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The Future of PC's and Gaming

Who knew Microsoft would pull out of the PC arena so unexpectedly with win8? Even as a student working on an IT degree there was very little heard about it among those I spoke with and learned from prior to it happening. Most of my instructors were outraged and just as intensely annoyed with the movement as I was. When I installed free student beta win8 year or w/e ago the only thing ran through my mind was how bleeding terrible it was. Just plain jarring. Wife was appaled and asked me to remove it from the laptop within a day. She hated it. I was disgusted with it because it just plain isn't an upgrade if you are using a pc. I thought it was too early for that because I couldn't use it efficiently. I am old though now and have had a lot of time to build up that attitude about this objective which has been something I have long waited for. Today I completely understand and back the move. We were going to have to suffer through an in-between model eventually one way or another. haha Microsoft is trying to get ahead of a revolution. They are pushing hard in that direction because their company could possibly be lost in the mire as an alternative. All three pushing together makes it unavoidable. If you are expecting win9 to move back in the other direction forget it. At schools we talked about it happening before it happened but as with most things in progress in laughs and jars and verbal warning about impending handheld rises. Nobody actually expected to see it quite this soon.

Well folks it really is here. Microsoft is effectively killing a huge portion of PC sales by pushing their fan-base in the console/all-in-one direction. (At least I believe that is the eventuality. As well as having possibly handed over what is left to apple. ) This may not seem like big news to you younger folks but here is the thing. You are cold to news. ALL news. Just a simple fact of your generation. Complacency abounds. It's actually not a bad thing It is a cultural trend provoked by a spur which is currently fealt to be needed and will likely continue until it's purpose has been fulfilled. What matters is that this change is a lot more important than many of you care to let your minds settle into imo. But it's just one opinion.


A box is sitting on your TV stand which has a slot for your IPhone. You dock it and it syncs with your TV/DVD/Home Apps/console-games/satellite provider and any number of other applications given the open development parameters inherent in in the coming market. You run your imbedded chip across the side of the box and snatch up your PS5 controller saying "Open Diablo 3." Soon your TV flicks on Internet Feeds it presubscribed news feeds which are displayed in small boxes in the corners of the TV for you to view while playing (widgets if you will.) Few hours later you decide you need to purchase something in game and so you do that on the RMAH which automatically bills aforementioned chip. Your wife gets home form work somewhat later than you but when she arrives you are very involved in Diablo by then. As she is fumbling with the door another box appears on your TV informing you the houses door has been opened. (You have kids and set it to warn you on any screen in your vicinity.)

THIS is Microsofts vision people. This is what they WANT. Is it good, is it bad? who cares it's gonna be a blast for most of us. If you are religious might have some worries yes, but short of that this is awesome in every way imaginable. But let's just forget about my excitement for a moment and discuss more pressing implifications to this end.

First: Forget PC/Consoles thinking. That's over guys. Gaming is being pushed into the mainstream of entertainment in a BIG way. While 63% of Americans spend over 4 hours a day on social network sites a rising number are also sitting down to a healthy portion of Diablo 3 or w/e their choice console game is. There is a lot of money to be made but not in the traditional senses. In the future of America it is unlikely anyone will have 60 dollars to put down every week for a new game. Microsoft knows this and as such is also impelled to push toward a much lower manufacturing cost all-in-one unit. This unit allows the hurting consumer to try out indie games and other software before sinking their little money into any one area. As well as leaving unit producers making far more money than any simple PC sales. (I am talking about subscriptions that cover a wide range of items not just one. A one in all sub, if you will. Which Microsoft would get a cut of. And possibly other big threes. Or future entities.)

