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Darn Act IV Plans

how can someone even be such a noob and fail at mp 3 , seriously ?

Just pick your mastercard and buy the gear u need , why do u think the rmah is there in the first place ?


oh it's hardcore ^^ , well then u have to stay a noob for all eternity
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30 runs in MP3-4 sounds a little excessive, are you sure you had 5NV each time?
Anyway, it took me some time to get the plans and the keys, then took me more time to find a normal team that would do the uber fights with me in high enough MP (was MP8) so the demon parts will have a high chance to drop.
Managed to get all the demon parts.
With shaking hands I went and made the ring.
RNG kicked in and it was so bad I brimstoned it right away.

you know tossing it to your follower gives you 7% xp right?

Yes, but it was dex hellfire and I like the enchantress + I mainly play multiplayer games so no follower.
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I gave up on ever getting these plans.

So many attempts at many different MP levels and nothing to show for it.

I wish you the best of luck (obviously not my kind)
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that's unlucky dude.
i did it in one shot
mp4, the whole run was just scary, i got the plan and a key to drop.
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Ya, I have actually come across several people that have done countless runs, and funny enough the common problem for most of them was they were not getting 5 NV stacks first.......
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I feel your pain. I started farming for the plans, and I have done 7 runs so far with no plans. Got a key, but no plans. I do it at mp2. I shamelessly admit that act 4 scares the shnikeys outta me. So many debuffs... so many. You are at full health, a vortex mallet lord shows up and BAM! You are redscreening. I haven't proc'd SV yet, but I have used SW to get outta the way more in the past few days than I have with weeks of farming my last 20 paragon levels.
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OP: If you need any kind of help, add me and I'll help you get the plan.
I try to avoid helping people doing who just started doing it (its part of the experience), but as it looks like you've been struggling for a while... I could give you a hand.

I won't be playing today though, maybe tomorrow 5pm+ EST.
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Took me 20+ runs in act4 on mp2 to get it.Thanks to friends who ran with me! Phew!
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That's the jerk that killed my first Barb plvl10 on MP1. Elite pack of stunners with him. Beware!
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Well my barb is geared enough to do the runs a bit faster, my WD was having too many problems. Ironically, I basically made this barb just to get the damn plans lol. I will say, my hammer barb can take on act IV MP3 with ease solo.

A few of you offered to help, I think I accepted your friend requests, I will try to be on tonight.

Had a double legendary drop from the KW last night, my first double ever. Both were brims, but it was still cool to get a double. I did not even think that was possible.
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I just did it on my first try with my barb on MP5 with 5 stacks. Dropped the plan and a key.
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08/15/2013 10:32 AMPosted by PM5K
I just did it on my first try with my barb on MP5 with 5 stacks. Dropped the plan and a key.

Okay, that does it. Going to do MP5 tonight.

You lucky bastard!
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I sympathize. I've got 900 hours on my SC monk and still haven't found half the available gem recipes above star ruby.
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I posted a similar thread a few weeks ago, i did 25-30 runs at mp2 and got no plans, but 3 keys and other legs in the process, all solo because no1 plays act4. Then the next day i joined a pub game act1 and a guy asked me if i had found the plans yet. So I group up with him and his friend and they helped me getting at mp4 or 5, got the plans at the second run, the next day i made some machines and we did ubers

I said this before and I say it again: we have an awesome community here, so my advice is reply to those that offer to help because in a group its easier and you can push your mp up a bit

And act4 is scary, after i got the plan i don´t intend to run it again, too much nasty stuff, and my solo fights against the KW were always on the edge as he removed big part of my healing, i know i could never solo him at a higher mp
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Got lucky, looted the plan within 10 tries on mp1. lol
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Yeah they are elusive, took me like ten tries on mp3/4 then like ten more on mp2 to get it. Ran my friend Jezebel on mp1 ( She's DH) and she got it amd a key first freaking try! Was both stoked for her and pissed at my luck lol. However, today a mutual friend wanted to try his luck on mp2 so Jezebel, him and another person with me went to act4...unfortunately tragedy ensued. After getting five stacks we went for kw only to discover not 1, 2, 3 but FREAKING 4 elite/rare packs with him. Witches and mallet lords among them and another with fast and waller. Then in the chaos one of the group aggrod a 4th effing group and as I was playing well geared but new alt Monk we all nearly died and Jezebel fell in battle as the lone DH. It was devastating, the mallets hitting one after another while you were walled and had debuffs...was terrible. Worst part is guy that needed IM plans didn't get crap and Jeze died after kw died and dropped another set of plans for her AND another key...ugh RIP girly!
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RIP Jezebel 8-(

We've had lot's of deaths these past few weeks Chris, take it easy out there!
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77 runs before I found mine - took me weeks. x_x
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EmmettOtter took me through act IV MP5 and I got the plans!!!!

Big shout out to EmmittOtter!!!!!!

VERY nasty rare pack, those angel suckers, they come with shielding of course, and the charge, plus they had Frost, Arcane, Desecrator, and extra health.

I had to port in and out twice, my health got down to 30%, freaking WOTB was down... Of course.

Thankfully plans dropped plus an act I key. Now to start farming act III keys!
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