What the hell happened here? I leave for a few months and now all these elitists !@#$s who think they're so righteous because they didn't use the AH are seriously demanding their own game mode?

What if we gave you a section on the forum? That way you can set up circle jerks with your other self help buddies and brag about much less powerful you are than everyone else without wasting resources on adding/fixing %^-* that this game ACTUALLY NEEDS.

I may get banned for this, but it will be worth it.

Fu*k you, SIR. Fu*k you for being selfish son of a !@#$% who cares only about himself. Majority of people want SF and Blizzard should consider this option. I don't see how it hurts you in any way, you ^-*!@#$.

Really? You want them to add an entirely new game mode so you can show off all the !@#$ you found instead of bought, but I'm the one who's selfish? Awesome logic...

PS, I'm not as nice as that other guy, see you in a few days.