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Any other 1 toon level 100 Paragon players feel screwed

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No need to re-roll, and Moldran ain't screwed, he's actually leveling multiple barbs to get the added bonus.

If you have two level 100 paragons, I honestly don't think your account will have 200 paragon in RoS, being that it goes by experience and all...it'll probably equal to 170-180 paragon since it'll become more difficult to level after 100.
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Assuming Lylirra's post is true ( https://twitter.com/Lylirra/status/370255213695074304 ) that means people like myself ( and Moldran ) get screwed for not blindly leveling characters to 60 ( plus paragon ). To be honest i have no interest in leveling other characters I'm not interested. I think we should just start at whatever paragon level is our highest, rather than combined across characters.

That or we can base it off how many monsters and elites we've killed on our account rather than actual experience ( at least at first ).

IDK. I really don't wanna re-roll new chars.

I fail to see a problem. You shouldn't be entitled to levels you did not want to work for.

Base it off of kills? Oh I can see an easy and fast way to increase that statistic. High speed killing on a lower difficulty, like normal or nightmare. I have noticed that when power leveling other players. Yikes. Can't say that will be a fair way to judge it either.

Probably the only way I can see this being "fairly" done, would be to base it off of total experience in the Paragon system. Sucky part is, those above 100 apparently didn't earn any additional XP. In those cases, (which may not be a lot) they could be looked at in each case to see if there is a fair way to add to that number on a per account basis. Look at time spent, number of kills, and if you look at x number of accounts that this has occurred with, you could use an AVERAGE, and give them exp based on what players on the average might have earned while playing a P100 character in game. Based on time and kills. I would be the server tracks way more data than we can see, so they may already have ways to make this happen.

Still going to be QQs, no matter what is decided. Using a sum of all current P EXP though is a lame idea. Even if I had 10 P100s, I would still say its lame.
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08/26/2013 11:43 AMPosted by Kelemvor
i have 140k + elite kills!!!! with one barb! #1 barb universe!!!! BARBS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROOOOOOOOARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Lol :)
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