Diablo® III

please rate my demon hunter

Need help to up grade
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This may better serve other in helping you since you are posting in the US forums http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DarkStar-2400/hero/30078234 in my own opinion of your DH is that you have a top tier DH, you HP could be higher than 48k though. Also I would suggest searching for better Inna's Temperance pants on the AH since yours only have 100 Dex. As for your skills I did not get a close look at them so here are min which serve me well on high MP levels http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#acXgVh!efX!YcZYcZ as for your Lacuni Prowlers they look as if they could use improvement on the stats but I am not sure possibly get ones with higer dex if you lower the CC on them to 5%, and still be better than the current ones you have.
Other Improvements: Gloves : Search for rare ones that are tri-fectas and have high Dex. on them and they might server you better.
Amulet: Possibly an amulet that has average damage on it (25-50 Avg. Dmg) Could serve you better than your current one if you search for ones with maybe less Attack Speed or less of the other stats.
For any reference on good gear for any DH you can visit diabloprogress.com to search for what the top DH's use and how far the diversity of DH builds go. Here is a link to my profile for reference to the suggested gear I stated for you above: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/TheLeader-1143/hero/21412932

-- As always do what you think is best for your DH, I always enjoy helping a fellow stalker of prey. Reply to this post if you need any more info on DH as I will try my best to assist you bud.

Happy Gaming--TheLeader
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Get a better Manticore.

The best set bonus in the game is the 7%CC you get with (2) pieces of Natalya's.
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Also, although you can continue to craft, if you're unsuccessful at making yourself an upgrade to your viles, you could potentially look for one with another +100 vit (and possibly even some more dex, depending on your budget, as it gets quite expensive towards 150 vit/280 dex.)

Other than that, Slay made the other 2 suggestions I'd make as well.
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Imo you have way too much attack speed. You should lower ur ias to 65-66 and focus more on damage/eHP, as well you should use a stone of jordan for bonus vs elites, max discipline as well as bonus to skills.

Breakpoints for bombardment are 1.82, 2.01, 2.23 aps which requires 50, 65, 83 ias respectively. Hatred mangement also becomes an issue so vengence + bat I would recommend at ur aps.

As well, you should get a 200+ vit inna's vast expanse for significantly more eHP than what ur wearing atm.

You can also look at my gearing service too

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No such thing as too much IAS, let them die before they get on screen, then you wont get hit and have no need to worry about trivial things such as eHP/Life/etc.
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08/16/2013 10:31 AMPosted by Blackisis
No such thing as too much IAS, let them die before they get on screen, then you wont get hit and have no need to worry about trivial things such as eHP/Life/etc.
Lovin that speed!
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