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Got ~75mil to spend.

So I've got around 75mil gold to spend, and I have no idea where to start. I've been out of D3 for almost a year, and just started getting back into it for the past few weeks. What would be a good upgrade for me? I currently run MP5 no problem with my build, but I'm not sure where to go from here.
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Get a BETTER Manticore
1200 dps
+50% wd
put RS ruby/emerald
this should only cost you 30~40m if the price have not changed from what I know

Get better inna (ones like mine) and upgrade your gems.
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Okay, this will go above your budget a little. But I hope it will give some direction for future upgrades as well.

Firstly... Where is your Nat's ring!?

For biggest DPS increase, get 1200+ DPS 2OS manticore. Doesn't matter if it's int. Just get the best one you can afford.

Chest and pants and quiver are 3 slots you can find stat upgrades within your budget.
Pants come first. Get one with Vit and swap the gems inside to emeralds.

Chest is next. Get one with same dex (or better), but with Vit as well. What build are you using? +Spike traps is very expensive to have on your chest, but I don't see you using Spike Traps!

For quiver, with 15M you can get a DML not only with better stats, but with +%bonus to whatever skill you are using (except rapid fire).

Once you have all that, boots can have some minor stat increases, (+15 dex, +40 vit) and can be found under 20m.

No point having amethysts (except in helm). It is cheaper to buy gear with vit and gem emeralds, than buying gear with dex and gem amethysts.
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Thanks alot guys! I'll start spending my gold very soon on upgrades!
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just something you can look at if you want but its optimizing RF. What exactly are you aimed to do with your demon hunter?
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Try 1 Ruby + 1 Emerald in the bow. Most likely it will give you higher DPS than 2 Emeralds of equal quality.
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