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Nyan's FREE rapid fire gearing service (>^^)>

Hi Nyan!
I have a 100m budget, and would like to build a rapid fire DH.
Here is your hug! (>^^)>
As well, here is a link to my DH.

So I actually have it built, I just need some comments on how to make him better. right now my APS is 1.84 and my All-Resists sit at about 435. What am I doing wrong, I wanna start obliterating the hordes with a fun DH

Hello Nyan!

First of all thank you very much for your post. I fount it sooo amazinfly interested when in my case, you wanna get back to d3.eu a bit!

So yeah, really f***ing big hug for you (>^^)> !

Im considering using now the RF build, dont know yet which exact spec im gonna play but i ll figure it out soon.
I have roughly a 500m to 1b budget, and here is the link to my armory:


I have around 333-360@res / roughly 195k dps unbuffed? and its getting tougher at mp8 so..!
I am really not sure on which item i should focus(=buy), for instance im not sure which ring I should get to replace the actual two once i ll be 100p.

Again, thank you very much for your help & advices,

talk to you later!
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R u sure u have 1.84 aps? lol

- Get a 13+ ias quiver with high stats 200+ vit and/or dex and high RF bonus (keep in mind vit cheaper than dex).y

- I recommend personally to get a dex litany of the undaunted with crit damage.

- Get high RF bonus Stone of Jordan (max discipline + elite bonus + RF bonus)

- Get natalya's embrace with 200+ vit/100+ dex.

- Mempo of twilight perhaps you can get pick up radius? (ias doesn't matter)

- Definately can upgrade that manticore! You can also get radient ruby/emerald for ur weapon
You can use information from the first post to help you buy ur weapon.

1. Purchasing weapon : I recommend spending a good portion of your money on this as this influences your dps the most (unless your < 10m budget).

Dex vs int manticore.
2 sockets : Get at least 15-20m+ before purchasing a 2 socket manticore. The reason being is that we need to ensure that the weapon damage is fairly decent on the manticore. This actually then only leaves the choice for an int manticore because most likely the dex manticore will not have a weapon damage roll. I recommend to get a dex manticore once your budget for the weapon is at least 1b+.
1 sockets : Either your poor < 10m, or you want to go life steal route. Life steal lets you rely on shadow power a lot less often which can then let you use discipline for other things (like jagged spikes). For 1 socket manticores < 10m, dex manticores will dominate in this price range. Life steal manticores w/ dex are actually fairly expensive for a good one. Recommend 300m+ if your looking into dex w/ life steal.

Here are some details I mentioned in a post which can help you choose your manticore.

11 ias vs 10 ias?
Manticore A has 10 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Manticore B has 11 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Then choose Manticore A instead because it has more damage.

This is just a general statement, but of course there are many other factors/cases when choosing a weapon, such as weapon damage%, crit damage, the price. Don't look down on weapon damage!

Eg. My manticore has 1350 dps, 40% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1623 dps
Duped manticore has 1344 dps, 50% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1637 dps

Keep in mind that crit damage is also very important when purchasing a manticore. The ideal manticore has high weapon damage and crit damage. Of course these generally cost more unless you find a good deal.

- Keep crafting gloves/bracers!

Overall I want you to be tanky enough so that perfectionist isn't needed. Builds you have to explore yourself but I have some random builds in the first post you can try out.



If you plan on going high mp, I recommend to get rid of the exp gear. You already have some very nice peices that I recommend to stick with like ur bow and quiver.

- Get a marquise ruby for weapon (other gem can remain radient emerald)

- Your crafting order of priority atm should be gloves -> amulet -> bracers

- Get 201+ dex/vit vile wards with pick up radius

- Get a 9 ias mempo of twilight with 200+ dex/vit. When the time comes, you can eventually save up for a crit chance mempo.

- Get a 9 ias inna's temperance 130+ vit

- Get an inna's favor w/ 130+ dex/vit. The extra dex shouldn't be too expensive.

- Get high vitality natalya's embrace (200+ vit/100+ dex).

- If crafting fails (like it usually does) and you cannot get good gloves, get high damage gloves with (200+ dex, 8.5+ cc, 40+ cd). Having eHP is good too but don't rely on it too much incase you get a huge dps upgrade.

- Get a stone of jordan with high RF bonus/decent elite bonus/6% elemental if possible. The max discipline would help you a lot !

- If your gloves or amulet have resist all, get a unity with crit damage. Otherwise get a litany of the undaunted with crit damage (cheaper option too)

As I mentioned to the previous person, builds you have to experiment with yourself since we are all different people.
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Hi Nyan (>^^)>

Thanks for your advices, that is exactly what I Meant by " i dunno what to buy/focus on now"!

I ll catch you in a few days to share my char spec with you again!

Keep up the great job!
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Oh btw 9 ias inna's, mempo, 19 ias quiver, 11 ias manticore -> 1.67 aps RF breakpoint. Thought it waa important to know why you need the 9 ias rolls.
Hi Nyan . . . here another hug (>^^)>

Now i've changed something . . . and i'm 1.88 APS . . . +54 % Attack speed . . .


