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Should I upgrade ? or Wait for Loot 2.0

Well since Loot 2.0 is soon (months) to be release in November and I have around 600-700M left, Should I continue upgrade my DH ?

Stats at P100 with 18% Life Gem on Helm:
- DPS vs Elite = 389,641
- EHP no dodge (Gloom with Perfectionist) = 589,913

These 600-700M upgrade only will give me tiny increase of DPS & EHP.
- May be 9IAS 190VIT Inna Pants
- May be 100Dex 80AR Inna Belt
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Methinks you will find it hard to find upgrades with 600-700mil (more like 1.5-2b+ per slot now)

If it was me (with your gear) I would rather spend more to get a more significant upgrade but keeping in mind the upcoming itemisation patch/expansion that Blizz is planning, it really depends on how long you can wait.

If you feel that trying to upgrade is too costly hold off at least for the announcement at gamescom (August 21st, 3pm UK time) from Blizz to see what direction D3 is heading to make a more informed judgement. If afterwards you feel it is too long a wait then keep playing to try to get more gold & upgrade accordingly.

Once it comes out, if they do in fact add more items/tiers then there will be a flood not long after into the AH of all the high end gears that people will be getting rid of for upgrades which might give you a better chance to upgrade for less (depends on demand & supply).

To me it looks like you could also upgrade:

- DML (push for 300+ in both Dex + Vit)
- Nat Boots (possibly 50 more Dex)
- Craft bracers and shoulders aiming for around 300 Dex on each (keeping stats you have already is gonna be hard though...)
- Possibly look into getting a 150+ Dex, 9% Atk Spd, 45-50 CHD Witching Hour as opposed to a better Inna belt (would work better with your Manticore as that weapon is not all black damage)
- Nat's helm with 150+ Dex and 80+ Vit (That amount of Vit should make up for the loss of AR as it is low on your helm)

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