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Building a DH after being a life long Monk

Heya Demon Hunters!!!

I"m trying to build a Demon Hunter for the sole purpose of Strafing for PL'ing people! Gotta Make some Coin and so after reading the guides that were stickied , I changed my DH build to match the most common Strafe build that I can see, my question is other then Nat's Embrace is their anything that adds damage to Strafe Attacks?

Or what other recommendations would you folks advise?

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A few items have bonuses to strafe. These include

Skull grasp 2-6% increased chance t crit
Stone of Jordan 2-7% increased chance to crit
Mara's Kaleidoscope 2-7% increased chance to crit
As well as your DH Cloaks such as Nat Embrace, Inquisitor etc... Also at 2-7% increased chance to crit
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@Ach add me champ, not the best DH out there but might have some tips for ya, would also want to learn the monk ways...gearing and builds... Kinda like a student exchange program between 2 classes. Shingo#6442
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First of all, decide what type of gameplay do you want to experience as a demon hunter:

A.) Fast-paced constant move and shoot?

B.) Stand Still Hard Hitter?

If your choice is A, build A DH that's geared towards either Dual Hand Crossbows, 1 Hand Cross Bow + Quiver or Bow + Quiver

Skill Choices will be: Hungering Arrow, Bola Shot, Entangling Shot, Vault, Shadow Power, Chakram, Rapid Fire (all runes except bombardment), Multishot, Spike Traps, Caltrops (if you have some trouble kiting), Sentry, Rain of Vengeance.

Passives: Steady Aim, Archery, Cull the Weak (if you use caltrops or have cold SOJ), Nightstalker

If your choice is B, build A DH that's geared towards 2 Hand Crossbow + Quiver, 1 Hand Crossbow + Quiver/Shield (with high eHP).

Skill Choices will be:
a.) 1 Hand Crossbow + Quiver/Shield
Grenades, Bola Shot, Spike Traps, Sentry, Cluster Arrows, Shadow Power(Gloom or Night Bane), Smoke Screen, Rain of Vengeance (Beastly Bombs or Anathema), Summon Companion (Bat for Hatred Regen, Boar for more eHP), Chakram, Impale (for stunlock builds with thunder bolas)

Passives: Archery, Cull the Weak (if you use caltrops or have cold SOJ), Nightstalker, Grenadier, Perfectionist

b.) 2 Hand Crossbow + Quiver
Skill Choices will be:
Rapid Fire(Preferably Bombardment), Smokescreen, Shadow Power, Summon Companion, Spike Traps, Elemental Arrow, Strafe, Multishot, Caltrops.

Passives: Nightstalker, Vengeance, Perfectionist, Archery (not really worth it IMO for 2hand crossbows), Thrill of the Hunt, Tactical advantage.

P.S.: I almost forgot Preparation(skill), it's applicable for any build, but as soon as you get a hang out of disc management, you'll forget Preparation even exists.

I also took the liberty of snooping your profile, and it seems the most cost effective build for you is B, with 2 hand crossbow + quiver.

Your DH can use your monk's inna chest for more eHP, as for the added crit chance, you can purchase a 4CC natalya's reflection on the AH.
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Hello Acheron,

I highly recommend trying out a cold SoJ with Strafe bonus. Why? The Demolition Rune will proc cold, Therefore allowing you to slot Cull The Weak (15% more damage with Strafe 100% of the time) instead of Archery (CtW > Archery for 2h crossbow IMO). This build will give you more disc for punishment and a nice damage increase against elites thus reducing Your kill times.

Additionally, I recommend getting more disc to fuel your Strafe build (e.g., disc on cloak, DML, or 4 pc Nats).
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