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I'm writing a song and I need DH History

Hello there Demon Hunters!

My name is Melkor and I make rap music. I write, and oftentimes (though not recently) compose my own instrumentals for those lyrics.

I wrote a few songs about my fellow Wizards, and my community received them fairly well, gratefully :)

Anyway, I'm going to be composing a song called, "Diablo - A Love Story" in which I will be highlighting all 5 classes. Slight problem - I don't know your class very well :(

In an effort to do as much justice to your class as possible, I was hoping (praying) that one of your more learned members in the history/story of your class would be willing to provide me with a background of what has happened, how you've overcome challenges, (or perhaps not, if relevant), etc. etc.

I realize that some of you may not necessarily support me or feel comfortable helping someone who knows very little of your class - I understand. All I can say is that I'm going to do my utmost best to represent your community in the best and most respectable form possible - but I need a little help. I need an historian :) If someone were to be interested, please add me in game: Melkor#1521.

I have posted almost identical posts in every other class forum.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

TL:DR I'm writing a song that will include the story of your class and I need someone to e-mail me said story.
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Kirus (or was it Blackvenom?) made an interesting thread about the history of DH nerfs. I recommend reading that for ideas.

I prefer positives, I think one of the largest advantages of a DH is the diversity of builds. I also have a wiz that I use every once in a blue moon, and it made me realise how nimble and agile the DH really is.
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We also can do Nyan things ^.^

Ima terrible w/ history
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One thing you could make mention of is our fall from greatness. The months following release, the DH was considered to be the most powerful class. Then we lost Smoke Screen (the duration was reduced to 1 sec). As time wore on, we suffered nerf after nerf, and our number began to wan. Yet a few of us remain, undaunted, waiting for our lost glory to be restored to us.
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DH: Some are Glassy, some are Tanky but all are funny!

DH weapon setup: You can go calamity, Manti, DW, 1Hand crossbow + DMLegacy or Shield, Rare Bow or WF....

Nerf: Smoke Screen, Caltrops proc, ToC bug!, NT multiple hit...

DH = Nerf and diversity!
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from the classy, speedy shadowy pew pew cannon

to the tanky lacklustre water gun.

IAS, nether tentacle, jagged spikes, smoke screen, Nat set were the early nerfs which marks the fall of our powers.

early days were -- wow DH can do 100k dps? OMFG - everyone goes Sharp Shooter
later - DH's are just all paper dps - everyone drops ShSH

Then people on the forum (beast and revrac) made notice of eHP, then people start gearing a balance DH.

My apologies if i messed up some of the details. Feel free to correct me. Many thanks.

Builds goes froms

Smoke Screen Nether tentacle


Grenades cluster arrow


hungering arrows ball lighting


strafe demolition (para lvling in 104 & 105)


Bola Traps (high mp farming in 105)


Pissing on everyone (RF bombardment and fire support)

Glass Cannon became prominent earlier this year, with the formation of the glass cannon clan. Clan members - please provide more details.
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Wonderful. So very appreciative, and great class cohesion. There's a lot of emotion amongst you - I will do my reading and represent you to the best of my ability. Thank you and keep it coming!
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I suggest you picking up the ebook Heroes Rise: Darkness Falls, the first story is about the DH's lore and history, I believe you can read it free here on the forums it is called Hatred and Discipline
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Killua did a good summary. ill put these changes into words as i remember them.

in the beginning DH was THE class to play. While all melee classes struggled in Act 2 DHs simply smokescreened and died their way through to Act3/4 to be the first to farm the really good items.

EHP? No need, you get oneshotted anyway. Equipment? Blue items, Vendor crap, doesn't matter - all you need is damage and attack speed. with Nether Tentacles hitting two times and the previously mentioned 4sec smoke screen DHs were considered OP, the barbs of the early game if you want^^ And of course the forums were full of "NERF DH PLX".

both of these skills got nerfed quite fast and the Legacy Natalyas set which provided two discipline regeneration per second became popular. it was the time of pure elite farming, you basically vaulted from one elite to another, using Tactical Advantage for additional movement speed. so even though a lot of people thought the DH wouldn't be viable anymore after the nerfs the class continued to be strong at farming.

