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Rate the Witch Doctor above you part ???

@Axiom, you are showing no gear atm, but I'm pretty sure you're geared pretty well seeing your elite kill count. Well done.

As for me, I upgraded to this mace today and then all of a sudden start to suck and die on almost every single pull. No idea what's going on. Set me straight!

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@Lukage you're keeping a pretty good balance so far with your gear, it seems like you know what to aim for. but just my thinking, you should look to add more AR where you can, boots and belt maybe (i think belt will likely be cheaper). you could also gain a huge ehp boost switching to rare pants with high vit, AR, and 2 os, if you can stand the 12% movespeed. if you plan on sticking with inna's though, you should look at 101+ vit as the roll, they often drop to around 3-4 mil, and socket with two topaz. your weapon could give you a huge damage upgrade if you can find comparable int/cd rolls and higher base damage (maybe look around 930+ pre-ruby). good luck with your gearings

Pretty much what I believed. Boots have seemed to be pricey. I've been keeping an eye on that and the belt. I have some nice Blackthornes pants for HP, but I've been okay on surviving for the most part and wanting a little kick to DPS. The Innas were just a cheap pickup.

As for me, I upgraded to this mace today and then all of a sudden start to suck and die on almost every single pull. No idea what's going on. Set me straight!

You aren't trolling right? No lifesteal means dead. Plus the fear on Echoing Fury will send mobs away from your CoB range...but it doesnt matter since even if they were in your range you couldn't steal life from them since you have a non lifesteal weapon. And your all resistance is low.
Nice well rounded doc. Two potential areas to increase damage would be in your glove/ring slots. You have the potential for an additional 100% critical hit damage. With the 2h set up and CoB that damage on your ticks really adds up. I'm assuming attack speed isn't an issue so even going for a ring with ias/cc/chd and AR would be a good move once you get those last two paragon levels. Nice work.

@hours, very nice gear , i like that skorn probably very expensive .

Zero dogs! Items look pretty damn good to me. If I were using your toon I'd want more overall EHP to facetank comfortably, especially using provoke the pack. Does your attack speed and lifesteal do enough to compensate?

I'd recommend getting some more AR, Vit (or life%), and armor where you can. First I'd say get some higher +AR on tal's armor. You could replace 2 topaz with amethysts for about 22k EHP (-6k dps) as an easy step. A skull grasp in place of SOJ could give you a boost to both ehp/dps, but with DPS loss to elites. Other than that you may need some expensive upgrades, like a +AR in stead of physical resist on tal's ammy.

I love the gear, but it seems to me you would benefit more from switching your offhand to something that helps with damage a bit more. If you are surviving more then a minute you tend to not need the lower cool downs on your summons. Seems that would have been a better choice before the buff to Witch Doctor pets.

ur dps is a bit low as well as ur resists seem they could be a lil higher as well. ur health and armor are in the right spots although a hair low for my taste.

imo a echo fury has absoultly no place in a wd build i would start by immeditly finding a differ and better weapon. otherwise ur on the right track.

Great advice. I am having trouble finding something other then an Echo though. Seems the common Witch Doctor weapons..even at the 100m + range tend to drop my damage by at least 10k. Any recommendations?
@madhatter - Thanks for the response, you familiar with the zero dogs build? It completely revolves around having 0 second cooldown on zombie dogs, and is only possible with that offhand. There isn't a way to squeeze out more than like 3.5k DPS from upgrading to the highest damage one :\
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Nice balanced WD - good combo of offense & defense (tho AR could be better :p).

My one critique is this: you are burning a valuable passive slot on BR - yet you seem to have almost no IAS to speak of. I would either drop it for a more useful passive, or even better start boosting your dps with some IAS to justify BR's spot on your bar.
I am not familiar. I just came back after a long break. Good to know!
Any zero doggers have suggestions for me :)

Very nice 0 dog set, need more mitigation though, armor in particular. Also, more cc would do wonders :D

Lose the hellfire and Leoric's and swap back to your (presumably) regular rings, and I'm sure you're in good shape, you've got good hp, AR, and armour, and I assume other rings (litany, unity, etc.) will raise your dps and/or ehp substantially. I kinda wish I had your Tal's as well.

Sick skorn doc man.

Can't find any fault at all really. If anything maybe bump the life up a tad, but that's just nit picking.

9/5/10 for sure.

My game experience would be so much better if I could find/afford even one piece of your gear.
@Banthom .. good to see I'm sort of on par with your items lol. So I must be doing something write .. in that case you probably are too.

I rarely have 1m gold, hope the next person can tell me how i can cheaply upgrade my items >__< or where i should start !

edit: I'm not wearing my amulet with 120+ intel, speed and crit dmg , my base is around 88k dps normally
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@ryanYOLO, your WD is obviously a Work in Progress. Depending on what build you are trying to go for I can advice on next upgrade. Find me in game and I 'm happy to assist.
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