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Rate the Witch Doctor above you part ???

its around 126k
Your name is just way to similar to mine lol. U even had Mr confused and I thought someone had hacked into my account.

10/13/2013 05:20 AMPosted by EvoIution
Your name is just way to similar to mine lol. U even had Mr confused and I thought someone had hacked into my account.

lol, I noticed the i instead of the l
9/10 ^^ just because your getting back and I knew your gear was nice back when you were play WD main. You're getting back there!


so mean :)

10/14/2013 03:51 AMPosted by darkvoid
Both evolution sucks.. I give you both -10 :D

even meaner ;)

10/13/2013 12:17 PMPosted by Evolution
Your name is just way to similar to mine lol. U even had Mr confused and I thought someone had hacked into my account.

lol, I noticed the i instead of the l

name thief lol but seriously no impersonating me ;)


nice looking doc 8.5/10 more ais than i like but it looks like ur make it work just fine great job.
10/14/2013 03:14 PMPosted by EvoIution
nice looking doc 8.5/10 more ais than i like but it looks like ur make it work just fine great job.

how much ais do you like on a doc? I'm thinking my ais is fine slower than usual haha
reserving to judge the one above me xP

Avila, how do you manage your mana? Do you ever have trouble at times?

Your gear looks amazing overall, and the only couple of things I saw that could use upgrades for your style is the the belt and off hand. Belt, same stats, but higher vit. Your offhand could use vit instead of strength, although finding one will probably cost you your 1st born with the same stats minus the strength roll.
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@firezombie, my hp is very high, look at my weapon, I have vit on it so I dont need vit on my mojo so i went for the armor and max mana, my mana is perfectly fine, im at 1.49 aps? doesn't seem to go down at all. Yes my belt is just a ehp belt due to change very soon to either dps or mit, whichever feels comfortable.

-I hear a lot of people ask me how I manage mana, not sure if they d3up my profile or they are just trolling me but here is my updated d3up followed by paragon 100 so you get a full feel of what my WD has...


(my current gear score rating)

-close to breaking 300k+ just need to upgrade my gloves and bracers and I will gain mit along the way.

Now on to your WD, you have a nice doc, you are a work in progress. Though I consider running devouring instead of swallow your soul, your gear has many opportunities to get better throughout the days. Just get better crafts, higher int vision, armor on your marrow, more int vit on your WH and get a higher int vit VW, no need for PUR since you have TOTD, 20 is OP already, digging your trails.

going back to devouring swarm unless your running solo with rain dance devouring is all around a better rune to run with ZB though your PUR is proc'ing GI, and GF no need to run slam or swallow. pestilence really is a good rune but no matter what your devouring is gonna aggro as well.

7/10 for now, until you get lucky crafts well be talking a B+ rating on your whole WD. Keep it up

and once again, "people" who message me how I manage mana please take a look at my d3up first before you confront me with saying "how do you manage your mana". Because your trolls are too funny! ^.^

thanks cheers and good luck!
Edited by avila#1375 on 10/15/2013 2:37 AM PDT
9.5/10 bro. i think you have a write-up in every page of this thread so... yeah, i think you only need better luck in crafting your braces (i need some of that too!), but it's still great nonetheless. 1.49 atk spd can still be upped a bit.

Damn, man! 9.5/10. Only thing I can think of is better luck with crafting bracers, and/or incorporate some -elite damage%. But even then, I'd doubt you need that.
V Nice wd, maybe just need one more PUR item? and of cos some paragon levels :)
Shdwflare: Nice WD man! Depending on your budget, without spending several hundred million gold, your helm could be upgraded, as well as the belt, but they are already really nice as is.

You can definitely use a hellfire upgrade though. If you ever need help killing ubers let me know, I can tank.


I saw your weapon and forgot to ask what the total APS was since it was 1.2 but dat weapon O.O is very nice lol

As for all my crafts, gloves, bracers, and amy, I've been crafting 1 mil worth of crafts after each run. My luck on crafting is terrible lol, eventually I hope to get all 3 slots with rolls that I actually benefit from. None of that +arcane resist BS or indestructible, etc, etc.

My total attack speed is 1.65, so I tend to need Swallow Your Souls, if I just run bears alone, I do switch to Vengeful Spirits and Slam Dance, and I can manage my mana just fine. If I can get rid of the IAS on my gloves and get a nice Avg Dmg amy, then that would be great.
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FreZombie your regular WD is naked.....

love that u never gave up on the cc build, ur doc looks great as well.


your one of the last remaining cc docs keep it up bro.
@Evolution, looking good, is spirit Vessel really a must have? With Dense mobs; Grave Injustice should provide good cool downs, unless you got it for the "enter the spirit realm". Interesting to see that Manujama combo. 9/10
Danger mah man, u got a couple of items i dont agree with.

1st priority for you is your gonna need to upgrade that chest. I got nothing against the Tals/string combo, used to run it myself as i was using tals on both my wd and wiz but its pretty important that you get a solid chest with a + armor roll.

Without a fair chunk of armor, your gonnna have a bad time ...

Since we cant stack L.S, armor is the only thing we can turn too, to mitigate that reflect damage.

I'd replace those Vit gems with Int, your gonna benenifit from the dps and extra AR it'll give.

You have more elite kills than i do on the wd so i'd dare say your pretty switched on to the mechanics but boost your armor up and you will notice a pretty kewl difference

6.5/10 dawgy

But how do you manage your mana???

Also, you recently left VoG for your current Snakes & Blurry Vision setup. I'm afraid I have to dock a few points for that.




I personally think you're carrying to much speed for your mana regen but if it works for you, to each his own. Nice dps. If you're happy with the mana burn vs damage output then I would concentrate on increasing mit/eHP as I progressed further.


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