Second: It is going to get personal. Look with the market emerging here one thing is solid. If you enjoy a companies development you need to support that company. The market will be heavy on the satisfaction drive and for that reason Dev's will be asked to work twice as hard to make us happy. Why? Because anyone can make an app given enough time. and anyone has a lot more vision than "anyone" at any large corporation. Our favorite corp's will not be auto-dead but their methods will be forced to evolve and as such only the ones we as customers support will survive. (Blizzard is my first choice for obvious reasons I have invested large amounts of time/money into their network. Not nearly as much into steam. Furthermore nobody does it like blizz and idc how !@#-kissing u want to see that. The polish is uniquely refined especially in the area of movement. To hell if I know why I do not code much. I have never seen a moonwalking blizzard toon. Edit: That wasn't being made to moonwalk intentional through pseudo exploit.)

Third: Only a select few if any companies will get away with large expenditures on development. (Unless govt. sponsored. don't ask I'm not getting into it. If u get it u know what I am implying it is more time than I have to explain my meaning. ) What this means is that u jackals will have to accept that games will just plain largely lack that currently expected polish. I know that won't go over well for some of you and that is fine. There will be "big hits" for you. The rest of us though will save our money for gas or w/e because it's going to be downright expensive to do otherwise. <Speculation. For those of you who DO spend a lot on the market at that time let me just thank you now for supporting my favorite pastime. It is through your efforts that I will be allowed to continue playing at an affordable cost. So you deserve my thanks.

Fourth: Development is changing. And will continue to change. I truly believe that some of the companies you may want to see succeed and some who do not yet exist may very well need assistance form their communities in big ways to continue. This has been the theme of nearly every post I have made here in a week. The reason? I am hoping Blizzard will get ahead of the crowd the way Microsoft did and start to find ways to sift through this "help" effectively. Every one of these large companies will be facing staffing issues for a time, if I am correct. But if they can think forward (Which I am certain they can,) they can avoid the pitfalls many of these corp's will fail to 4bit jump slide across. Integration of the community may be essential in the future. some companies may survive without it others may not. I am no expert and will not speculate further.

This is pure speculation on my part and I offer you absolutely no proof whatsoever. Even if I wasn't too lazy to prove it would take me lifetimes with that many sources from all through experiences.

Why am I pounding the $%^- out of this topic? 2 reasons. Excitement. Fear. Excitement at the coming changes. Fear for the things I love. Franchises and such, but not a reference to Diablo. I shouldn't need to explain further if you have read the above. Thanks for your attention and sorry for any grammar problems or fallacies in logic. I understand some people may look at this and just think I am crazy but I am an American and as such am entitled to my overinflated opinions. It's my right. I do believe I will constrict any further posting to this and the gaming forums though. I have a feeling I am wasting my breath largely but as I said. Excited! I do want to know how others feel it will progress. I have been wrong plenty of times.

TLDR What are your views on where gaming and PC's are going?
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TLDR What are your views on where gaming and PC's are going?

Good read bro.

I believe Personal Devices (PDs, compared to Personal Computers - PC) will drive game development in the coming years.

How it will come about?

Pre - information:

    This year Smartphone sales overtook regular phone sales all over the world.
    Smartphones and Tablets are getting higher and higher configuration hardware every 3-6 months and thus increasing processing power.
    Sales of PCs (including laptops just in case someone asks) are becoming lower and lower in the last few years.
    Software to handle these PDs are getting better and better - more importantly the OSs (Android, iOS, etc.)
    And so on...

So I can identify with what MS is doing - they are probably realizing that they could sell a single device to manage home entertainment (TV, PC, Smartphone, etc.) and communication. I believe PDs will become the go to item for communication, entertainment, business, etc. It will not completely destroy the PC market (a lot of businesses and people will still require PCs for raw data crunching and other uses) but it will open up a different world of endless possibilities.

Also, Gaming as a Service (GaaS?) might pick up a lot in the future. In the software world I am already seeing a lot of business moving towards SaaS to keep their running costs low. Same way, we might see more games on subscription rather than buyout.

P.S:- I believe that keeping monthly costs as low as $5 or even less would be ideal for subscription models. This way a really huge number of gamers can be roped in.

Peace out!
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