Diablo® III

Act 3

I've been farming Act 1 and 2 for so long I can barely manage Act 3 MP 10. There's so much difficulty so much knock back! But its a new challenge so its really fun. How do you guys manage Act 3? I usually do the bridge route into Rakkis then Keep on mp8 but I can hardly do the keep on 10.

Suggestions please :)
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Try putting some gems in your manti. You're wasting 2 sockets...
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Most of your gears are good except the Mantico. Wondering how much have you spend on your DH. Since you have the means to get good gears, I advise you to get a top end Mantico which will be your permanent weapon going forward. For other slots, you still can upgrade when you progress.

If you find it difficult to survive, maybe stack a little more AR and HP. It also got to with how skillful is the person and the skills set up. For an average player, you should ideally have 450-500 AR and 55-60k HP. A more skillful player may need less mitigation factors.

There is nothing wrong with your build. So, my advice is try to get more AR and HP. Consider putting some AR on your Inna Temperance, Amulet or bracer. I consider 150 AR from Amulet and bracer will be good for a trial. You don't need Lacuni for RF build as you already have IAS of 72%. You can easily craft a 6 % bracer. Go do some research on RF break point. I think with some gameplay improvement, you will be able to handle ACT3 MP10 easily.

Wait till you play ACT 4.
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One small secret to Act 3 Keeps is running either the Enchantress or the Templar with a a high Freeze Chance Azurewrathe. Monsters will often get frozen in doorways, which blocks the mob behind them.

When this happens, drop traps under them in the door way and hit em' with everything you got.
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08/20/2013 05:15 AMPosted by Tropicalypso
One small secret to Act 3 Keeps is running either the Enchantress or the Templar with a a high Freeze Chance Azurewrathe.

true this
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I was running mp10 keeps with 100k dmage, in a natalya legacy set, Some affixes were hard but the keep has generally simple mobs.

Learning to kite the fu*king maniacs is the issue with most people, but doing MP10 with 26k health, 400 all res and 100k damage, it is possible.
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Theres alot of knockback in act 3? Wat?
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In Bridge I get knock backed a lot.

Yeah I took the gems out to shop around, and I was testing out some RF builds. I enjoy kiting though so its a different style of playing.
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Ball lightning works very well in the keeps since then enemies are confined to narrow hallways where you can hit most of them through the door. I also like having the scoundrel with a WF equipped as those exploding demons are very susceptible to knockback and that keeps them from being a problem for the most part as well.
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only thing in act 3 imo u really have to worry about is fallen maniacs and maybe elite demonic tremors. if u see falling maniacs drop a clatrop( if u have them on ur bar) or two and take a few steps backward and run ur aoe spell at them. as for tremors i just tank them as long as i can then kite a few feat and stutter step to regain disc and hatred then i tank again,.
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