fire runes?

I would be open to use all RF fire runes. A spec is another thing i am trying to get some insight on as well :)

Edit: My main focus would be to get a spec/gear to provide fast leveling for paragon at the moment
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Added examples in the first post on d3up (for manticores), and will add examples for calamity soon.


If you want to be open to all RF runes, I recommend to either increase your ias to 66 (add 13 ias) or decrease your ias to 38 (lose 15 ias).

As you can see your literally right in the middle, but your gear on breakpoints is fine for bombardment (upgrade dat amulet!) and has a nice balance of eHP/dps.

One thing that I would do for sure is to get a rapid fire quiver (16 ias+ would work for you). If you plan on paragon leveling, I recommend to replace shadow power rune to shadow glide, perfectionist to vengeance, replace vile wards to get a pick up radius version.

Replacing night stalker to steady aim isn't a bad idea since the bonus to steady aim snapshots, and you may have plenty of discipline from your full nat's set and preparation along w/ vengeance.

You may also want to try caltrops -> bait the trap and cull the weak. However it only is applied to enemies that are on your trap.
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Ive been working on trying to roll a better amulet but if you have any suggestions ill take em :)
sumimasen tasukete kudasai


Bought some new gears just for RF, but I kept that 560k paper DPS gear in the stash just in case. Is it good enough? Enlighten my brain.



seems like someone drop thunder ball. Wasn't it for "stunning" purposes?

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