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Rate the Witch Doctor above you part ???

Radu, you have an interesting build. My only suggestion to you would be to replace your Mempo with a Zuni helm. You can get a higher int roll on the Zuni, and CC wont cost you nearly as much. The CC dps gains would be, in my opinion, better for you than the AS increase you get from Mempo. You would lose AR, but I think you would be better served with the 4-pc Zuni set simply because of the mana regen you gain from it. With that, since the mana regen would be there, you could drop Spiritual Attunement and run Blood ritual. Couple that with a new weapon that has life steal, and your bears would keep you alive and well, while also lasting longer, doing more dmg.

In my opinion, if you can find a way to get a bit more life (7-10k), you could then stop running Jungle Fortitude and run Circle of Life. When you do that, drop either Firebomb or Plague of Toads (Even if Rain of Toads is the coolest spell in the game) and put on Sacrifice-Pride. Also, switch Pierce the Veil for Grave Injustice. Then, get rid of dogs and use Spirit Walk-Honored Guest. The synergy from all those changes combined would double to triple the amount of bears you cast. Your only issue would be elite packs, but if your play at the right mp they will die before you run out. If you still had mana issues you could use the Swallow your Soul rune for Soul Harvest.

My ratings: 8/10 for trying something unique, but 6/10 for high mp efficiency...but I could be wrong. Play how you like, of course.
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@Demo- How long have you been away? Your gear appears outdated. I would suggest lurking around the sticky thread with the different builds for the WD and then reporting back once you have made a selection. That would allow us to better steer you in the right direction.

PS-No one has to analyze my gear, as I have been rated before (and have a very good idea, through the sound advice of others, about what I have to do to improve my character--namely, save gold :P ). I am simply trying to help who I can.
To be honest I played a ton before the monster level business was added to the game and since coming back I have just been playing hardcore, mostly solo.

Not really sure what stats I want to be stacking, it seems like everyone is crazy about crit chance and damage now. Should I be concerned with life on hit or damage converted to life? Am I investing too deeply in resists?

I guess I mostly want to up my damage but don't want to lose defenses : /
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I guess I am more concerned with the spells you plan to use. Currently, I have no good advice for that build. Most of the guides have gear direction incorporated in them, so you could learn a lot just poking around the forums. As it stands now, if you want to get to mp8 of higher, your gear will require almost a complete overhaul.
ButteryNugs, your build is unique and I like that! Oh and nice weapon too! Also, I won't rate because everyone has a different build/idea of how they want to play their WD.
You need some improvemnts, pal. I mean, i think you should go for Zuni set right away (4 parts) even if u cant get top tier items. The bonus of the set will rewarding in terms of endurance and dps. As for the offhand, drop the Homunkulus and get Thing From The Deep with nice crit rate and some vitality too.


rate 6/10
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@Luiz- Not to discredit you, or cast your ideas to the side, but do you have any idea how a 0 dog build works? Some of that gear is required for the build to work properly, e.g., Homunculus and Visage of Guiya. However, I dont disagree that I need improvements. Sadly, they all cost a ton of gold and it will be a rather arduous process to gather it (since I don't want to resort to the RMAH).

@Therapeutic- Thanks! But my build isnt unique. It is, however, very badass. Shout out to the originators of 0 dogs.
Also @Luiz- your WD doesnt look like he needs any help :P
Damn, my bad, its that its so unusual to see 0 dogs build... would love to see that in action!

Pretty nice, zero dog is a fun build.

3126 Armor seems low. Some good options for you to upgrade would be +Armor & +All Resists on your Trails, and search for a marrow with really high armor. Those 2 additions alone would probably put you ~3600 which is pretty good. Alternately replace your rare ring with a litany

It's hard to evaluate without knowing what problems you are having, but based on the dogs/sacrifice I'd say mana and staying alive. Your life seems fine, so guessing improving your armor is going to help you stay alive. For mana change jaunt to honored guest and/or change harvest to swallow your soul. Try just one first and if that doesn't do it try both.

Also... you have a sickle, why not try a COB build :)

You look pretty good. Maybe blow your wad for a higher dips weapon. That's all.

Nice gears overall. Maybe can get a better offhand to up your dps more.

Pretty GG WD. Not much advice to give except push for perfect rolls I guess lol. I like your crafted gear :P

Good DPS for a 0dog. Ive never played that style or even with one in a room but you seem to have awesome DPS compared to others ive seen online.

nice wd! my advice wld be to get to p100, consider a little more AR, and depending on ur playstyle, add mana regen on mojo
sky10..... I lust for your hp. 10/10!!! > ^.^ >. Since you don't really need any critiqueing though one thing I would consider is just to craft better bracers, and "maybe" new gloves
nice dps doc. my only suggestion is to carry it on even more. u might as well go for 24% ms and more dps by just adding on a nice pair of innas
10/10 how you doing in mp10 hales? sleeping while farming lol
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