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No Love for Numbing Traps?

Hey All

Been tinkering with DH Windforce builds -- frustrated trying to make an actual ranged class play range competitively (boo gloom + bombardment). Anyway, was constantly switching between steady aim and perfectionist as passives when I finally dropped both and tried...numbing traps? Made a HUGE difference in play.

Any reason why so many pass up numbing? particularly in favor of perfectionist? Not a DH expert here.

my build

ps. ^ this is a ton of fun. knockback into spike traps = fun and effective

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Mainly because RANGED Game means that.. you're not supposed to get hit.. or.. do get hit but not consecutively?

But.. if you're not really opting for ranged game, I went with Numbing because of it's utility.

Perfectionist will work more due to the -xx Discipline Cost and the added HP and Resistances which is.. needed more by people playing Ranged :)
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For me personally perfectionist benefits more than numbing due to the fact that it is always 100% active unlike numbing traps where its resource reliant. In saying this though if running a tank build i'd run both passives, along with guardian turrent and boar.
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Perfectionist is both defensive and tactical. If players put on Perfectionist exclusively for its defensive uses, then Numbing Traps would serve better for that purpose, if they're using attacks that trigger it.

...but it doesn't make your profile look as cool.

Also, though, Perfectionist is always on, under all circumstances. Whereas, Numbing Traps isn't, but can be with moves like Spit Fire Turret, but Numbing Traps still falls short on affixes like shielding.

What I'm curious about though, is if an elite is numbed and then drops a DoT like Plagued, if the plagued on the ground stays reduced even after the numbness wears off the elite.
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Makes sense fellas. The benefit of the 'always on' + discipline reduction of perfectionist is certainly appealing. 20% DR just seems (and feels in gameplay) way more potent -- especially when stacked with gloom? Just noticed a big difference in play and might recommend more folks try experimenting with it :)
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I use perfectionist ONLY for the reduction in discipline.
If anyone wants defensive they should get NT like OP is doing. But there is a problem with NT. It is skill most useful against bosses. It will also reduce the damage dealt to your teammates but it has a condition that is not always on when you are running in the battle fields

--- A bit of math for the argument.

Gloom = 35% reduction before mit
NT = 20% reduction before mit

+10% armor/all resist = +less than 3% mit

for a standard demon hunter with
3500/400 45k life
sit at 79.13% damage reduction and 215,635 ehp
with perfectionist defensive bonus
>> 3850/440/49500
sit at 81.12% damage reduction and 263,651 ehp
with NT
3500/400 45k life
sit at 83.31% damage reduction and 269,544 ehp

for a tanky demon hunter with
4000/600 65k life
sit at 84.43% damage reduction and 428,568 ehp
with perfectionist defensive bonus
>> 4400/660/71500
sit at 86.52% damage reduction and 530,440 ehp
with NT
4000/600 65k life
sit at 87.87% damage reduction and 535,710 ehp
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I'd rather go with Evasive Fire - Hardened

It's basically the same thing, but instead of wasting a Passive, I use it on my hatred regenerator.
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Numbing traps is awesome. When properly geared a DH can really tank well with it. I like to use Guardian turrets, grenades and caltrops jagged spikes/ scatter spike traps with it for maximum effect.

I still think there needs to be a graphical change in how a monster is displayed when its "tagged" by numbing traps, perhaps it can turn slightly transparent to show its "numbed", this would make the skill really shine for other party members and increase its tactical utility a bit.
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When I feel like running a tank build, I tend to go with Numbing Traps because of the Sentries and Spike Traps I employ. It's solid damage reduction, and like Kirus said, it helps teammates quite a bit in boss fights.

With moderate levels of mitigation (through gear) one can run Cluster Grenades with Night Stalker and Numbing Traps, and quite literally Gloom your way through anything the game throws at you.

Slow to kill and Boring as dry toast, but it works, and it's easy.
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no love.... numbing traps cant numb the enemies enough to ease ma painnnnnn :O !
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I use both perfectionist and numbing traps there both really good.


<3 L4N
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I used Numbing traps on my melee DH build together with cluster grenades and nightstalker for perma-SP. It be fun.

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} ELSEIF ($weapon = 'Azurewrath') {

return http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#RgYQUe!XVc!Zaccaa ;

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