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Vaeflare : Will HC Chars be safe from d/c in RoS?

Nope, all your arguments are invalid. You all will be a bunch of whining carebear babies until you get it your way.

The reasons listed such as "ISP errors" well who controls your ISP, you! If its giving you errors, get a new ISP! If you cant, well then suck it up and realize you cant play a game a particular way! Server crash, ok it happens but not like there is a server crash once a week, they are few and far between, you are using this example as if its a regular occurrence. Lag spike, lets review that one:

First and foremost, you have chosen to play a part of the game that has severe consequences for dieing. You have accepted the risk and the fact that anything could happen that could lead you to your character dieing. There ARE things to consider when playing such a mode whether you want to agree or not, in D3s case there are many such as: How good is your machine? What graphics should they be set to so you dont "lag" out? How good is your ISP? If you live in a place where other people use the same internet, will it lag you out or will you not be effected? What is the weather like? Do you live in a place that has frequent power outages? If someone messages you outside of the game, will it minimize the game?

So, with all that said, the lag spike is solely on you 95% of the time the other 5% goes to those random times when it is Blizzard's fault and once again, few and far between. Lastly, the term "anything" was thrown around, I guess that could be put towards your cat jumping on your lap, keyboard or in front of your monitor, I dont know that's your cat its your responsibility.

No one needs to play HC to understand HC. Its like comparing tylenol to acetaminophen, its the same thing with subtle differences. If you played SC and you read about the differences between SC and HC, then there isn't much to say.

Hahah, yeah extreme consequences for dying by game mechanics. Lag, d/c are not those mechanics chodesky. By extension if you are forced to continually lose to an element entirely out of your control then you are not playing a game for fun anymore but a frustration that is beyond your time.

And above that we shouldn't be forced to do softcore, that doesn't even remotely appeal to me, if i wanted to do that I'd go play a game like dungeon siege 2 or any of the new FTP RPGs where the quest, art, and itemization is 10000 better, and I wouldn't have to pay 100 dollars to do that either.

God I just want to lay it on thick with obscenities from that asinine response of yours but ya know, forum rules.
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To all the players claiming that it will "ruin" the "integrity" of hardcore; just shut the hell up. For starters, this is a video game - there is no integrity gained by playing it. It is a video game. For example, you're not going to brag to hot girls at the mall about your hardcore diablo characters (and if you are it's not working because their is no real world value). Being egotistical about playing hardcore is as common as there are stupid children in a given classroom.

You are a head-case. You have these ridiculous standards that you made up in your head about what hardcore should be, and you go on threads like this and impose your standards of hardcore with this belief that it is the actual written in stone standard of hardcore (you completely forgot that they are just your own standards you made up). Then people have to argue with you and your retarded logic; they try to explain to you, but its of no use.

All these players here are trying to do is communicate to Blizzard that there should be better protocols to handle disconnection of a client from a server. It should have a fast detection and an exploit-free protocols to protect the CUSTOMER'S assets from unwanted termination. Why would that affect your game? You're so amazing and pro that you'll never die; not even to a d/c death - what do you have to worry about or lose?

Are you seriously afraid that other "unworthy" players will excel further and tarnish the reputation of being a high paragon level character that you believe exists?

If that was seriously a concern you had; maybe rethink life and your retarded values and priorities. They are very far from the real world and you need to be reeled back in.

There is no prestige or accolades commended to you for playing hardcore so can the integrity protection campaign; you just come across as a fanatic.

I support threads like this because players are communicating valuable feedback, and it is a common issue that is brought up again and again. There are enough players talking about this on a daily basis on these forums for it to be a valid concern for blizzard. Remember, it's not our job to come up with the ideas that blizzard implements. We give feedback and offer suggestions. Ultimately, it is blizzard who has to create and decide how to handle an issue. If there are flaws in the ideas we present then great - now blizzard has the responsibility of making it work. Not us.
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Big surprise, no blue post.
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Alright vaeflare you've put to rest the rumors of a necromancer debut in RoS so if you're willing and capable to answer a question such as that then surely you can respond to us.
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08/24/2013 04:53 PMPosted by Machschau
If you are fearful of disconnects or anything in relation to hardcore mode, than you shouldn't be playing it.

What dumb reasoning.

I'm not fearful as you can see by the amount of my dead chars (6 dead by blizzard, 4 by me).

I just want to enjoy the game as it is supposed to.

I want to kill my chars. Not somebody else.
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Just going to bump this once a week till there's an acknowledgement of any kind.
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the HC population is relatively small, and the only-HC population is even smaller. Hell, the developers hardly play any HC.

Probably because they are all scared of D/C death. A lot more people would roll HC if that monkey wasn't on its back. That's why I didn't for the longest time. It's a cyclical problem. They don't want to fix it because nobody plays HC and nobody wants to play HC because they won't fix it. They hamper the growth of the HC community with their own inaction.
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boop, your monthly reminder
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I think your out of luck on this one. Once ladders are available, the community will further divide off of HC. Also, you have to remember, this is the same company that couldn't raise the GAH cap, when we all know they just need to change the sign of the stored number.
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08/22/2013 06:23 PMPosted by Ghilgamesch
1. Indefinite pause until connection re-establishment would be the easiest, at the very least it will protect players who don't get booted from the game or don't CTD. That alone would mitigate many troublesome scenarios

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