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Sentry: Vigilant watcher vs Spitfire (Maths)

An often debated topic for sentry users is which rune is better for damage. This depends on the duration of the fight. For short or very long fights Spitfire will win. Maths follows. Note Vigilant watcher has 6s cooldown vs Spitfire 8 seconds.

1 APS (Attack speed is irrelevant for this relative comparison)

Fight duration 10s 15s 20s 30s
Vigilant watcher 175% damage 2450 4725 7350 12600
Spitfire 175+30% damage 2460 4510 7380 13530

Example say for 20s

Vigilant watcher will have one sentry do 175%dmg for 20 seconds. A 2nd sentry do 175% dmg for 14 seconds. A 3rd sentry do 175 dmg for 8 seconds = 175x20+175x14+175x8 = 7350

Spitfire will have one sentry do 205% dmg for 20 seconds. A 2nd sentry do 205 damage for 12 seconds. A 3rd sentry do 205% dmg for 4 seconds = 7380

1) Spitfire rune fires rockets at the same rate as your attack speed. Can anyone please confirm this. I find this one very hard to test.
2) No ballistics rune.
3) Sentry is placed immediately after cooldown is finished.

Conclusion: Both are very similar with the difference being less than 5% either way. For very long fights Spitfire wins. Overall, I would prefer Spitfire on the basis of this analysis.
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Aid Station.

Because death is permanent.
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I use aid station for MP9-10, but I don't need that much regen up to MP8. With my dps the sweet spot is more like MP7.

With that in mind, if you're doing MP level based on your sweet spot, fights aren't going to be that long. For that reason I'll choose spitfire over vigilant. If I were running MP10 I would probably choose vigilant over spitfire, but in that case I use aid station. You might make a different choice for MP10 if you have less life but I think in that case you should use guardian. If you just don't die then vigilant may be your best option at MP10.
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The longer the battle takes, the better Spitfire will be. But if you can clear out mobs within <8 seconds.. Vigilant will be better because it'll be off Cooldown whenever you see a pack.
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Can anyone confirm if spitfire shoots a rocket for every attack???

If so then my assumption is correct and vigilant wins for fights with duration of 8 to 9 seconds and also 14 to 19 seconds.

Any other duration and spitfire wins.

Workings not shown but same premise as above.
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