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Good old Fashioned WindForce Fun

The damage for multi-shot is not great for its non-trivial hatred cost. Yet Suppression rune is an interesting one that can refill your disc super fast when you face mob. So it is feasible to swap disc
into hatred again through preparation. The advantage is that suppression seems to be independent of your critical hit chance and only depends on how many targets you actually hit. Thus you can get rid of night stalker and use vengeance to increase hatred that can offer you one more shot within one full tank. Also, the decent AOE of multi-shot makes it ideal for hunting in large plain area like Field of Misery, Weeping Hollow, Oasis and Desolate Sand.

In MP6 level, the health bar for an ordinary monster is around 1 million, and the value for a champion elite is around 10 million. It is even more for a rare elite. If the DPS is 250K, it takes up to two full tanks of hatred to kill all ordinary monsters (meaning that preparation needs to be used for only once) using multi-shot. For elites, one has to use other skills (I choose bola + hungering arrow) for efficiency.

I don't use shadow power because I would like examine that if a DH can survive without it in a mid-high MP game. It turns out that except for elites with reflection damage affix, it is sufficient to use the lifesteal of windforce. Even in the case of dealing with reflected damage, if you can handle them in a right loop (shoot, move and wait) of right timing, it is fine.

I also don't use rapid fire because that it is not as fun as other skills. And without SP, RF is not that superior to other skills.

Last but not least, using a cold SOJ is very helpful to control the moving of mob.

08/15/2013 01:15 AMPosted by D3MON
Looks like your build is well rounded for higher levels though, how do you find multishot working for you on higher mp's?
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Yep without Shadow Power reflect mobs become a bit of a pain because the LS from WF coupled with regen isn't quite good enough if you're channeling rapid fire into a mob that has reflect up. You actually have to use a bit of skill and timing to take down reflect mobs. You can burn them a bit with the animation up but you have to do it carefully.

I wish they'd buff brooding again, to 3%. Or I wish they'd give us the option to be able to get 6% lifesteal (3% weapon, 3% other gear), because with brooding at 3% and lifesteal of 6% shadow power wouldn't be quite as necessary. It would still be amazing and necessary for certain builds and playstyles, but running without it would be very viable. As it is now, you can run without shadow power but it just isn't quite as efficient because you do need very high life with brooding and lifesteal to make it work.
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