U suggest me to "drop" 3% ias to reach 1.82 Aps ???

A 16% Ias Quiver . . with hi DEX (more 300) and 8% CC on RF can be a good change or not ????
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You can drop up to 5 ias. Refer to thia thread :


Tbh ur gear atm is fine. Any replacements will be too costly
You can drop up to 5 ias. Refer to thia thread :

14% ias DML with Dex > 300 . . . too costly :P ????

mmm i think better craft gloves . . . 10% CC CD > 40% and 5% ias could be fine :)
Hi Nyan,

Excellent post!!

I have around 350m budget, im pretty happy with my rapid fire build, but i have not been playing since the previous patch, so any suggestions are appreciated.

and of course.. here is your hug sr! (>^^)>

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Hi sry it took so long to reply! Had my pants down, did Nyan things and things just blasted off from there. Okay so I'm do you now. Gimme 30 mins ^.^
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Your character is actually very similar to another person that I built, but I made adjustments so that they apply to you.

Get a badass manticore. Set a relatively high budget for this (150m?). Get an int manticore simply because the dex manticores are just way too expensive, and the weapon damage would be low for this budget. Here are some hints to buy a manticore from first post.

11 ias vs 10 ias?
Manticore A has 10 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Manticore B has 11 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Then choose Manticore A instead because it has more damage.

This is just a general statement, but of course there are many other factors/cases when choosing a weapon, such as weapon damage%, crit damage, the price. Don't look down on weapon damage!

Eg. My manticore has 1350 dps, 40% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1623 dps
Duped manticore has 1344 dps, 50% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1637 dps

Use the ruby/emerald combo in a 2 socket manticore if its radiant star+ tier gems, otherwise the emeralds would still be a better choice. Furthermore, you need sufficient crit damage from your amulet, ring, gloves which you actually lack at the moment.

As for breakpoints, full Natalya's set seems like the best option for you (1.67 aps). Looking at your gear, your amulet is the main thing keeping your hp up, which is BAD (kinda). If you got an upgrade for your amulet, its gonna be very hard to give up resist all/vitality so I'll try my best here ^.^

1. Get Vile Wards with 201+ dex/vitaliy and pick up radius. This is the easiest buyable slot for pick up radius without giving up much stats for a reasonable cost. Pick up radius is very good for vengeance, and farming in general which is why I always recommend players to have at least 1 item with it.

2. Get Natalya's Sight with crit chance and a useful random property (like all resist, vitality, more dex, life%).

3. If you have a 10 ias manticore, get 9 ias Inna's Temperance with 130+ vitaliy. If your manticore is 11 ias, getting 8 ias can work instead (cheaper too). To look for 9 ias inna's on the AH, search as all armors and refer to first post.

a) inna's temperance

Search desired stat (130 vit for example),
Search crit chance -> blank
Search sockets -> 2
Search attack speed -> 9

4. Get a dex Litany of the Undaunted w/ crit damage. I recommend it in this case because your all resist is low.

5. Get Natalya's Embrace with 150+ dex/200+ vitality (or something like that). Giving up a little bit of dex for a ton of vitality is definitely worth it.

6. Craft BoA dex bracers. Any crit chance roll will upgrade your dps, and possibly give you some eHP if your lucky.

7. Inna's favor I prefer if it had some vitality with about the same dex. Depending on what your hp is after, it maybe something to look into.

The reason why I'm emphasizing so much on the vitality, is because we need to replace those gloves/amulet for more dps which in turn will make you lose some hp but for a better cause.

8. Gloves/amulet

Amulet you can wait a bit because your amulet is actually fairly decent even though it has no crit chance, but is still easily upgradable in terms of dps. So this is kinda optional for now :

- Get a 7.5+ crit chance/75+ crit damage/100+ dex/possible average damage amulet. You may want to spend some time on the AH comparing various amulets and possibly bidding on some items.

Gloves on the other hand I highly recommend to change them, the crit chance is too low, has no crit damage, and ias roll tbh is kinda a waste.

- Get a 9+ crit chance/40+ crit damage/200+ dex gloves. If your lucky, you MAY get an eHP roll somewhere w/o sacrificing dps. Again spend some time comparing various gloves.

9. Natalya's reflection may need to get some crit damage or crit chance. Other useful properties are sockets, average damage, 100+ dex, or eHP rolls (all resist, armor, vit, life%). I'm a bit loose here because its depends on is best for you at a reasonable price.

Nat's reflection must be 9 ias. You could try crit chance + all resist roll ^.^

10. Get natalya's bloody footprints with similar dex to yours but vitaliy as well.

11. Get a 20 ias deadman's legacy with rapid fire bonus, and extra stats (like vit, life%, dex, max discipline, etc.)

In terms of ias, some possible combinations :

10 ias manticore :

9 ias natalya's reflection
9 ias inna's temperance
20 ias deadman's legacy

if 11 ias manticore, you can remove 1 ias from either the inna's natalya's or deadman's to keep above breakpoint.

