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Help >.<

How can I better improve my build. I have been using this for a while and now I either can't lvl up or I just die on higher mp levels
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Wow you need help and. I do not even use a manticore. You can take a look at some manti users profiles and get an idea.

2 piece nats a must. Nats reflect(ring a must) the best you can afford
And either nats boots or helm.
Most likey you should be using innas pants and innas chest
Witching hour most likely your belt.

Crit damage
And attack speed especially using a manti is your friend.

Craft shoulders, you can prob craft a better pair than what you are wearing quite easily
Also craft bracers, again you can def craft bracers that beat out strong arms in heart beat.

You can look at my ammy, bracers, and shoulders all crafted.

Have yet to craft a better pair of gloves than whati wearing after over 2k tries. Kinda gave up on those.

Didnt look but whats theias on your dead mans, shold be at least 19 or 20% if not get one, you can get em cheap.

Hope this helps a little. Not sure on your budget, but sooner or later a 2 socket manticore will be a must when its time to increase the dps.

Good luck to you.
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Try and check out my profile... I don't play that much anymore, but you need way more AS and Crit Damage
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Putting Marquise on "still in need of upgrade gear" is just...

imo this is the best set up for a demon hunter

nata 3pc (helm, cloak, boots) + nata ring if you got/can get a good, but if you can't don't

on rings you want
+8-9 as
+35 mmd or socket
+90-130 dex
+45-50 cd
+5-6 cc
^ this require perfect (or nearly perfect) roll
amulet will need to have similar stat

inna 2pc (belt + pants) for the extra cc, dex, aps, and ms

without switching your weapons (quiver is good)

Get a new bracer first, either try to craft a decent one or get some with over 200 dex, 70 ar, and 5-6 cc. Then gloves, high cc/cd on this with high dex if you can get some vit and speed it will even be better. Then shoulder, yours don't need immediate upgrade.

If you think you might be dying switching to innas' then I would keep using blacks' until you get enough eph to survive 2-3 hits within a second.
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How are you dying with so much health and smoke screen available?
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