Diablo® III

back to DH 1 year later


Haven't play this game for a year and decided to come back to have some fun.

Not sure what's the changes of this game and gear for DH so any advise would be great, thanks!
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Welcome back, I'll post more later.
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I have a gearing service here you can use


Its a long read if you want some information :P

For builds it best to try them out yourself. Furthermore try to adjust your build for the team ^.^
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well u got a legacy nats set albiet not a great legacy nats but still u got a set so thats a start. but if ur looking to add up to play some higher mps u eiether need a better l4n(which will be hella expensive) or u will have to try to reagear imo.

i can tell from ur build that it looks like u stopped playing from around the time of 1.03-1.04 patch there is some new builds out now and new skills or changed skills that will be better suited for u.

u will want to take a look at basically reaging completly for the most part.

shoulders,bracers,gloves and amulets can be crafted now and can bis items for ur toon.

if i were u id start by looking at buying innas pants and innas chest, and a new nats ring and nats boots. that will give u a huge boost in dps, get a witching hour for ur belt. u then can try to farm some and gather up some demoic essences so u can try craftimng some of the account bound gear. if u have the money or gold to regear from the get go u could upgrade ur crossbow to a nice mantciore(1200+dps dex and 2 sockets) and a nice dml. i wouldnt spend to much money on the itmes i listed above that u can craft cuz u can really get some awesome end game items if u get lucky crafting.
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Evolution touched off some important points. I'd like to emphasize the effectiveness of the BOA crafted gear. Start farming up some DEs.
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Is legacy Nat set still useful?
Should I sell Nat Mark(has socket) and soul(100dex)? Maybe I can raise good amount of gold to get other gear?
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Legacy nat set imo is something always awesome to keep. I think your legacy set is worth 600-700m? May need someone to comfirm that
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Welcome back yo...

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Like Evolution/Redcell said, start farming Demonic Essence. Then, you should try to craft Bracer and gloves first. For shoulder, you can buy some cheap Vile Ward or craft some too.

First, you should try some skill: Bola, Rapid Fire, Spike trap (Echoing blast or Scatter), Entangling/Shock collar if you want to play with a WF(highest proc coef), Sentry, Pet/Boar.... and try to find what kind of game play you like before you buy any gear.

If you like Rapid fire (High damage!), you will need to look at Brakepoint (Attack speed). Manticore is a good weapon for that skill. Nyan can help you.

If you want to try a WF and see if you like it, I can give 1 to you. (bad one but....just to try it)

If you like fast Attack speed, you should try a Calamity or DW. For DW, Redcell can give you good input for your build/gear. If you want to try a calamity, ask KirusAlufras if he can give one to you. He has a thread: 1000+ dps Calamity Give Away

If you like to tank, stay melee, and swim in the plague, I can help you (Xenophis too) with your build/gear.

If you like to stay range with low eHP/ high DPS and avoid all damage, ask DIEoxydE for some input.

....but first, try skill and see what kind of build you like.

sorry for my english....

good luck!
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I'm in the same boat as the OP.


I really started D3 because I wanted to play the Demon Hunter, but just became disenfranchised and stopped playing. The trailer piqued my interest as it did with a bunch of friends and it seems several changes have improved the game play for both barbs and demon hunters, both of which I have at 60 at least into Act 2 Inferno. As you can see by the gear, I wasn't able to farm beyond that.

A friend carried me through the bosses on inferno last night, but I died...a lot. Afterwards, I bought the weapon for 200k and the bracers for 100k which was all I had left on the acct.

I finally saw how to change the monster power and upped it to mp3. Yeah...not ready for that.

I admit to REALLY liking that Rapid Fire is viable now with Fire Support and would love some direction.

Have tried some Strafe builds and...I just don't like it. Seems gimmicky. Thus, I'm kinda lost. Dunno if I should stick with the Xbow or if RF as a main attack is better with a Windforce with all of that knockback until I can afford a decent Manticore.

Any assistance is greatly and profoundly appreciated.
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dang... that is an old DML.

dunno what you have for gold.... but you can get outfitted pretty cheap where you can get to using a strafe build for paragon leveling (good for mp1/2).

how much gold do you have to gear up?
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Thanks for responding, BubbaGump.

Atm, I have all of 100k. yeah... not M or B, but k.. as in thousand. I really just came back and had the worst luck with drops when I played before. I mean I sold some things, but...yeah, pretty much everything I'd make would go back into the AH for nominal upgrades.

That DML is very old. Sorta like me...hah.

Lastly, is a strafe build the only way? I tried it and...well...it works to spin around like a crazy person, but it doesn't feel very good from a class perspective.

This may sound strange, but I don't feel like I'm "shooting" anything with a Strafe build.

I'll do it if it's the only way and I get that we sometimes just have to tank some mobs and Strafe builds allow this to a much greater degree than kiting builds that rely on Caltrops + Vault and tons of kiting.

I just have to admit that after a long time away that watching Rapid Fire reminded me why I wanted to play this class.

If I need to gear up using a strafe build, then so be it. I'll defer to the experts.

If there's a MP1/2 build that's better, I'm completely open to it. I mean, we all know that some builds for lower MPs don't work at higher MPs and conversely, effective builds at higher MPs may not be the most effective at lower MPs due to lack of mob density or mob health.

At this point, I'm pretty much selling everything that drops so I can snipe the odd 1d11h upgrade on the ah that's clearly way below typical selling range.
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Add me, might have some stuff lying around that might be useful. Shingo#6442
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Well, I downshifted to MP1 and went with what seems to be a pretty rudimentary strafe build.

I'm gonna try different key layouts because I died enough that I barely made any money.

Also, I've been salvaging all the blue/yellow trash. Is that the better way to go? I don't exactly have money to craft much so I'm wondering if I'll make money selling the mats for now or if I should just sell the blues/yellows for now.

Then again, is it typical for every elite to be either a waller, vortex or both? I mean for over an hour, I got to my 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor, but every elite mob or pack had one or both of those and usually also had reflect dmg. Wasn't sure if that was bad luck or of with 3-4 affixes that I just have to expect that.

Sorry, didn't mean to go on.

Actually starting to have fun at this again and trying to figure a few things out. Appreciating all the help.
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