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Rate the Witch Doctor above you part ???


But I want to rank you.

Solid DPS. Odd choice the carving knife with the serpent offhand. You seem light on mit to me - more specifically RA (since it doesn't even list in your highlights).

Good but a little shy of greatness yet.


88+ mitigation
800+all resist

carving knife is awesome and gets such a bad wrap becuase of the whole black damage blah blah. it has high end of every stat u want and need on a weapon, and a black damage weapon to come close to mine dps wise is 2bil+. plus i only have ele damage on my boots to the black damage part really doesnt gimp me at all..
88 mit is fine

what these people don't understand is when GF and GI kick in during battle the mit will go over 90%

I've ran with you may times, you don't have a problem

even though im not a fan of mana knifes ;p
08/28/2013 03:18 PMPosted by EvoIution
carving knife is awesome and gets such a bad wrap becuase of the whole black damage blah blah

I never said the Carving Knife was bad. Just an interesting choice given the offhand. I think Manajuma's set is under-rated in general.

Your mit is a bit higher than I would have guessed at a glance. Given you stacked armor, I didn't suspect you were overly squishy anyways. I did give you a pretty solid rating afterall. ;p

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88 mit is fine

what these people don't understand is when GF and GI kick in during battle the mit will go over 90%

I've ran with you may times, you don't have a problem

even though im not a fan of mana knifes ;p

who r u again?

ha j/k everytime we run the elites just melt.. one of the better people ive ran with in terms of farm speed and efficency. :)

and @dolynick

i didnt mean to come off with an attitude or anything cuz i wasnt so i appologize if it seemed that way, i was just showing what the stats where cuz u said u think they migh be lite., but thx for the rate.
Love the knife, complete the set with a pimp chicken! As of now 9/10- with a set I'd give 10/10!
Nice Doc, but doesn't the fear spam from fury hinder kill speed?

9/10 ;)
Nice Doc, but doesn't the fear spam from fury hinder kill speed?

9/10 ;)

Wrong doc. Look at the other one
hales you have a lot of HP lol


Not that experienced with wd, but I know the basics :) 7.8/10 You are looking sweet, nice amulet! Elemental damage on a skorn is always great! You could definitely benefit from some more cc imo. Critical ticks are your main source of damage, especially with a skorn. Either way nice witch doctor! I'm getting more tips for me from looking at some of your gear :P
Would anyone gear check me? I have ~100m to spend.
@Everyone who had an input :D. How am I going to get better without good ol' criticism? And the Nat setup was from my has been dead DH, was just too lazy to even think about buying something that would fit. But I did it and now I am a lot better off. Mana regen is good and I am not draining it, rather it stays up. Thanks!
@Junds I'd focus on crafted bracers to replace the strongarm ones you're currently wearing. If you can find one item slot to add pickup radius to, you can drop the TotD for a higher damage mojo.

That's a sick amount of %life gear you have... very nice!
@Marruk, I have never given you a rate before but in my opinion you look really well put together! I can see the progress in thinking for maybe longer then you wanted to about how to replace which gear piece and such *highfive* I would only say if you wanted to add anything I feel maybe in some places you can add some all resist and in some places you can add some vitality/life. However I wouldn't want to take away from how much damage you are able to do and how good you may feel getting that life from bears. PS, you are rocking bears instead of bats instant 10/10 :P

Other then that, you look VERY good sir! :D 9/10

- To the person who may rate me next, it's an old build so it might be tricky to rate I wanted to see if I was doing a good job or not :D

Your gear set up is interesting because it seems that we have the same issue, not enough CC/CDI. The main item I would look to change is the Gidbinn. You can pick up a MCK with similar damage stats with CDI and a socket for not a huge investment. That will provide identical damage to the knife you currently have with a 60-70% increase in critical damage.

The pants are fine but I think can be upgraded with similar stats just replacing the Dex with Int for not a ton of gold.

It's a solid build with solid gear, just boost the CC/CID and I think you are good to go.

I'll give you a 6/10.
Good points - 4 piece zuni's, good vit, mana and pickup radius look good. Also you havent gone overboard with ASI.
Points to work on - Need more All resist and armor. It looks like you have less that 260 all resist on gear and your barely at 3.1k armor. At the same time you can work on upgrading gems and increase your dps without adding ASI.

Build looks good.


Sorry I skipped you but I take to long in typing these up sometimes. I get distracted easily.

I'll give you 9/10.

Nice ammy even though its a dex crafted ammy it worked out well. Kinda like the one I crafted that on my barb but its intel crafted.

The one piece of your armor that I would change as soon as possible would be your BT pants. Your not getting a 2 piece bonus from them and intel vit are low on it. You could easily get better BTs or a really good rare that will have just as much armor and even some All resist for cheap.
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ur hp is good, ur armor is a bit low, id try to add another 500 or so, and ur all resist seems rather low.. looks like its right around 500-550. ur dps istn to bad but id look to add another 40-50k where possible.

id look at finding a new zuni marrow, maybe grab one with 200+vit and a decent armor roll instead of the 4% life.

thats hellfire ring imo isnt doing anything for u, ur basically turned that ring slot into a huge hp slot and its gonna hurt u in the long run u have 8% life and 190 vit on there but its no good for dps and the only stat it rolled offencivly is ais which isnt terrible for a skorn but u would be better off with a nice trifecta ring, yes i know the bonus xp but ur clear times would be better weith a nice rare ring imo wich would even out.


all my information i gave is interms to running mp10.
08/29/2013 02:31 PMPosted by schwegs
happy with that. I geared this character with what was readily available, I have the means to improve gear so if you are saying all that's wrong is my gearing need upgrading, I agree 100% and I am on it!!

i wouldnt regear everything.

ur zuni marrow can be upgraded and u could easily craft bracers too. that will be 2 easy fixes

u could potentially get another 80 ar from ur bracers if u craft a decent pair. also ur bt pants if u could upgrade them to nice rare pants u could grab urself pants with 150 int/200vit/60ar/550+ armor(total). it will keep u at the same dps u will prob gain a little bit of armor and another 60ish ar without losing any hp.

3 items to work of ur ehp and u could work on ur rare ring for a dps boost. u could easily add 25-50k dps with a nice trifecta ring,
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