Diablo® III

Help with my DH!

I'm having trouble trying to figure out what gear to outfit my DH with.

Can people look at my setup and give some advice.

I appreciate it!

If you want to add me you can


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There are a few suggestions I can make right off the bat for you.

Your manticore doesn't have weapon %, so you might want to check d3up and simulate putting 2 crit gems in, instead due to the fact that you are not able to utilize the average damage boost from ruby to its full extent. Also, I see that you're lacking crit damage, which is absolutely essential for reaching higher. Attack speed is much less relevant to a manticore setup, so if you can't get trifecta, focus on crit chance / crit damage.

Another big change you definitely have to make in the near future is to replace your ice climbers and chest with both nat's boots + cloak. This will give you a +7% crit bonus / +130 dex from the 3 piece bonus. For your helm, if you wish, you can get the full 4 piece for the extra disc, or you can opt for high crit dex mempo. This will give you much more eHP than andariels, at relatively the same dps.

I also noticed that you only have all res in 2 slots, which is a bit on the lower end. Try to aim for 300 - 350 all res to be comfortable.

With these changes, you should see a much improvement in your gameplay.
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Hmmm.. that's a very open-ended question cuz you did not specify any particular targets (e.g. what DPS, extra Disc. required, EHP, etc.)

DH is a complex but fun class, if you're all out for DPS then Manticore is the key and you just focus on stacking crit.chance, crit.damage,Dex, atk speed, avg. damage all over your body.

But if you're looking out for certain things:-

1. EHP -> Helm/Chest/Bracer/Belt/Boots/Pants/Gloves/Shoulders are areas where you should look into getting some Vit, All Resistance, Armor, Life% (over and above your main stat and some offensive stats of course)

2. Extra Discipline -> Chest and Quiver are best places to fill up more Discs.

3. Extra Hatred Regen -> Chest, Quiver, Weapon

4. Additional Damages to Skills -> Natalya's Chest, Dead Man Quiver
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