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Where are all the CA:CB users?

The Rapid Fire buff was nice, and now that's all I see DHs using. But I find myself going back to Cluster Bombs; they just seem like they hit harder. Granted, it takes some maneuvering in order to enemies in line to maximize the damage and it is easy to miss some foes entirely (fast soul rippers?), but the fireworks are nice.

I feel as though LfB's mechanics are broke; you can shoot at a stationary enemy and somehow "miss" with the initial impact. It's also too easy to "miss" a moving enemy when your shot isn't along the 3/4 view angles. Maybe increase point-of-impact radius?
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Fairly certain that LFB impacts exactly (as close to it) where you click. so if you are off in where you click, you aren't going to hit maximum damage. I was playing around with Cluster Bombs last nite because I used to use it as my big damage inflictor way back in the day. I just can't get my head wrapped around it enough to like the skill anymore. Too little damage for how much hatred it costs.
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I use bear when using a Calamity. I like the insta-kill it gives. There's actually a 0.5s delay between cast and boom, but short enough to predict and plan for.
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I still have my cluster arrow DML and SOJ, but they rarely get used above MP6.....

RF is just too good now.
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The problem is the hatred cost. Unless you're running grenadier and cost reduction gear it's just too inefficient for the hatred to damage ratio.
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I run my old CB set if I have a good CM w me.
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I've been running a CA and Spike Trap build and found it easier to kill elites than a Spike Trap standalone. Coupled with Grenadier and DML -5 CA, I can spam it indefinitely.
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