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Ultra Budget CM/WW Guide [WEEKLY GIVE AWAYS]

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HI MrDuma..
Please re-check my gear again. Did not have all my stuff on yesterday.


Don't know what to do next.

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Good work on bumping up your APS! You were so close anyway.

Your CC is still a bit low. A Nat's with CC should push you over the 50CC mark and give you smoother freezing.

You have a fair few items with wasted stats... for example, your Tal's chest has gold find, your Taskers has 27 Physical res, your Lacuni has 30 Lightning res... if you could convert all of them to AR, you'll definitely feel the difference when you're standing in stacks of plague, des, etc..

Once you do that, you can switch Prismatic Armor for Shocking Aspect for more damage!
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MrDuma, Thanks again for the guide. I have been trying to follow it as I slowly swap out gear. I noticed that it seems that several of the pieces have gone up in price on the auction house. For example, the most basic witching hour is usually in the 450K range. Both Nat pieces seem to start in the 1 Mil range as well.

I am still running the build listed in my profile at low mp level, as I don't feel like i have enough CC or defense to run the CM/WW build yet. I have not been running archon eiither as I feel like I really need the defensive abilities to stay alive. While I am gearing up, are there any other builds (besides cm/ww or archon) that you recommend? I have had some success with my current build, but am open to suggestions.
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CM/WW and Archon would be the cheapest. I still believe you can find a Nat's ring for under 100k. The last three I purchased were won on bids for under 10k each.. yes.. UNDER 10k each.

A tip... if you're on the US server, a majority of the players will be from the US. Trying to snipe these good deals during prime time playing is hard. Either get up crazy early then check for auctions ending soonest then bid on all the low ones... nothing over 100k. If you win a bid, great... if you don't, no big deal, just keep making bids. You will definitely get one in the end.

When servers come back up, I'll look for one... if I can get one for under 100k, I will give it to you :)

If you're fine with your current build farming, just stick to that so you can build up your bank account. It's not a huge deal for now until you can afford the entire gear set, which as you've seen, is pretty cheap to put together so long as you know what stats to look for.

With your current gear, I would actually suggest using Archon with Blood Magic instead of Force Weapon. Go with the standard Archon build and beam away.
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So... I got two... one for 100k and the other for just under 70k. One has armor and the other has Life% and LoH.

Seriously, CM sets can be made for under 1m consistently.

Which one did you want, mate?
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wow, thanks for the find. I will take the one with life % and LOH. I have been trying your bidding technique of sniping closing bids and I finally got a witching hour for around 250K. It doesnt have any vitality, but it was a 15% boost to my damage.
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10/02/2013 07:28 AMPosted by StrongBadder
wow, thanks for the find. I will take the one with life % and LOH. I have been trying your bidding technique of sniping closing bids and I finally got a witching hour for around 250K. It doesnt have any vitality, but it was a 15% boost to my damage.

Also i took your advise and switched to the Archon build, and it has been working much better than I expected. I clear out mobs much faster than before and can usually keep archon running 2/3 to 3/4 of the cd. In some areas almost permanently. Thanks for the advise.
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When you're looking at budget gear, especially Nat's ring, Witchings, etc... you're only after it for very specific stats. Forget about getting a high rolled one since it's base sell price is already multiple times your full budget. For CM/WW though, this is a good way to go.

Add me in game and I'll drop it off.
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Is there a way to add you in the forums or only in game? If only in game, I will do it tonight after work. Thanks again for your help and build advise.
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Well, the item is in game so you'll need to add me in game. I'm probably in a different time zone to you (Australia) so I might not accept your friend request straight away, but I will eventually (when I wake up hoping you'll still be on).

Hmm... if you've switched to Archon, then the ring won't be optimal. You're better off looking for a CD/CC with average damage ring. You can still have it, I just think you'll be getting more out of a rare ring... just save this in case you decide to go back to CM/WW.
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I don't expect the switch will be permenant, given the likely changes to to archon in ROS, but it has helped in grinding some gold. Thank again.
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Just want to give a big shout out to MrDuMa for the amazing give away set.

I joined a monk friend on his MP10 game today and only died once.Very awesome.
Solo-wise, the gear is easily handling MP3, and can go up to MP5~6. Heck sometimes I run Archon too just for fun.

This has been a great introduction to the Wizard for me, and I do look forward to gearing him for ubers soon. Budget permitting, of course.

Good stuff!
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Sir can you help me gear my wiz, my budget is around 2m, btw kindly accept my friend request
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StrongBadder & acidz0108
I've added both of you but haven't been on at the same time as you guys. I'm usually set on busy quite a bit so just message me and hope I'm there :p

No problems, mate. The build is a tad broke so as long as you do your job and freeze well whilst not dying, the higher DPS guys won't mind. Good luck farming.
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I've just started d3 2-3 days ago since my friend don't play it anymore. Today i just finished lvling my wiz, got powerleveld by some people, and I need some gears. How do i enter to win these set give aways?
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Just post asking to enter lol

Amos and GoSuPanda have been a tad busy but their give away sets are still up to win.

Updated first post with the recent winner announced (Deleuzian). I'll get started on building my next set very soon.
Edited by MrDuMa#1541 on 10/4/2013 5:25 AM PDT
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can i enter your contest :P
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Entries for both barebear and Delnsomniac are in.
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everyone else gave a reason for entering so heres mine!

i just getting back into d3 not to long ago, liking alot of the changes so far. Seeing this wizard build in action reminded me alot of d2 1.08 / 1.09 nova sorc :P. The sorc was my fav char in that game, and sadly i have never really thought d3 wizard could match up to what i loved so much about it. Specially because i dont think teleport will ever equate to how it worked in that game lol. but This build has me intrigued and i would really love to play around with it.
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Just wanted to say thanks again Mr.Duma for the Nat's Ring. I managed to find a cheap pair of Nat's boots last night to get the cc bonus.
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