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[Spoilers] Game of Thrones discussion

So I'm a huge fan of GoT (haven't really enjoyed a drama this much since the re-imagined BSG) and I'm bored at work so I thought I'd start up some GoT discussion. We can discuss anything from what has happened, what's going to happen (yeah spoilers), actors, characters, etc.

I own the first two seasons in blu-ray and I will be buying the third. I'll watch all 3 seasons before season 4 comes out. I do that every year (although it's admittedly taking longer the more seasons they release). During a season I watch last week's episode and then this week's episode. There's entirely too much going on to not get a good refresher of what happened last week.

I love how this story has no fear of killing people off. Don't get too attached to any particular character because the odds are very good that they will die! It's hard to decide who to truly cheer for because everyone has a bit of good and a bit of evil in them. So on the subject of characters:

1. Tyrion Lannister has been a character I've enjoyed from the beginning. Peter Dinklage obviously owns the role. It's easy to love the underdog. He's charming, witty, and I just want to see him do well. He's getting the short end of the stick in season 3 after his heroic leadership in defense of King's Landing (wildfire FTW). I've read that, in the books, he is blamed for the poisoning of Joffrey at his wedding feast, but that obviously wasn't handled the same way in the TV show. We'll see how that unfolds. I also read that Shae will be found sleeping with Tywin (which seems incredibly odd given Tywin's apparently feelings towards prostitutes) and Tyrion then kills his father. This will be a VERY interesting plot point so I'm curious how HBO handles it as well.

2. Tywin Lannister is one of my favorite characters as well. He's ruthless, calculating, and he knows how to get what he wants. It's clear he is more concerned about building his family's legacy than he is about building his family. He'll manipulate, abuse, and connive anyone to this end...even his own children. He's an awesome character and I think Charles Dance is doing an amazing job portraying him. I especially enjoyed the exchanges between him and Arya Stark in the 2nd season.

3. Jaime Lannister was a character I disliked quite a bit the first two seasons. It wasn't until he was released to be taken back to King's Landing by Brienne that I even started to like him. This past season really fleshed out his character a great deal and gave me an entirely different insight into him. His pairing with Brienne is brilliant and their relationship may be one of my favorites in the series thus far. I'm surprised to find myself liking so many Lannisters...

4. Jon Snow was one of my favorite characters earlier in the show but he's declining and I can't put my finger on why. His romance with Ygritte is something I could get behind and found myself hoping they would live happily ever after (what was I thinking...this is GoT). He can't decide which side of the fence he's on though, which might be part of my frustration, and she's put a couple of arrows into him so we'll how that plays out. I'm fairly certain he's going to warn the other crows on the wall and possibly even lead the defense...

5. Arya Stark is definitely my favorite "Stark" (technically Jon Snow isn't a Stark). She's brash, fearless, and I know where her story line is leading and I REALLY like it! I could tell from the beginning of the show she was a character that would be around. She's really come into her own throughout the course of the show. Her exchanges with Tywin Lannister were among my favorite in the show. Loved it when she gave Jaqen H'ghar his own name when he didn't do what she wanted. Take that!

An honorable mention would be Olenna Tyrell. Her exchanges with many of the primary figures at court in King's Landing was absolute entertainment! She just tore off into some of them. The only time I saw someone really get the upper hand with her was, surprise suprise, Tywin Lannister. I also enjoy the exchanges between Varys and Petyr Baelish. Littlefinger's monologue about the ladder was pretty cool.

So we've seen White Walkers now. We've learned how to kill them. We've found out that the Wildlings intend to assault the wall. There are lots of story lines developing. The "Red Wedding" was exceptional and was everything I imagined it would be. I know I shared the same reaction as many viewers in utter shock when it happened. I knew it was coming! But...wow...I just don't think I was really prepared for what I was about to see. Here's a YouTube video that pretty much sums up my reaction:


Anywho that's about all I have to say right now. Discuss!
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book 3 was amazing 10 years ago when i first read it
/edit still is ofc ;) one of my fav books of all time
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Joffrey is poisoned on his wedding by LF and the Tyrels, and Tyrion gets the blame. When he escapes, he catches Tywin and Shae in bed together and kills then both.

Ygritte dies at the Battle of Castle Black.
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11/05/2013 04:49 PMPosted by DarkSpell
Joffrey is poisoned on his wedding by LF and the Tyrels, and Tyrion gets the blame. When he escapes, he catches Tywin and Shae in bed together and kills then both.

Ygritte dies at the Battle of Castle Black.

Snape kills Dumbledore.

You're just spouting out spoilers to spoil, this isn't "discussion" at all. Why be such a jerk?

As to the Tyrion killing Joffrey thing, that hasn't happened yet. The wedding feast we saw in the show in season 3 was from Tyrion marrying Sansa. The Joffrey/Margery wedding & feast is next season. It happens in that order in the books as well, although I don't remember if they are in the same book or not.

They're going to have to change up and spread out some of the events in the books from now on, unless they plan on doing one of two things...ending the show before the story ends, or finishing the story on the TV show before the books are released...or someone needs to lock GRRM in a room with a typewriter until he finishes the next book(s).
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