Diablo® III

Rubberbanding/Lag "Fix"

Recently came back to D3 after about a year away (mainly because I'm waiting for something that tickles my fancy to come out and a lack of games I'm interested in right now) and I'm glad to see that rubberbanding is still prevalent and remains a key part of the D3 design when it comes to difficulty scaling.


Jokes aside - I completely understand if this occurs when playing multiplayer... but is it really necessary to put players who are going it alone through this as well? I understand that this is an anti-piracy/DRM measure, and that Blizzard has every right to attempt to protect its intellectual property, so here's my suggestion:

- Single Player AND Multiplayer (obviously) remain always online
- Multiplayer remains as is with no changes
- Single Player is changed such that the online component is only for DRM/Chat/Error-checking (avoiding item dupes, hacking, etc.)

This way, even though SP is always online, SP players are no longer subject to rubberbanding and lovely lag spikes. DRM intact, a portion of the D3 community appeased (what percentage is unknown, but if anyone is like me and plays 99.9% of the time solo, it'll be a large portion), and a win/win situation. Take a page out of the EA/Maxis book (I honestly never thought I'd say this but since this is the ONLY thing they did right...) - Simcity doesn't have lag spikes when you place buildings because simulation is local and only synced to servers at intervals. A middle ground of some kind would be ideal...

Please for the love of whatever deities are in the Blizzard universe, give this some consideration.
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