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Hey everyone. I have been playing diablo 3 since it came out off and on. But im hooked now.
Being a father and a husband playing time is limited but i have managed somehow to get my demon hunter to paragon level 20.
However, i suffer from glass-cannon-itis and was hoping you fine people could help me build out my helios.
I may not have all the gold in the world but i have a lot legendary items i can sell to get where i need to get. any help is much appreciate.
thanks a bunch!
here is a link to my build. anything else i need?
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Hello Helios,

I, too, am a husband and father so I understand where you're coming from. After looking at you gear here are my initial thoughts: 1) all of your gear needs to be replaced, 2) some gear will do for now.

The items that I believe to be suitable for the time being are as follows:

- Calamity (really not that bad with the 148 dex, the thing is the socket is all powerful)
- lacuni's (dex and CC aren't bad at all, here's the one caveat, this is a great slot for All Res)
- Inna's pant (they're really low, try getting a pair with a vit roll, but other pieces need to be replaced first)
- Andy's Helm (a great Item, yours has bad rolls and high Fire Damage though; as you can see by checking my profile, I currently am using an Andy's as well, however, mine has a socket and low Fire Damage, which is good for EHP).
- Ice Climbers (with Lacuni, they're good to go)

Before I get to the items that need to be replaced, I going to give you my three point gearing philosophy for hand crossbow users:

1) Get high average damage on all jewelry types (the SoJ being the one exception).

2) Good jewelry should have at least three damage affixes (e.g. Avg Damage, CHD, and CC); Dual Wielders ought to maximize CC over CHD on their rings and vice versa for Single Wielders.

3) Get All Res on at least four pieces, preferable boots, bracers, helm (Memp), and Shoulders.

Items to replace are:

- Rings and amulet (explained above)
- Shoulders and Gloves (craft 'em)
- Chest (Get one with a vit roll and a skill bonus you use)
- Belt (I recommend an Inna's belt, try to get vit on it; you might need to get All Res on this or the pants if you stick with Andy's)
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Here's a Pro tip from a DH forum veteran. There's a challenge that's been going on for some weeks now that involves a team from our forum. They raised 4 billion in gold to do the gearing phase of that challenge. Once the challenge is over with, the Team DH will be disseminating the gear throughout the DH community, and you, sir, would be a prime candidate for a piece or two. So, it would greatly behoove you to follow the challenge and make your voice heard once it ends.

Here's the link to the Team Leader's post:

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I got some crap I can give you for ur DH. You may find it useful.
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thanks for all the help. i just got a hold of a manticore with 2 slots.
vocaloidnyan...i will take you on your offer.

redcell. i will check that out.
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