Skillwise Cluster Arrow with Cluster Bombs was quite popular. At this time there were also a couple Inferno nerfs, so the equipment got a lot better and more people could farm Act3.
Because of the nerfed Smoke Screen DHs had to focus a bit more onto EHP. People switched over to Shadow Power with Gloom as the top defensive skill and were able to take a few hits thanks to the reduced damage output of monsters.

there was also a quite unusual way to play DH. you could proc LoH with Caltrops and Gas Grenades and when equipped defensively (1h xbow + shiled) survive almost everything. More of a funbuild but still a very strong tank. Needless to say the proc rate on Gas Grenade got lowered and Caltrops couldnt proc LoH anymore at all. But thats more on a side note, the mainstream DH didnt play that way.

then came..i think it was 1.0.4. the one patch i remember which enabled me to farm Act3 relatively safe and fast. Subjectively the patch, that nerfed Inferno the most. After that speedfarming became the way to go. Hungering Arrow "Spray of Teeth" coupled with "Ball Lightning" was a very popular spec. People also played with Multishot instead of Ball Lightning.
For a short time Vault with Trail of Cinders was extremely powerful, you would constantly vault back and forth against elites but apparently the weapon damage modifier was an error..aand it got nerfed/fixed.

it was really "speedy" at that time^^ Vaulting as fast as you can, as many kills as possible - fun times. The Paragon System got released and speedfarming on MP0 or 1 was still the way to go. Now it was all about getting the fastest Alkaizer runs possible. I even recorded my runs to look where i could improve.. A popular build at this time was also Strafe with Fan of Knives for elites. Possibly the most efficient build for MP0 and even though legendaries got upgraded legacy nats was still the way to go. Everything looked good, we were fast, we were agile and melted monsters with multiple good builds.

But the prices of all those shiny new legendaries dropped rapidly. After a while higher MPs beat the old MP0/1 in terms of xp/h because of the lower prices and therefore better equipment. A lot of people dropped Legacy Nats for the new nats and tried to get their hands on a 2 socket Manticore, it was all about high stats for high MPs. Nightstalker was a new must have passive to manage discipline. This was also when I realized, that DHs weren't that good anymore.

You couldn't farm above MP7, MP10 was extremely scary but at least we got the new Echoing Blast rune. Basically the only useful skill on higher MPs. Coupled with Gloom and Nightstalker the once so mobile DH became stationary. Turrets were used, also bola and sometimes grenades. Not much left from the old ranged DH. The forums turned the other way and the first "BUFF DH" threads were created.

After that I got bored with DH (not so much into tanking, theres a reason i chose a ranged class). The whole class evolved now around Echoing Blast and was considered the most expensive and least rewarding. Slowly like every other class DHs moved up the MP ladder but still were behind for example the omnipresent barb or newly buffed WD...

With RF, notably the "Bombardement" rune we got our latest improvement. Snapshotting became popular, breakpoints were found out, the "Fire Support" rune put out impressive single target damage and now there are two viable builds for high MPs. I rebuild my DH, had a lot of fun and even MP10 was no problem at all.

and that's about it. constant nerfs and the change from ranged to melee.

Another strong theme is the way from the op class you had to play to progress to the class you play because you like playing it, the class you put billions into, even though you could build a dozen other characters with that gold. No wonder, that people who play DHs are very passionate about their class.

it's actually the other way around with barbs, who started out as the worst class and rose to become the best class while the fall of the DHs began. Maybe use that to draw parallels in your song.

end of story for me (im from EU, so things like ranged builds or the glass cannon clan had very little impact there. still the moving from ranged glass cannon to speedfarming to facetanking was the same on all servers afaik)

you should watch vids of the different stages of DHs. ill give you a few examples

1.0.2 (Nether Tentacles, Smoke Screen) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVjDzN0xoV0
Ball Lightning speedfarming - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1Ru77F852E (one of mine, couldnt find a good BL vid :S)
1.0.4 Trail of Cinders - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLEKrygw3FA
1.0.6 Strafe Speedfarming MP0 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5QtFFFOHeo

€dit some newer vids:
1.0.7 EB - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaRfHomim7w
1.0.8 RF - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgcUBBMpjCk
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Melkor's the BEST IN THE WORLD!

Does Wiz history proud, you guys will be pleased!
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Melkor's the BEST IN THE WORLD!

Does Wiz history proud, you guys will be pleased!

Thanks all and thanks MasterJay, for the vote of confidence :)
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About time you started your multiforum threads Melkor.

@memo That about sums it up. But I'll add that the ToC build was the most fun I've ever had in D3.
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