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comeback WD need advice and tips


just come back after xpac announcement. ive been playing 0 dogs before, and i have to say CoB is way better in terms of game play and my liking. i am doing okay in mp10, need advice to further improve my dps/ehp.

and i have one specific question. i have 2 skorn, one with lower damage and 5.7%ls, another one with approx. 6.7k more dps but 4.4% ls. which is better in mp 10?

edited: feel free to add me for mp10 paragon farming.
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Hi Sodox,

I advice upgrade your:
- rare pant with higher INT.
- shoulder with higher INT(Good 12% Life!). Try craft it.
- You can have more gears with attack speed to increase your dps. Refer Paul NG guide.

SKorn user need more cc compare CD.

Play group will help increase exp faster compare with red gem on helm. Replace the red gem to increase life.

On Skorn, i prefer higher damage. Try check green gem is better dps or red with those simulation app. If i'm wrong, green gem better.

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i would say the higher life steal.

will help _alot_ for reflect damage packs hands down.

With CoB reflect is our worst enemy.

Checkout PaulNG's CoB guide > http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9377379828?page=1

Is some heavy reading yeah, but will not find many better will researched guides at ALL in the forums. Will inform you exactly what to aim for, how to do it, and how to USE it.

Any 4k DPS @ 170k DPS is the difference between killing in 4.8 seconds compared to 4.9 seconds honestly. Zero difference. Higher Life Return = better.

I dont agree with Kenji's post on "red or green gem" - a red gem in a life steal weapon will always be better 99% time - more consistant heals from life steal - and yes, in my 1h spear that thinks its a 2k Skorn i use a green - but its 35k DPS difference for me with my gearset.
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I agreed with skitzflik with LS better for reflection damage.
I still have problem with 1H on reflection damage pack.

Check D3UP, green gem increase your dps 1.3K only. So red gem better as stable life return.
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09/02/2013 02:42 AMPosted by sodox
and i have one specific question. i have 2 skorn, one with lower damage and 5.7%ls, another one with approx. 6.7k more dps but 4.4% ls. which is better in mp 10?

During my tests, I had 7 skorns in my stash. Unbuffed DPS ranging from 167k to 211k at that time of research.

How much lifesteal, frankly it doesn't matter. The lowest LS on a Skorn is still way higher than the max LS from a 1Hander. Red or Green gem? I do prefer Green gem, because my priority in gearing from Inferno-entry is on CHC (Intel and %IAS comes later). I do not want to cause a misunderstanding where the worst Skorn with the worst LS is good enough (although I can prove it).

What I hope to emphasize is the objective of getting at least one critical tick every second. This can be done with 50% CHC, or you can have lower CHC with a bit of %IAS (1.17 APS and 1.31 APS are excellent for Skorn CoB). However, you prefer to mix and match, as long as you get at least 1 critical tick every second, chances are you'll survive very well in MP10. If you already know that you're going to crit every second, then a Green gem is always better, you'll hit harder and steal more life.

The traditional thinking is that Ruby raises up the average damage for steady life returns. The CHC thinking is that getting 1 critical tick every second refills your health bubble, ignoring all non-critical tick lifesteal and brushing aside all non-critical tick damage as negligible. We focus only on the yellow numbers, and make sure they appear very frequently. The default mechanics of CoB (1 "cast" = 2 "ticks") really helps to ensure that you get critical ticks very often. When other classes are proud of the lifesteal from 500k-800k DPS, we are regarding all those small numbers as trivial, we only concern ourselves with the big multimillion yellow numbers.

When comparing Skorn vs Skorn, the more the merrier in every stat. Lifesteal is the lowest of my priorities. I'd say weapon damage and CHD are what I focus on, followed by Intel. My Skorn has to do its part to provide the big yellow crit numbers. I don't want a low weapon roll, and have my huge CHD multiply off a tiny base number.

As for reflect damage, let the 1Handers worry about that. Skorn WDs have the exact skill combo to use, and at least 1.5x the lifesteal to help in all situations. It's definitely the lazy way to play.

EDIT: I just looked at your profile. You're lacking in some chunks of CHC, need to pay attention to that stat. As for DPS, you're without gem, so I estimate you're around 170k-180k DPS region. That's not bad, and 6.7k DPS won't impact your performance that much. Each CHC is probably worth nearly 2k DPS for you, that will make your DPS shoot up, as well as make you very tanky.
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Thanks @ paul, kenji, skitzflik for the feedback. appreciated

Got myself manajuma's today, since i bump into a cheap decent one. Its pretty good, give me 5k+hp and 10k+ dps, and what not the cool aura. Kinda like it compared to skorn but yes I do die to reflect some times. I guess its a matter of skills.

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