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Yeah I have a hard time finding upgrades that aren't outrageously overpriced. Haha. I always get the crap shoot on crafted gear so I take what I can get. As for you, excellent monk maybe just a little light on the AR. I like to see people going for WKL over the boring EF. If I could get my hands on a 6/25 90+cd OS 900+ DPS one I would definitely drop the lame fear bombing mace.

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would pay money for same set of gear
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I hate to see all those amethysts in your gear. Your resists are kind of all over the place with your gloves, helm and nat's ring each having a different, non-owe resist. If you could get similar gear with the right resists you could focus vit on other gear, like your pants and/or chest.

I imagine it'll be hard to get those similar items though, because those gloves and ring are quite nice. That helm will be the easiest to swap, I believe. Get an Inna's with fire resist, they're going for a few mil these days with spirit regen.
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Good monk without OWE. Nice resist and nice damage so i think 10/10
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Checked up your gears and weapons are pretty good. But I have no idea why your pdps is quite low. I found u made many Amethyst into your inna chest and pants especially those Marquise Amethyst on your chest. The cost of those Marquise Amethyst can buy a good nat boots with high dex with vit .I think you can craft better bracers and gloves with high vit. All suggested gears with vit can increase your monk hp over 50k and save up Marquise Amethyst for Star Emerald on your inna chest and pants. Your dps must not be lower than 150k. Dont forget dex can help increasing your dodge rate. I think u lost 290 dex at least. Anyway, you can make him better (8/10)
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Very nice set. Allows you to play without the almost mandatory use of OWE. Props. 9/10
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Way to go on the 300k+ dps. That's one of the goals I am shooting for. And to drop OWE. The only complaint I have is the EF. Otherwise nicely done. 9.5/10
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@Radcon - overall nice, I would agree next step dropping OWE. Very nice crafts, you must have crafted a lot. I would say 8.5/10, but gotta give +1 because you use lashing tail kick, so 9.5/10 :)
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Seems like you're running a low-dmg utility build and to that end I would bet your monk does fairly well.


As for my monk, she's a pure MP1 beast. Never goes higher.
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you have a very nice "MP1" beast of a Monk

8.5/10 MP1 Monk
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@ Holysnikeys

Nice monk, but you should maybe think about getting more resist everything to get away from OWE. Might open up some more build options with an open passive slot. Nice gear otherwise. 8/10
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I am working towards that with crafting of the gloves, shoulders, Amy and bracers but it is a slow process but that is what I am working towards and also trying to maintain my DPS and Vit at the same time :)

and thank you for your comments

Nice monk you have there you will need to add more CC CD and VIT but you have a nice start

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Tri gloves and Tri ammy, Keep it up!!
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By the looks of your profile, there is much room for improvement. Falling a bit short on HP, Armor, CC, and AR.

I'm not even exactly sure why you continue to keep OWE at this point. You have three pieces of gear with random resistances, and only two of which are the same. I'd honestly just try to make that up in pure AR and skip OWE entirely, or ditch the Cold piece for a third Arcane; keeping OWE in the end.

It's constructive criticism to say the least, but you'll get there! ^_^ Just work on it one piece at a time.

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Complete 360 but got all the numbers down pat....nice life and APS.

Kept the amulet I see, nice.

9/10 work on getting that DPS up a bit more.

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Fear not my fellow Shenlong wielder! I'd never fully stray from my roots! So here is my Shenlong set up for you.

PS: Of course I kept the Amulet. No one would be able to pry this beauty from me. Not even from my cold dead hands! Haha. Appreciation for your generosity on that piece has no boundaries. <3

Edit: Kay, set up changed. Now for your rating;

Have you on friend list =P, so know exactly what you're up to in your current set up. Topping off your Paragons! :-]

Nevertheless, it's per usual very solid. Particularly like those epic Ice Climbers (shame no 12% Life just to make them shine that much brighter, hah. Congratulations on a second epic Hellfire craft too. >_>;

(9.5 for the sake that anyone can improve) but --> 10/10 ;-]
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@Nahsi - That is a great looking monk. I especially like the fact that you are rocking Shenlong's and no Inna's. Good DPS, great armor, attack speed and vit!

Be nice but pricey to add some more crit to those gloves and rings.
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@GinZ, only thing I can suggest is a 6%cc mempo, everything else is fantastic.

I'm a new monk myself, so looking for some advice on what to replace. I know another poster suggested more armor, but I'm not really willing to swap high end pieces like mine (I'd have to sell / rebuy) for a lil bit more armor. Paragon level should help with that.

Looking at more specific upgrades for stats. I have about $40 to spend atm. =P

If I can't find anything meaningful to buy with $40, I might just gear up a budget DH for my next Plvl 100 after the monk.
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I don't know waht $40 gets you but...
Try and get more Dex.
A sword in your offhand and a higher dex ave dam nats.
i see you don't use an EF ,i guess that is not an oversight but a choice.

great gear , great dps (for non-ef user) , owe free

great monk

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Drooling at your shoulders. 9.5/10
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