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Your most expensive drop you've found?

As the title states, what is the most expensive item you've found and sold on the AH for? I've only been lucky enough to find a pair of ice climbers that made me 30 mil. Seems like all the rares I find are all complete garbage :(
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Found some decent rare bracers that gave me 12.5mil haha
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4.5 mill from some crit chance/atk speed dexterity gloves before crafting became available. I've never been able to sell any other item above a single million. Although I have recently found a beastly 1h axe (1115dps). My Barbarian now wields it with much glee.
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My best was lacunis a looonggg time ago that got me 1 bil and back then when I did the math that was 350$ for the lacunis
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Inna's Vast Expanse.


And it would be your most profitable drop.
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10.5 billion. It was a pair of ST Witching Hours. The same pair is up for sale for 50b right now, so there you go...

From memory the stats were, 260 st. 60ish vita, 56 AR, 9/48

I've found several items that sold for more than 2b.
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MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM FOUND: (guessing) roughly 5 million about 4 months or so back. Adjust for inflation if u like. 1handed weapon skybreaker or w/e iirc the toon is gone so cant check.

MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM SOLD: iirc was half million for an ammy. rare not legendary. Month or so after game release. (EDIT: Was barb oriented item)

MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM I WANT TO FIND: Scimitar with APP to Magic Missile/Int 250+/Socket/AS 5%+/Crit Damage 100%+/ 900 DPS +. Dex/Str would be good as bonus not listed in priority order.


Shield 300 Int + /300 vit + /Socket/ Blizz Duration or Tele CD/ Arcane on crit 9+/ Crit 8%+/ Life Regen 300+/ All resist 40+/ block 25%+ total / Dex/Str would be good.


Any Staff that doesn't suck for Mp 3+ haha EDIT: Or look retarded giant sized on my hero.

Or any really great 2handed longbow with cold damage.
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I found a InnasTemp worth 60m and a Trifica amy worth 70m. Both items within a week. All the rest junk lol
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dex/int WH 500mil

9/49 70AR with a little bit of vit added on
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Natalya's blood footprints- got 25 million. I can say that I have only had one Legendary drop that was of any real use to my DH- Vile ward (got 5 Million for them after I crafted some decent shoulders).
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Inna chest 100 000 000
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Trifecta ring in patch 1.0.3 worth $250
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OS chantodos wand. 450m :P
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3% crit + dex Mempo which got me 170m (quite a while back).
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sold some rare bracers for 30 mil that had high intel some vit 70 ar and 6 crit. other than that highest I sold legendary was an EF w/ a soc and I put for min bid and sold for 50 mill like a month after game came out. I think my EF I have now and Innas pants and witching hour and unity are worth some but im using them for now so idk. found them all. No clue what they would sell for tho just leveling this to 100 then gonna level others :P btw my first post guys so be gentle lol
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Back when the game just came out, I managed to sell some legendary pants for $100.00!! I couldnt believe it.
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When the game just came out, there was no RMAH.
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Best thing i've found is the ammy my toon is wearing right now. I once accidentally flipped a Chantodo's will for 20+ mil and ages ago I threw a rare str helmet up at 10k and got 40 mil out of it in the end.
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My most expensive drop was a nicely rolled Maximus that I sold for 45m about a week ago.

1202.0 DPS (773-1412 Damage)
+231-606 Fire Damage
Fire skills deal 23% more damage
+45% Damage
+338 Intelligence
+203 Vitality
+8% Demon Damage
[+] Empty Socket

Runner up is my Witching Hour, the only self-found item on my Demon Hunter worth around 30m~.
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08/27/2013 10:40 AMPosted by Dvsilverwing
When the game just came out, there was no RMAH.

Alright alright, to be a bit more exact... it was around mid July last year when I sold them.
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