Diablo® III

Happy Nat full set. @_@


I gave up EHP, attack speed for "look" and +20 discipline LOL. And im happy with it even my DH die in one shot by certain monsters.

Sigh... I feel like im masochist.

Should i work on survivability? Think im doing fine as long as i don't meet annoying affixes lol.
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Depends on how you want to play. It cannot be denied that having eHP make your gameplay at least easier and possibly far more efficiently. In fact by looking at your gear, you can sacrifice some of your dex for vitality rolls instead like.

1. 190 vit inna's temperance.

2. Vitaliy on boots (low dex?)

3. eHP on bracers...

4. 250+ vit/130+ dex nat's cloak
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nice full nat set, even nicer calamity. love that 50% bonus dmg.

Bracers, cloak, witching hour, boots, shoulders, and pants can use more ehp. Even quiver can get you an extra 50 vit, hard to beat the 14 HA bonus though....however RF quiver and SOJ will increase your eDPS by a margine.
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My lady DH plays with the full nats too. Just a little dps challenged for MP10 but lots of fun. Once I get the right soj and quiver, 15 bombs possible, i think.
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You can gear pretty well for full nat's set DH you can get AR on all set pieces, and the Nat's helm has native armor on it though id recommend low chance to fear, You can never have enough discipline, when i do mp10 vota's with a group i run full nats so i can keep up with them lol.
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look at my FULL NATS SET

no lose of EHP i have 5077 armor COMPARED to your 3800

that is why you are getting one shot
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I know why I get one shot. I never asked or any help on my gear. I can stack up as much as ehp I want. @_@ only I care about is dps thats why I called myself masochist. Nyan explained his view on my gear and I appreciate it. I agree on that but I always push myself into challenging situation.
Well thanks for advice but no. Ive done with tanking dh like half of year ago. : p no offence your gears are amazing but not the way I want.
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Full Nat set is lovely . . . Full set+soj = 59 / 60 max disci ;)

only bad thing . . .


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