Diablo® III

What the F!!

Hey guys / Blizzard

So i'v been doing "alot" of run trying to get to paragon 100 as fast as i can on mp10 solo and it's going really good 30 to go till i reach 100 woo not long now :D but seriously what's sup with all these drops lately most of legendary drops are BRIMMMZZZZ


^ what the f ae?
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that's because the game is now designed to help you craft, you need the crap legendaries to brim to make amulets

crafting is the way to go or rmah and ah

your choice

Will be better in the expansion pack coming next year

but more importantly, they need to fix these lag problems

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least you got a stormcrow............ i go on WEEKS with nothing worth ID-ing.
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Yea i know craft items all the way man but atleast give us something good not these brimss sh*tt
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lol. Already known *bug*. ;-)

Believe that's why Loot 2.0 is in the works. Hopefully Legendaries WILL be legendary.
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08/26/2013 04:00 PMPosted by DJVege
Believe that's why Loot 2.0 is in the works. Hopefully Legendaries WILL be legendary.

I will forecast that Brim values will go up, since leg drops are likely to be nerfed and legs will be more useful (less brim-worthy), thus a need for brims in crafting.

Got a year to stock up!
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If you have been playing for a while you would know that 99% of drops are all brimstone worthy.

Hopefully loot 2.0 will solve that. Hopefully they will be less greedy and not nerf the drops in loot 2.0 for AH profits.
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