Diablo® III

What ever happened to this? Arena PVP


Why was this ever done away with?

Having something like this in a game like D3 would add so much to the game. It would give it some actual purpose for many of us.

I saw this at E3 that year and got really excited and have been constantly disappointed by it not being in game. I almost feel as though I was misled going into the game. False advertisement?

Currently there is no competitive nature in D3. It's just farm, farm, and guess what, farm some more. But why are we farming? What is the point?

Brackets to ensure OP characters aren't getting stuck against under geared characters.

Ranked/Unranked matches.

And last but not least. Ladder races. I don't think much else needs to be said here.
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Spot on. This is why i quit playing D3. I want to play again since i really enjoy the game itself, but don't really have motivation to play after such disappointment. The Paragon system seemed to just add to the grind instead of making the game more interesting.
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I think the D3 development team is hesitant to release any advanced PvP system for the game. Josh Mosqueira hinted at this during a Gamescom 2013 where he said PvP is "something we're still experimenting with."

Here's a larger block of text that explains things further:

"I can see it from a player's perspective," said Mosqueira. "'Yeah, Diablo is awesome. You click on things and things die. Imagining two players going at it would be awesome!'"

"I think the challenge, and what we're trying to find, is that Diablo III feels great moment-to-moment because it's a game that's really built around one player versus a horde of monsters. So there's a lot of [area of effect], a lot of control abilities, and the combat really works. But when it's put into player-versus-player, it really stresses those systems. We're experimenting. We're trying to figure out the right combination of things so that, at one point, we'll be able to say, 'Here we are!' That's going to be a really happy day for the community, and for the team as well."

The error is the lack of community involvement in the development process. The development team is only allowing the community so much as far as development goes. I think we're starting to see a shift though. They have been VERY receptive of loot 2.0. (http://www.diablofans.com/topic/99370-loot-20-discovering-its-true-potential/ if you haven't seen, read, or heard anything about it.)

It seems like the dev team is trying to perfect the PvP system before they release it. I think this is their downfall. If they release ANY sort of system, whether they think it is perfect or not, they will receive a lot of feedback from the community. It makes much more sense to test an idea through the community, where they will get a lot more feedback than if they keep their ideas confined to the dev team. Development through the community will also eliminate any personal preference in the office.

That being said, they will also have to find constructive information in the community. This is the difficult part. It is very easy for the forums to get flooded with "lol Blizz noobs new patch sucks this is dumb" with no effort to give constructive feedback what-so-ever. The other thing to consider is that a small portion of the Diablo 3 community uses the forums. And the majority of the time, it is the unhappy players that will voice their opinions. For the most part, the players that are happy with the game will stay content and continue playing, usually with no involvement with forums at all. The development team have a lot on their hands right now, but they are finally recognizing the errors that they have made and hopefully are putting the effort into developing a great game, rather than releasing something with only their greedy intentions in mind. Release something with the players in mind, and the good fortune will follow.

Gamescom 2013 interview with Josh Mosqueira: (http://www.gamespot.com/gamescom/blizzard-talks-auction-house-and-pvp-for-diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-6413437/)

The D3 dev team should just release a PvP system and perfect it based on community feedback rather than trying to perfect it before they release it.
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They just don't have enough talent at Blizzard to pull it off. They like to soak the money in, but don't really have anyone that's capable of producing a working PvP system. Otherwise, what's the problem?
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Tony, I think you have a very good understanding of the situation. Blizzard needs to hear from their community more. We need to do our part in this and speak out. I agree that any PvP system would be better for them than nothing. But what we need to do is show them that there is a positive community of players ready to get together to play test it and give our feedback. Because like you said, what good would it do them to put it out and then receive message after message of people flaming them for how bad it is. So let's all continue to speak out and let them know this is what we want.

The more I hear about the expansion and all the changes that are coming, the more my hope is restored in Diablo III. So I'd just like to say thank you to the dev team, and keep up the good work! And to the Diablo community, let's be the community that will help the game along by constantly voicing our thoughts.
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Kind of surprised to still find this thread towards the top.

What do we know? They had a working arena system. We've seen it. They used it to showcase the game before it launched. I don't care about the excuses. I feel like I was lied to. This is not the game I paid for.

We've heard nothing really from Blizzard in regards to the arena.

The Expansion sounds/looks promising but is it going to be another bait and switch attempt? I'm still on the fence if I want to give them another chance at redemption.

We are the customers and Blizzard needs to prove to us why we should continue supporting them. Without the customers/players they are nothing. That is the bottom line.

Edit: If they do add an arena to D3 they better not try to include it within the expansion either. We where shown it before the game originally launched. People expected it and Blizzard failed to deliver.
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I loved playing d2, D3 is a pansy !@# comparison to.......
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I have not logged in for over a year. But i just heard the AH is getting terminated by next year aswell so I might just concider it.

I still hate the fact that Jay Wilsons awful legacy lives on in the form of "we're to cool for arena pvp". That trailer was half the reason I even bothered getting this game only to realise I had been ripped off.

I can only hope we get something for RoS, but I will not buy the Xpack untill I see pvp on the list.
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I have not logged in for over a year. But i just heard the AH is getting terminated by next year aswell so I might just concider it.

I still hate the fact that Jay Wilsons awful legacy lives on in the form of "we're to cool for arena pvp". That trailer was half the reason I even bothered getting this game only to realise I had been ripped off.

I can only hope we get something for RoS, but I will not buy the Xpack untill I see pvp on the list.

a lot of people who still feel ripped off about PvP feel the same about the Xpack. lets hope Blizz makes the right moves.
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Just my 2c, but I agree with the OP.

I purchased this game because they promised PvP. Until they add actual arena content I have no interest in playing. The only reason this account has been used at all since hitting the level cap was to help a friend post more auctions.

While I still look forward to Blizzard All Stars and am enjoying Hearthstone; I'm highly disappointed with the D3 dev team. Game engine is good, but held back immensely by the bad decisions in other areas.

Looking at the skill trees it seems like a no brainer that PvP arena should be exclude PvE gear while maintaining some level of flexibility (talents, glyph). Then they could shift the focus to teamwork and objective based scenarios. Tuning the combat for that environment, even if it means tweaking certain skills specifically for PvP, would be a huge part of it.
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the new loot system and no more AH has got me interested in D3 RoS again since i actually really liked the gameplay(only played a launch)
But if we don't get pvp i sure as hell ain't wasting money on RoS
I really hope we do coz im getting bored of PoE
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I'd never stop playing if D3 had a solid PvP system.
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