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Hit 400k dps (buffed) Self-found

Good to know that it only took a couple thousand hours.
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1. Naysayers have no grounds to criticize, we have no real reason to not believe OP.
2. Using GAH (not RMAH) qualifies in my mind as self-found, as does crafting.
3. I haven't played much but HAVE found some really good items that turned into a fair bit of gold. Even GG items come from somewhere.
4. To OP, congrats for making the game enjoyable, I share your enthusiasm.
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i prefer my barb:)
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I dunno man that manticore and nats look kinda ah'd lol. I have never even found a nats with crit or even a manticore with over 1100 dps let alone the right stats. But if true that's great man I guess if everyone else played 3k+ hours? They would all find atleast 1-2 good items and they would stop complaining.

I found an 1134dps Manti with 2 sockets & dex. It's the item I sold to get this Calamity I got now. I've even found max crit high block Stormshields, IK helms with double str roll, high-vit Tal's armor, and near-perfect Triumvirates. I believe the only good items I haven't actually found yet are lifesteal Skorns, high-vit IK/Inna chests, and crit Mempos, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

And it feels good :-)

I see a lot of questions. I provided a FAQ about what self-found means for me here:

What? You actually FOUND a res Inna's chest, high-dex Inna's pants, and a trifecta Nat's ring? That's freaking unbelievable... your gear's worth is easily in the billions dude. Grats! Hope you find more cool stuff!.
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Congrats nice sc gal low life though but who needs life on sc
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Congrats OP
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2. Using GAH (not RMAH) qualifies in my mind as self-found

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self found my !@#!!!
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i played around 4k hours no RMAH account craft my gems tell me about self found
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Its funny. I hit 525k. Spent about 30$ over the past year. Lets do some math.

edit: oh yeah, I also play VERY casually, and haven't needed to spend many thousands of hours grinding for gear. Guess that makes ME the moron? haha


30$ spent =

2.5$ a month =

62.5 cents a week =

8.2 cents a day.

If you smoke a pack of cigs a day, thats ...

2160$ a year

180$ a month

45$ a week

6.4$ a day.

If you buy mcdonalds value meal twice a week, thats...

720$ a year.

Never understood why people get butt hurt over such trivial things.
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This is possible if you play smart. People usually tend to buy gear to raise mp (which is a great way to play). If want to magic find you buy high level magic-find gear and hit around 100k dps, you can speed farm mp3 and it is quite nice.
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Hmm, interesting strat Slayer. I might try it with my HC char.
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08/27/2013 08:43 AMPosted by JaqenHghar
@DickieMoe - if you changed your skills, active and passive, to what I have, you would double your dps. The thing about this skill set is, it is hard to play. When in WoTB, you have to constantly generate AND use Fury in order to maintain WoTB and Life. Once you get used to it, it's awesome! ;-)

and if you changed all your skills to mine you can double your dps to match mine.
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its a DH . 400k DH = 70k barb loollll.
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08/25/2013 10:45 PMPosted by Telliks
For what it's worth, I've known the OP for a while now, and he's always been self-found. If fact, when I was in game earlier, he linked an amulet that he had just crafted, which, apparently, put him over the top. Don't be Jelly guys.

Yeah, and Megan Fox is one of my friends with benefits....

No way! Now I'm jelly. :D
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08/27/2013 08:29 AMPosted by JaqenHghar
Ok, I went back and read the FAQs linked to in the original post. Gems and mats were bought so not entirely self-found. In that case, I'm self-found too! ;-)

frankly, while its true he has his own definition of self found. at 2mil kills, (ie: around 3000hrs) all you need is to pick up 1.7 emeralds per hour to be able to self craft 7 radiant stars.

in otherwords, to use the presence of radiant stars in gear as saying "no way it can't be self found" is just wrong.

gold pick up alone should suffice to craft, like i said earlier, if I can pick up 600k in gold+YELLOW rare sales per hour, at 3000hrs, thats 1.8b.

the only real bottleneck to self crafting radiant stars is tomes of secret.
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radiant stars aren't much, marquis for me are a pointless upgrade.
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Ya im self found too!!

503k windforce build

But I think they should enable a mode where you can not buy anything from the AH or RMAH.

P.S. they should add more slots in our stash!!
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