Diablo® III

Is this a consider a upgrade or downgrade?

Am considering increasing my resistance to farm mp10, currently at 525 AR

Pics tell a thousand words:

changing the nat boots, AR increase to 554.

DPS: 199K, eHP: 530,536

DPS: 194K, eHP: 545,862

is this nat boot worth it?
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ok, are you asking should you buy it?
I guess it would come down to cost in order to formulate an official opinion.

So 15k EhP from mitigation is sometimes clutch. Sometimes it only takes a little bit more EhP to get over that survivablity hump. The best way would be to play with both and find out, I don't think 4k dps is going to show a difference but losing DPS sucks and is sometimes a slippery slope.

Hmmm, did that help at all :(

maybe...if it's a good deal, buy it and try it, if you don't like it sell it.
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Its hard to say, because the boots change alone wont be that much noticeable ( for defense). BUT in my gearing experience , when you add up this slight changes with another or 2 gear pieces it creates a significant change.

That said you are sacrificing around 70 dex for 30 all resist, you could obtain 70 all resist from pants if you sacrifice a little more dex ( 100 dex) . Wich would be a much better move defense wise.

Following that road, you can obtain an additional 60 fire resist on the helmet as well.

Now if we add up all these changes, (30 from boots + 70 from pants + 60 from helmet) = 160 more all resist and you would end up with 685 AR
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Having good defense is the best for any characters that you've created but why not additional Arcane Resistance instead of 36 Fire Resistance?
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^ Because he is a fire resist monk. 1 point Fire resist = = 1 point all resist
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Who needs defense! Nowadays it's all about no OWE, no SIT and big damage & dual Leech weapons Muwahahaha...
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