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Nyan's FREE rapid fire gearing service (>^^)>

So guys what are some of the things worth snapshotting for use with rf? I have some zumina boots for the %dmg and of course a soj for the elite bonus and rf cc bonus. I am getting a Mara's for the rf cc bonus as well. Just curious what other ppl are putting on
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Any skill you use takes a copy (snapshot) of your raw min/max damage (with all dex, damage, elemental%, etc.), crit damage, various bonuses with it along with ofc life steal.

So anything that benefits damage, bonuses, or crit damage would also snapshot on rapid fire. Attack spees also snapshots on RF (some other skills like spike traps or rain of vengence don't benefit from this)


you can take a look at my DH for how im optimizing what snapshots on rapid fire, and completely ignore crit chance until after I start channelling.
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If you want to be open to all RF runes, I recommend to either increase your ias to 66 (add 13 ias) or decrease your ias to 38 (lose 15 ias).

As you can see your literally right in the middle, but your gear on breakpoints is fine for bombardment (upgrade dat amulet!) and has a nice balance of eHP/dps.

One thing that I would do for sure is to get a rapid fire quiver (16 ias+ would work for you). If you plan on paragon leveling, I recommend to replace shadow power rune to shadow glide, perfectionist to vengeance, replace vile wards to get a pick up radius version.

Replacing night stalker to steady aim isn't a bad idea since the bonus to steady aim snapshots, and you may have plenty of discipline from your full nat's set and preparation along w/ vengeance.

You may also want to try caltrops -> bait the trap and cull the weak. However it only is applied to enemies that are on your trap.

Thank you for the advice!

I borrowed some of my brothers gear and made a few changes, i should be at the 66% AS now.

one thing i need to do is get pick up radius shoulders. so that is next.

In terms of build, how important is caltrops? will that make solo'ing easier?
With my current build/gear, I am able to do MP8 fairly easily - and average about 60m/hour doing weeping hollow + fields of misery.

Does that seem about what i should expect?
Is there a better way to optomize my build to farm paragon faster? IS bola shot/thunderball what i should be using for hatred gen?

Like i mentioned before, my main focus right now is just speed farming paragon.

Thanks again for the advice!! =D
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lol what about magefist
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08/17/2013 05:12 PMPosted by gLiTz
lol what about magefist

Bonus to fire skills snapshot as well.
Would you mind looking at my dh and see if there is anything I can upgrade for this type of snapshot build?

I like doing mp10 with bombardment rune so I prefer big crits of course :p

Thanks bunches!
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Crafted bracers is what's missing looks like.

What kind of gear your switching to?

I have about 500 million and would like to get back into playing DH. How should I gear change to RF?
And here is a hug for the help!
Just logged out with norm gear please take a look. ^^
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@ gLiTz

Your gear is fine (actually your gear is very good). The only thing that troubles me tbh about it is that when you use an SoJ, you go below breakpoint. The only way to actually stay above breakpoint I could possibly see is to

1. Get perfect ias rolls on everything you have (mempo, belt, amulet, quiver, prowlers, nat ring, gloves, inna's). This probably won't happen LOL

2. Get a nat's embrace + Zuni's journey (legacy). This will keep you above breakpoint since 5 ias is the lowest the boots can go.

If your not considered about an SoJ, this can be ignored ^.^

@RileyTillman ill help ya tomorrow. Nyan tired and needs sleep (>^^)>
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Thanks for the great advice!!!

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Thanks for the great advice!!!


Im only considering legacy zuni boots because you look rich enough to afford one ^.^

I saw one on the EU server w/ 270 dex!!!! lolwut
Hello Nyan,

Few days ago I came back to D3 what means I started as noob with a lvl 60 DH. I watched some Guides and stuff and bought some gear. Wanted to ask you what you think about my DH. Hope you have some good advices so I can play with the big guys soon. I have a 600m budget atm but don't really know how to spend them.


Thank you in advance and here is your hug! (>^^)>
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My first post has a lot of information if you would like to use, I don't have any videos guides at all....maybe I should make one...?

Get a badass manticore. Set a relatively high budget for this (200m?). Get an int manticore simply because the dex manticores are just way too expensive, and the weapon damage would be low for this budget. Here are some hints to buy a manticore from first post.

11 ias vs 10 ias?
Manticore A has 10 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Manticore B has 11 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Then choose Manticore A instead because it has more damage.

This is just a general statement, but of course there are many other factors/cases when choosing a weapon, such as weapon damage%, crit damage, the price. Don't look down on weapon damage!

