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Hate to post another one of these things...but I'm looking for some gear advice. Wanting to reach 200k dps on all toons with sufficient ehp in my hero rolodex. I've always mained a wiz and then went off and beefed up my other toons neglecting him and being my last piece. I'm wearing a blended set of some of my pieces mixed with a set that GrizZ gave away a few months ago. I dont have that much spare gold laying around, I think maybe 200 mil. What would be my best route? Or heck if you have anything in your spare stash, help a brotha out. Thanks in advance!

Ready, Set, Go....
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200k on all your toons?? hold on
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Yes that is my goal...got my wiz (162K) and monk (185K) left. Wanting to focus on wiz now...any suggestions on how to get there?
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so basically just monk and wiz left to get ot 200k.

you probably won't be able to do this with 200mill at least not on both monk and Wiz buuut... for the wizard try using innas yoga pants and a zuni boots+ring (to cover fo rthe serious mit loss from innas)

another alternate rout - black weapon with apoc trium, but then you need to find more ias gear, again 200mill this is gonna be tough.
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The two most glaring areas that jump out at me are. A double Int force and 90+CD on the Ammy. You are also missing alot of Int on the Witching hour. Your Wand also has plenty of room to grow.
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Yea I figured that would be the case...hoping some of the experts have some great advice...or up to the challenge haha. I probably could do 300 million pending any further sales on ah to increase that or unless I ran into a very generous person. Just poor at the moment :(

I'm afraid going inna pants would hurt my mit severely eveng going with zuni set...losing a LOH source with that too.
I guess going black weapon and trium could work, I'm not opposed to dropping to 2.51 breakpoint if I have to.
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The ammy and wand is what I initially thought as well...dont have any spare laying around would you ;)

I guess truth be known my budget is the biggest constraint :(
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oh yeah i totally forgot that you could seriously buff up that chant source lol thanks Paranoyed for reminding me. A serious chant source may be the more efficent way to go for a budget.
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Okay thanks guys...I'll take a look on the ah for an ammy, source, and wand to start with, hopefully that can get me close.

If anyone has one of these items for sale let me know...be willing to give gold I have and my replaced items for exchange.
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If you are on tonight I will see what I have stashed.
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Awesome man thanks! I'll be on and will send you a request...I'm on eastern time (big KY)
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Nice you are by me and Flo. I am in Southern Indiana 9 miles north of Louisville
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