Diablo® III

Adult PS3 and XBOX360 GAMER TAG list.

Xbox Live GT: SoulReaperD3

see you all on 9/3
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Xbox GT: mini Cooper456
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Add me up on ps3 Iamsnoosnoo ill be playing alot!
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GT: BiggySmurf on XBOX I have not decided which class I will roll first, but I am afraid I will spend to much time on this game. Anyone feel free to add me if you want someone to run with.
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Really interests me to see how cm wiz will work out on console lol

I play 5-10 hours a day...

Xbox gtag is: tooo hi 2 play
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xbox gt: TMP2310

Going 2 be playing with my brother but could use some cool mature people to play with, Anyone is welcome to add me. Im starting with a wizard since i played a barbarion and witch doctor in the pc version.
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Gonna be on the xbox as : IxAmxDrunk.
Im a 21 year old college kid looking for chill people to play with.
Gonna be a wiz of course ;)
Love playing with other people as long as your grown and mature and love grinding away.
Also im very generous in sharing loot and gear, im friendly as !@#$.
Add me up
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xbox GT : zzSysteMzz

Myself and 3-4 friends will be playing this.
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psn hashtagstatic
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PSN - germangler
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Go ahead and add me. I'll prolly be starting with either a monk or barb. And I'll be dropping all the gear I can't use. So I'm defiantly willing to share loot.

PSN - TremblayJoeyT
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Xbox GT : Old Gregg313

Add me I will be playing most days.
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PSN - HisDudenessTX
Will be very active and ive already beat this game countless times.
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xbox gt : WW barb 101
300 H+ on pc
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80 Orc Rogue
Posts: 7
Diablo 3 Xbox Trading Forum is a group on Facebook that is dedicated to Xbox gamers and the progression of Diablo 3. It will be easy for players to Trade Gear and Partying Up for content. Here is a link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/719546398061839/
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XBOX 360 Gamertag ==== BLACKMAGIK09

diablo 2 player since release...then on to diablo 3...now on to diablo 3...B...lmfao! :)

hit me up if u wanna play and steam roll this !@#$%
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Just did my pre-order yesterday for Xbox 360 and I'm pretty pumped. Gamertag: Milly88
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I love dieahblow.

Undecided on class still.

Probably roll day 1 DH like I did for pc. Or monk.
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This is realmreaver73 of Xbox aiming to find folks to hang with. Again please post Diablo when you want to be friends for that purpose as my friends list is nearly full due to me also being part of Gunslingers who will least have a small presence in the game community. I am 40 years old so don't make me beat you with my cane dag nabbit...

Played Barb and might do so again. I just don't know how squishy the other classes are so rather just dive in whack mobs =) Prob play other classes like offline or something. Maybe switch gears later online. Playing what I know something about. Oh and remember to try to keep least one set with the look you like just in case the expansion hits this game.
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XBOX GT : TheRaja999

I'll be playing the wizard as always
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