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Ultra Budget CM/WW Guide [WEEKLY GIVE AWAYS]

Actually, I think I should add a note somewhere in my opening post that prices are subject to the current market. It's hard building this set and finding the items I did for the same price. I think I can do it under 2m though.
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Turns out there's no maintenance tonight so I'll give it til 12am (currently 9:23pm) before I close entries and pick a random winner.
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The winner for the first give away set is... FatalCrest!

Please add me in game and I'll offload all the items for you.

Thanks to all those who entered. If you didn't win and are still lacking on funds to purchase any decent gear, don't fret, Amos' set is next up on the give away list! One of us will announce it later this week.
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I like this build a lot, but I can't afford the items, how do I enter your give aways?
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Just post when the next set is announced.

I am still waiting for FatalCrest to add me so I can give him the set.. might have to add a deadline to pick it up since my inventory and stash is getting a bit full. I may end up giving it to someone else if I'm waiting more than a week.
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just got the nice set from MrDuMa, the thread really help me gearing my wiz.

thanks for the great thread :D
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No problems, mate. Hope it all goes well for you.

For this coming week, there might be two give away sets... Amos' 2.5m and my new set (which could cost less than 1m!)
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Thanks for the guide MrDuma, it certainly helped me get back into the game. I got most of the pieces using my limited 2m budget( I took a break from the game right after I got to 60) but the Nat ring is just too expensive.

Could you experts give me a alternative? Also please recommend any other things I should change in regards to gear or build. I'm trying to run MP3 using Piehole's SNS build since I find killing is too slow using prismatic armor. Occasionally, I'll get one shotted when DS doesn't refresh fast enough.
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Tip with AH.. instead of looking at buy out under 100k, look at auctions ending soonest. I picked up a couple of Nat's ring for UNDER 10k tonight and a bunch of other goodies for about the same price. As I said before, my next set will be very very cheap.

Your biggest issue is ultra low life. Union Mayhem (secondary ring), I would change that with a IAS/CC/Vit ring... if you can find one with a socket as well, you can add extra Vit with an amethyst.

Also, your wand doesn't allow you to hit the 2.73 APS break point. You are at 2.704. Get a Chanto's wand with at least 1.64APS. Do it using the same method I list above and you will definitely get a bargain.
Edited by MrDuMa#1541 on 9/11/2013 10:45 AM PDT
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Thanks, I will do as suggested.
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Hey MrDuMa,

I've been trying the auction house for end soonest but the refresh rate is horrible and it says I'm winning until the end and I end up losing?
I was wondering if you could look at my setup and give any hints, when you get some time.

Always looking to upgrade..

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You're winning until the ending time because you are probably getting outbid. People are sniping :(

Just keep trying... you will eventually land a good deal. Just a tip, Friday night and weekends (American times) are the times when the most people are on... best time to find bargains but worst time because there are more snipers around.

You're currently at 2.639APS. I think the cheapest way to get that yp to 2.73APS is to find a Chant's Will (wand) with a base APS of 1.64 or more, then get a pair of gloves with 9IAS. Some of your gear has low IAS values as well... everything goes up to 9IAS (except Skull Grasp.. they go up to 7IAS) so make sure you specify IAS values too. Hitting those break points is more important than getting a pair of gloves (or anything else) which boosts your sheet DPS but leaves you with a slightly less functional (or not working) build.

You can also improve on your CC. You're only at 41.5CC.. Your Storm Crow and BT amulet is quite low. Storm Crows with 5CC are really cheap... just keep looking. Your Skull Grasp has no CC at all.. I would rather a rare with 8~9IAS/4.5CC with any combination of AR/armor/LoH/Int/Vit.

Lastly, your AR and armor are really quite low. The only place that's doing any of that for you are your shoulders... look into getting armor or AR (or both) BT pants at the very least.

As I said, all of these things are definitely attainable if you know what to look for on the AH.. if you're lucky enough, you will find some amazeballs deals.
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how to enter your giveaway sir? thanks for the guide on skills and items.
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Will be opening up the next give away very soon.

Just keep checking the thread and the opening post for updates.
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Hey MrDuMa,
how's my gear looking now? I've only got 200-250k at any time since so I'm very limited on gear choices haha..

I appreciate all the help!
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MrDuma, i have a question. at 20m gold, buying the right gears. at what mp can i farm fast and not dying? fast enough that i can farm a lot and kill mobs faster.
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@ Justin the set is looking solid, but you need more vit i would resocket with amythists.

also i see you have some perfect squares those can sell on the ah for 40000 gold each so you might be able to make a little money there for use on amythists.

then just enjoy farming mp 3 (not sure if you have the vit/all res for mp5)

@AceofSpades - cool name lol, okay but 20mill... well that should get you a decent way i would say mp5-7 however you will need a full gear set... one which i might actually have for around the 20mill mark but ti's still missing a weapon and source (hopefully i'll get a weapon soon) and i can give you a sweet discount price ;)
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Hey Amos,
Thanks for the positive feedback..
I will try to resocket for Vit.. should i do it for all the sockets?
And I have been doing MP5 solo and with my friend (witchdoctor), belial was a pain though...
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belial is always a pain lol, but yeah if you are comfy in mp 5 then rock n roll bro.

yes i would re socket everything to amythists - you will loose dps, but with the paragon levels still coming in for you you will get it back slowly, and as you paragon up you will also be saveing money woohoo
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Ok, I just resocketed it all and bought some more gear... check it out and any other help you have I will gladly take!
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