If you have around 300-400 resist all, 3800-4000 armor, 50-60k hp, your find for general playing. MP10 I recommend ~400 resist all, ~4000 armor, 55-60k hp to play comfortably assuming you use gloom. Furthermore for high mp play, I recommend using bombardment rune on rapid fire, you using a skill that involved AoE (spike traps, jagged spikes, bola ID, etc.)

As well if your new, I highly recommend you try various builds to see what is right for you. Rapid fire is just something that was buffed, and is very strong with the correct gear.
Hi Nyan!

I have a 100m budget, and would like to tweak my rapid fire DH.
Here is your hug! (>^^)>
As well, here is a link to my nooby DH, 4 pieces of gear are AH (bow, belt, cloak, boots), rest are self found or crafts.
And I wish to use all rapid fire runes!

What are the most effective upgrades I can make?

how is me now? done some upgrades as per advised by you.

what else should I do now?
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- Craft bracers
- Save up for super-badass manticore

Everything for you from here on out is gonna be expensive. Your dps looks low is because of the SoJ + quiver makes it seem that way, the manticore isn't badass enough :O

- Keep looking for natalya's reflection upgrades!

Oh your really tanky :O
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Do you wish to replace youe exp gear? hellfire in particular?

I think at your gear level atm, it might be worth it to get a marquise ruby

Imo you need a max discipline item. Get a rapid fire stone of jordan!

Pants....personally I think going commado is best, but in anyways...get a high vitality inna's temperance or high dex w/ vit.

Mempo....get pick up radius ^.^

May want to look into a high dex/vit inna's favor

Note that these assume you keep your hellfire ring which has ias on it which keeps you above breakpoint.

If you choose not to use hellfire ring, don't get an ias ring.

instead do either of these combinations :

19 ias quiver
9 ias inna's
9 ias mempo

20 ias quiver
8 ias inna's
9 ias mempo

20 ias quiver
9 ias inna's
8 ias mempo

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nyan, look at my new bracer? is that ok?

and I have another DML.

20ias/10cc/8rf/ 300vit/, I shouldn't use it right? since u said my speed is optimal now.
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First off, (>^^)>.

I have 30m gold and I have ideas on what to upgrade, I'm just not sure on how I should upgrade. I do know that I could use a Manticore with 2 sockets, possibly a ring other than Unity and a Witching Hour with better stats. I would preferably like to keep my skill build as it fits my play style. Though I am open to changing passives.

Help or comments on my gear/build will be appreciated.
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08/24/2013 03:33 PMPosted by Rubberwood
First off, (>^^)>.


You have : 11 ias manticore
Your gear has 54 ias
You only need : 37 ias
Therefore You may lose up to : 17 ias
As well, you may lose up to : 16 ias is to be safe if you decide to get a 10 ias manticore

You have two choice :

Replace : Natalya's reflection, Witching Hour. Underlines are the recommend
Natalya's reflection -> Stone of Jordan, Litany of the Undaunted, Rare Ring
Witching Hour -> Inna's favor

Stone of Jordan because max discipline, bonus vs elites, bonus to a skill. All really nice stuff. Your current gear has no max discipline so I think this would help you a lot.
Inna's favor because it cheap and good.


Replace : Mempo of Twilight, Witching Hour. Underlines are the recommend
Mempo of Twilight -> Natalya's Sight
Witching Hour -> Inna's favor

Natalya's Sight because it gives you an extra 20 discipline! And it's not that bad overall tbh.
Inna's favor because it cheap and good.

This also assumes that you do not change your other gear pieces that affect your attack speed. Personally I think the SoJ + Inna's is better option
Some other replacements I recommend :

Your manticore for more dps. Well this is obvious though. I recommend do NOT buy two socket mantcore until you have ~100m or so due to the price of gems and the need for high weapon damage to make it worth it.

Natalya's Embrace with hatred regen, 170+ vitality. I recommend this just because your build seems more hatred intensive than usual. That's all. As well having spike trap bonus if you can helps if you can get it on the cloak.

Natalya's bloody footprints with pick up radius. Cause why not? ^.^

Dead man's legacy with a skill bonus? You don't always have to have 200+ dex since they can be expensive. Sometimes you can find 300+ vit, 20 ias deadman's legacy for a nice deal.

Dex Litany of the undaunted with crit damage. Just because it's a nice tanky ring to have.

Craft dex amulets at this point for your BoA crafting.

If you have questions you can always ask the Nyan ^.^
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Thanks for all the help Nyan!

I managed to get a seemingly good SoJ for a very good price. I'll let you have the final say on how good it is though.

All the Inna's Temperances I've seen lower my dps and life by a significant amount. So maybe I'm not entirely clear on how it would be an upgrade from my current Witching Hour, even though I know I can stand to lose some ias. The same goes with Litany of the Undaunted to replace Unity, though it's not as significant of a loss as the belts are. Unless if you were referring to replacing Nat's Reflection with the Litany.

Everything else looks great for upgrading, though I am hesitant to quickly upgrade the gear you recommended, as I am quite a penny pincher and the new gear in RoS looks like it'll be worth holding onto my gold for (hopefully).

(>^^)> again, because I owe you.

PS. Since my skill build is hatred intensive I'm also open to changes to make it more balanced. Though I do enjoy the survivability I get from it.
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