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PC-version and Controller-support; any possibility?



Tried it with my xbox 360 wireless controller for pc and its surprisingly doable for me. I ended up uninstalling pinnacle though, but don't get me wrong I like it, nahh just too lazy get used to it.

Would definitely want to have a native support comes RoS but until then, all the clickins on my Razers'.
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08/26/2013 07:34 PMPosted by Warpath
A good idea that many people want, of course they wouldn't do it.

The people who want this are a small minority. Auto aim and console style control betrays a Diablo game. Much about the console, including the control, is essentially a dumbed down version of the real game.
The console keeps getting all the good stuff .. we want these things in the PC version too! I miss running back to my corpse
I seem to remember Blizzard saying that the console version had to be more forgiving since the controller isn't as accurate as using a mouse. They game will actually be different, so it makes sense that they controllers won't be supported on PC and keyboards on console.
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+1 for controller support hopefully in the future. The UI is completely different though and therefor the infrastructure it lays on.
Could care less about controller support for the PC. Offline mode however would be the greatest gift Blizzard could provide. I know they won't but just wanted to put in my two cents.
08/27/2013 09:30 AMPosted by ArmyofBono
Could care less about controller support for the PC. Offline mode however would be the greatest gift Blizzard could provide. I know they won't but just wanted to put in my two cents.

You could use pinnacle game profiler. I used that for a while. They even have a pretty decent controller setup on there. Even controller macros. I used to use them a while back on my CM Wiz. Just held down the right trigger and eat a sandwich with the other hand. Controllers are more comfortable and much easier to use.

"d i c k" tracy had a cool watch = we have sms phones now
they put a man on the moon = we added zeros for the a/h
they realized the a/h was a mistake = some super hero axed it & improved the console play
the console version sounds so HOT = but the pc gets no quarter?

I cant do the thumb play with a tiny controller or I'd be all over it

when will some super hero wake up & give us the option to play console mode?

An Option for the people = to play (as is) or to switch to console mode for pc

it wont hurt & you may find many (like those that wont play pc mode - but are very excited to play the console) will flock back to blizzard & play on the pc also
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I play Diablo 3 for PC with an Xbox 360 controller. I have a DH and play mp6-10 no problems. Tumble can be frustrating at times but everything else works fine.
It would be dumb to support controllers with the PC iteration of this game. The game was designed around point-and-click gameplay. Moving a mouse cursor around the screen with an analog toggle would be completely retarded.
I use Xpadder with an Xbox 360 controller for PC.

I don't play Diablo III any other way.

As I have a kick-butt computer, there is no way that I will ever shift playing D3 to console.

While official channels don't have controller support, there is always a quick workaround.
Yeah Act 1 MP10 is my max right now. Just made it past Adria's hut, but its too expensive to play there too often right now so I'm farming lower levels.
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08/26/2013 07:45 PMPosted by ellisD
There is a way you can setup a Ps3 and 360 controller to work with D3 and any computer game. It doesn't violate the TOU. Basically you need a program that can act as a driver for the controller, a keyboard key remapper, and lots of patience.

patience because the environmental ai, targeting, and all the mechanics design for the controller to actually work for the console isn't in the pc version.

Patience because using the analog stick as the mouse takes time to get used to.

Everything else already there.
Well damn. I re-installed this game because I thought it would support Xbox controllers now that there is a console version..

Guess I'm uninstalling it again.
I think it's fantastic that the game is going to reach a wider audience, and honestly, the console-version definitely has some unique traits that are appealing, even outside of controller-support.

Still, I'm already quite invested in the PC-version, and can't imagine changing platform. I would *LOVE*, however, to see the PC-version given the ability to operate their character -- in some capacity -- with a controller.

Now, in saying that, I'm not asking it include all the bells-and-whistles that the console-version has. For one, they're very different platforms, so it makes sense the game would be tailored to suit a different experience, and two, I recognize that those things are, in and of themselves, kind of a selling-point. However, as someone who grew up using a controller, I just really dig the thought
of melting-face with a gamepad.

Plus, let's face it; PC's are finally moving into the living-room now. When you're sitting on a sofa, keyboard-and-mouse setups are... less comfortable. Don't get me wrong; even as a controller-lover, I still believe the game should be tailored with the keyboard-and-mouse setup in mind. However, if the game *can* operate using a controller -- even without the nuances offered in the console-version -- I just think it would be awesome to have that as an option.

I realize that, even in the best-case scenario, this is a pretty low priority, but I hope that, if there's any way to make it work, you guys will consider making this option available to PC-users, as well. :)
In terms of allowing an analog controller hookup for the PC, we don’t have any plans for that kind of support right now. Similarly, since Diablo III for console was designed with a controller in mind, the console versions of Diablo III will not support USB mice or keyboards.

Sounds like something a mediocre gaming company would make. Although you guys are great at finances.
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Please do this. -.-;
And not 2 or 3 years from now once you realise how ahead Valve was ahead of the game with their cool controller.
would love to see this, only reason I stopped playing D3 was I started moving from playing at my desk to the living room because it's more relaxing.
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