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40 Plus D3 Aussie players?

I`m 39,i got 9 months left before i hit 40 :-)
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I don't feel alone anymore, when i type "have to go, kids are acting up" the responses are great, like "kids! man you must be old" and aren't you too old for computer games. I hope i am never too old, somehow I don't think this will ever happen


41 going on 19
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Hey there,

I am somewhere between 41 and 42. Have enjoyed playing Diablo for years. My son (who is 17) bought it for me when it came out and he is also a keen player. My fiancee thinks it is "cute."

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48. can't see myself not playing PC games for the rest of my life. I recon it's great and still evolving. I remember the first game I played that had anything digital to do with it, was a pinball machine. Then we scored a Hanimex pong machine for our TV at home in the early 70's. My first recollection of an actual computer game was at a university when I was about 10 and a friends dad was working there and showed us this game that was a cryptic text game. Then Tandy shops started appearing with computers in them. Then there was the space invader craze where entire arcades where dedicated to it. Sega mega drive came and went.

here i sit on a laptop that cost 2k that probably has a frame rate in Quake that would have made world headlines when that was played.

I wonder what cool things are going to happen in the computer world and the games in the years to come.
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I was gaming with the Tandy 1000 (8086 CPU, 256KB RAM, 5.25" floppy drive, no HD and monochrome monitor).

These days, my wife keep telling me when will I grow up :(
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43 next month (November) but still the oldest 12 yr old in my town :P

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+1 Carnrat and NightHawk

I also remember those days... though I didn't get a PC until the 386's (was a commodore 64 & amiga)in our house...

It is always good to see that I am not the only one with a partner who doesn't play/understand the joy of playing computer games...

@Crybbe666 - keep that one - if she thinks it is cute = winner

To necro an old thread that YD started... here is a bit of old school game talk http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9309641315
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33, Wife & 2 kids. I had to drop out of an uber carry once due to the kids
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48 in just over a week - and just for good measure - I'm a sheila. Never wanted kids but I have a hubby and that's almost the same thing ;) He doesn't play games so a bit of head shaking goes on at times =)

Cheers from another sheila. I have a hubby who sits in his armchair next to me, and plays his ps3 lol.
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08/27/2013 06:30 PMPosted by JJE
I had to drop out of an uber carry once due to the kids

I had to drop out of a uber carry to go make some kids lol
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Almost 43 here. I play with a mate across town (Melbourne). We usually team up and invite a couple of OS or local players or join public game together. We use Skype for gameplay and general chat while we are playing.

Everytime I have opened Skype up to other players it usually ends up being some cocky teenager with an attitude. Of course we get the whole " wow, so old etc.... I would like to Skype with everyone in a 4 party group without these issues. It also make co-ordinating the game/mission so much easier!

Old man rant over! :P
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Im 45 or 46, cant remember ><, hang on i will ask my wife........It turns out i am 45 again.
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Good topic, I'm almost 38 and I mostly play with my Brother who is 40 years old on a Friday night after afew drinks. Love the idea of using Skype. I've never used Skype, technology is changing so fast, and I'm too lazy to keep up. xD
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42 here.
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I had to drop out of a uber carry to go drop the kids off at the pool lol


Im 45 or 46, cant remember ><, hang on i will ask my wife........It turns out i am 45 again.


37, play almost every night thanks to a pretty good bunch of AU/NZ players that keep me interested and entertained. Expecting my first kid in just under 2 months so am getting a bit nostalgic since I'll be taking a break from the game very soon. Have had some interesting tips to date about how to continue gaming when you've got a little grommet nipping at your heels. Here are the ones I can remember:

- Use headphones and take plenty of panadol
- Alcohol (mostly for you, but don't be afraid to give it to them)
- Macros so you can play one hand and tend to the kid with the other

I'm keen on the alcohol strategy but don't want the authorities knocking down my door...
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I think that Skype would be good in game as can't play and type at same time. but don't FXCK like swearing. Not that I am a prune.

Not that I know how to add friends but I suppose I may have subconsciously started this thread to play with some player of the same age.

So I am lameduck-6261 if you put 40 plus I will know as all the friend request I get have sublines re 3 mill in half an hour. At least I don't get one here for Viag.
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I,m 65 in december and love playing this game and hope to link up with other aussies and nz's to help level up and help with their gear, i have been playing since day one and play at least 8 hours a day as i am retired and living the good life, so if you want to befriend me feel free and we will have some good runs together.
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Man, I would love to have D3 as my work day... nice one Derf

LOL - Ahh Abend, the fun is about to begin... I have just got through baby 2.0 and now on small kid 2.1 and toddler 2.20001. My tips = no skype, headphones, no loud farting (stealth bombs only), help as much as possible and not too much alcohol (or your snoring will keep everyone else awake!)
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Almost 37, play the game with a mate of mine every day, he just hit 37.
Only ever play HC despite our latency being 200 at best.

My brother isn't into pc's but has an PS3, he's turning 46 this year.
My sister loves pc games (especially D2 before they made it so you didn't keep your items when you started the new ladder, that's when we both quit), tried D3 but couldn't get into it because of the 10sec quit timer on HC (maybe she will try RoS again when it comes out though) she just hit 49.
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27 years old here....

.....and 236 months. :-)

happy 46 2/3 !!

Darn. I was hoping my math's was out by a couple of hundred months. :-)

Gee, my first electronic computer game thing was a megadrive I bought in 1991/1992. First computer was a 486DX2-66 with 8 megs of ram and 14 inch CRT and an S3 virge video card which I added a 3dfx pass thru card to. Gee did Quake look glorious compared to the pixel city of doom/everything else.

Diablo was one of my early computer games. I played a fighter to level 40 and the Hellfire expansion pack!
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