Eg. My manticore has 1350 dps, 40% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1623 dps
Duped manticore has 1344 dps, 50% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1637 dps

Use the ruby/emerald combo in a 2 socket manticore if its radiant star+ tier gems, otherwise the emeralds would still be a better choice. Furthermore, you need sufficient crit damage from your amulet, ring, gloves which you actually lack at the moment.

Your eHP (effective HP) is a very low atm and I recommend to consider this as a higher priority than dps atm. You should consider using shadow power in your build, it makes playing much easier. As for breakpoints, full Natalya's set seems like the best option for you (1.67 aps).

1. Get Vile Wards with 201+ dex/vitaliy and pick up radius. This is the easiest buyable slot for pick up radius without giving up much stats for a reasonable cost. Pick up radius is very good for vengeance, and farming in general which is why I always recommend players to have at least 1 item with it.

2. Get Natalya's Sight with crit chance and a useful random property (like all resist, vitality, more dex, life%). This will keep you above breakpoint

3. If you have a 10 ias manticore, get 9 ias Inna's Temperance with 130+ vitaliy. If your manticore is 11 ias, getting 8 ias can work instead (cheaper too). To look for 9 ias inna's on the AH, search as all armors and refer to first post.

a) inna's temperance

Search desired stat (130 vit for example),
Search crit chance -> blank
Search sockets -> 2
Search attack speed -> 9

4. Get a dex Litany of the Undaunted w/ crit damage. I recommend it in this case because your all resist is low.

5. Get Natalya's Embrace with 150+ dex/200+ vitality (or something like that). Giving up a little bit of dex for a ton of vitality is definitely worth it.

6. Craft BoA dex bracers. Any crit chance roll will upgrade your dps, and possibly give you some eHP if your lucky.

7. Inna's favor I prefer if it had some vitality with about the same dex. Depending on what your hp is after, it maybe something to look into.

The reason why I'm emphasizing so much on the vitality, is because we need to replace those gloves/amulet for more dps which in turn will make you lose some hp but for a better cause.

8. Gloves/amulet as fairly low crit damage (or non-existant) which is bad. This is bad especially if your build doesn't involve a witching hour.

- Get a 7.5+ crit chance/75+ crit damage/100+ dex/possible average damage amulet. You may want to spend some time on the AH comparing various amulets and possibly bidding on some items.

- Get a 8.5+ crit chance/40+ crit damage/200+ dex gloves. If your lucky, you MAY get an eHP roll somewhere w/o sacrificing dps. Again spend some time comparing various gloves.

9. Natalya's reflection may need to get some crit damage or crit chance. Other useful properties are sockets, average damage, 100+ dex, or eHP rolls (all resist, armor, vit, life%). I'm a bit loose here because its depends on is best for you at a reasonable price.

Nat's reflection must be 9 ias

If you have around 300-400 resist all, 3800-4000 armor, 50-60k hp, your find for general playing. MP10 I recommend ~400 resist all, ~4000 armor, 55-60k hp to play comfortably assuming you use gloom. Furthermore for high mp play, I recommend using bombardment rune on rapid fire, you using a skill that involved AoE (spike traps, jagged spikes, bola ID, etc.)

As well if your new, I highly recommend you try various builds to see what is right for you. Rapid fire is just something that was buffed, and is very strong with the correct gear.


Are you strictly using bombardment, or all runes of rapid fire?

If you use all runes on rapid fire, I recommend try to get the 2.01 breakpoint. Here is from my first post how to get that.

11 ias manticore -> 65 ias required on gear

9 ias witching hour
9 ias mempo
9 ias gloves
9 ias inna's temperance
9 ias witching hour
20 ias quiver

This requires perfect rolls on everything (including your manticore). The only pieces that don't require ias is your litany (which could be SoJ), amulet, bracers.

I think personally that an SoJ maybe better for you instead of litany. Having max discipline is really nice to have. Another option you could try is a natalya's cloak with max discipline (personally don't think this is a good option).

I recommend to get a much higher dps manticore if your going life steal route as it does gimp your dps a lot.

Get crit damage on your gloves!!!!!!! Overall your gear is actually fairly decent but just needs a bit of tweaking for the breakpoints.
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Thank you very much for your extensive reply! I will show you my "new" DH in a few days. (>^^)> (>^^)> (>^^)>
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You can also add me on the EU server. I play there occasionally :P
Just curious Nyan.... What macro mapping program do you find works best?
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Nyan doesn't use macros. I have 9000 dex irl
Dang must b nice
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