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Any other 1 toon level 100 Paragon players feel screwed

I could care less if players have 1 or 10 para 100 characters. I will still have fun playing the game, as I have done up to this time. I say good for those players who put the time in on getting their characters up to para 100 no matter how many they have.
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I would like to know how dead HC characters are going to reflect on the Paragon 2.0 system.
I only have 1 dead P100, but multiple P70-80 and that's a lot of experience, not to mention there are people with multiple dead P100. Seems this topic isn't touched anywhere.
Can you share any information on the topic Grimiku?

Something that definitely needs to be figured out asap for hardcore (otherwise who would dare to risk a p100 for nothing?)

Curious about this too. I don't really care if the dead characters count or not, but it would be nice to have some clarification on the subject.
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Well if you have missed the information, Blizzard revealed that if your character dies after Paragon 2.0 hits in, you won't be loosing your earned Paragon points in HC. It would make sense if dead and archived heroes get the XP counted when system kicks in. I would still play the game, but it's a piece of information that will reflect on large portion of players in HC until Paragon 2.0.
That's very important question to many, since many players might decide to just put their P100 chars on the shelf until P2.0 hits.
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This is actually a great concern to be brought up as I was just about in the same boat. I've played my Barbarian since day one (Plvl 91). I've leveled my other characters to 60 but haven't done any serious Paragon leveling on them. I'm glad I found out about this change before I hit Paragon 100.

It's not a huge problem for me though, I plan on doing some leveling before now and the expansion. I'll at least feel like it's worth while now rather than feeling bad about missing out on the drops from having low Magic Find.
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+1 to OP. I made a thread about this the other day. There is currently no incentive to play other characters, and now all of a sudden they will be giving a bonus for it? Give us credit for xp gained after p100, or use total monster kills, etc.
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I really don't understand the people asking to have their "DEAD" HC characters XP count in the EXP.

Huh?....... Knock on wood! You're in a coffin! It's HC! You ain't gettin' nuttin'!
Play dead or something! Hee hee!

Its impossible without that.

Paragon is account wide in P2.0.

It would require paragon levels to go up and down, but how can it go down if a single char doesnt have paragon levels?

If they didnt take dead chars, then the behavior now and the behavior in the expansion would be different... it would be penalizing those that played before.
Dead char = irrelevant for paragon levels.
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I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say here, since deaths in HC won't matter in Paragon 2.0, since when your char dies you don't loose Paragon points, it would make sense that your combined experience from your current progression (alive and dead characters) is used in the calculation.

For myself, I'm trying to figure out if it is worth farming on my P100 Barb or just put in the closet, if XP from dead chars is counted, then many people will continue to play their high paragon characters.
It's that simple, dead xp counts --> keep playing, dead xp doesn't count --> shelf and level another class.

I'm sure people that have reached P100 and have farmed on that char for a long time would also want to know if somehow their progression after P100 will be taken into calculation.
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08/26/2013 12:54 PMPosted by silentkiller
if somehow their progression after P100 will be taken into calculation.

Their progression after P100 is already taken into account. Max drop rate :)
Going on a new char has a downside and a reward in this context.

Else there would be 0 incentive to level a new toon.

It would just be to stick and farm the best gear with the max paragon, and earn double reward.
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Will the expansion hurt people with only 1 dedicated character? That's what I want to know.

I'm halfway to paragon 96 and I'll make sure I'm 100 before EXP.
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08/26/2013 01:20 PMPosted by LifePincher
Will the expansion hurt people with only 1 dedicated character? That's what I want to know.

It won't hurt nobody, but if you continue farming after 100 with the same char it might happen that you are hurting yourself.

If they use the combined XP of the whole account then it makes sense to make XP.

When you get to P100 you cannot make any more XP.
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08/21/2013 05:16 PMPosted by DoomDash
that means people like myself ( and Moldran ) get screwed


that means people like myself ( and Moldran ) don't get twice the rewards

You already got rewarded with a ton of legendaries by grinding with max MF.

If anything people who didn't (who leveled toons) get rewarded now.

If you get your xp, I will demand the drops I didn't get because I leveled other chars.
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I guess all that spin2win finally backfired.

Whelp, you can't win it all, can ya, barbs?
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Thing about them Barbies......... they get all the shrimp they can eat!
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you do know that paragon 2.0 is a patch and not part of the new expansion right also why worry about something that's not concrete just yet in the interviews I saw they are still working on the details about the new paragon system buy the new expansion or not paragon 2.0 and loot 2.0 are pre expansion patch why not relax and play your game and wait for the patch and xpac to find out what happens for sure, its a ways off folks a lot can change/
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08/26/2013 12:39 PMPosted by Pills
+1 to OP. I made a thread about this the other day. There is currently no incentive to play other characters, and now all of a sudden they will be giving a bonus for it? Give us credit for xp gained after p100, or use total monster kills, etc.

No incentive to play other characters? People these days I swear... You play a class that you want to have fun with, it's simple as that. Blizzard doesn't have to reward every little thing you do. The reward of leveling other toons is that it's different, something to do, and you are getting them paragon levels, which boost mf/gf and stats. That's the incentive....
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I got my second paragon 100 a couple days ago, think I'm done playing until xpac comes out. No point really in playing anymore until I get new content since I'm pretty bored with the game now, so I need a break anyway.
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I have played 1 character all the time. Well, one on SC and one on HC when SC was P 100. And that was the design that Blizzard created for us. All agree that you won't have perfect items but it is well known that you can get close to it only by playing one character.

How about us that were playing 1 character? Tons of hours in that one character? Add that up.

How about my multiple hours doing achievements, i have 100% already. Add that to my experience.

How about tons of leveled up friends? Add that up.

I don't want to have multiple character and be just an average "jack of all trades".

So, I feel screwed also :)

Suggetions for Blizzard:

1. Paragon level 0 for all. A reset.
2. Max exp carried have a hard cap. Let's say exp of 2 P 100 characters. This way people with multiple Paragons will still be ahad, people who have 1.5 will be able to catch up before expansion, and the one with 1 or no Paragon 100 who have no desire to play any more until expansion won't be so far away from others.
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+1 to OP

And I think, that blizz should make whole new paragon system as a patch far before expansion release, so we can lvling paragon lvls and have at least some motivation to play, since farming better gear is imo kinda useless after RoS was announced.
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That's actually sick idea. Release Paragon 2.0 right now with the system: Paragon 100 i the cap, if you have it, you get it in the patch and let us level up, not reroll 9 more characters mindlessly.
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I don't see any solution that would keep everyone happy, perhaps reward people with bonus experience based on time played.
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